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Overcoming Your Mistakes

by Marjorie Orr April 23, 2010 05:25 PM EST
Overcoming Your Mistakes
A sage and successful business leader once remarked that it isn't making mistakes that causes problems -- it's when those mistakes aren't fixed. We all blunder into potholes at times, but the key to thriving is how you pick yourself up and get back into the game. Learn to be a rubber ball, not a punctured balloon, and hone your recovery skills with help from the cosmos!

You're the most resilient of all Sun signs, with initiative to spare. If one plan doesn't work, you trash it and dash on to the next; you don't hold grudges or blame yourself. If anything, a down experience makes you try harder since you can't stand losing. You'll be back on track faster than anyone.

As a Bull, you're slow to start, and also less than quick when it comes to reaching decisions and changing tack. Admitting a mistake is painful for you -- not because it hurts your ego, but because it requires a gear-shift into a new mindset. You can be possessive, and you tend to grit your teeth at having to relinquish control, so learn how to bend in the breeze rather than dig in your toes!

You're usually juggling several balls in the air at once, so mistakes are bound to happen. You're an expert at setting smokescreens, but less adept at fessing up to errors. Still, if the situation requires it, you'll find a clever phrase to help wriggle your way out of the hole and get your plans rolling again.

You're a sensitive Crab, always seeking perfection. Because of this, mistakes often burrow into your soul, sending you on a retreat into your shell to cover your shame. Luckily you're a Cardinal sign -- which means you're pro-active -- so learn to laugh a little more and admit you're human. Once you cast your self-doubt aside, you'll be right back in the race.

The Lion is a seemingly confident sign ... but in truth, you're riddled with insecurity, and having one of your blunders made public could have a crumbling effect. Remind yourself that you're still a valuable human being -- even if you're not getting constant and unconditional approval. And if you don't feel good, simply act like you do and you'll get over it soon enough!


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Yours is a critical sign, though more so of others than yourself. At heart, though, you're a pragmatist -- you know mistakes happen and you're the expert fixer of the universe. Your ego is also not as overblown as some, so you don't feel totally humiliated when you mess up; you will, however, get irritated with yourself.

You're all for a quiet life, even if you work very hard to achieve it. You have a tendency to smooth over others' mistakes to make them feel better, so why not do it for yourself? You dislike being made a spectacle of, but you know life is all about ups and downs, so you never worry too much; you simply smile sweetly and pick up the pieces.

You're known as the miracle worker of the zodiac, so you really don't like mistakes of your own making. You also loathe giving anyone else power over you. You tend to resist admitting a misstep until you've worked out an exit strategy or -- even better -- a way of turning it around to your advantage.

As the happy-go-lucky Archer, you're known as an optimist. So no matter the catastrophe, you just know it has to get better around the next corner. You also know you have a lucky guardian angel looking after you. If you have a downside, it's a slight tendency toward self-righteousness -- you really don't like admitting you're wrong, but your resistance never lasts.

You're ambitious and keen on keeping up appearances. Mistakes threaten to halt your upward progress, and hindrances make you wince more than just a little. But you also know that the climb through life requires perseverance, so you won't be sidetracked for long. You'll always dream up a new plan to cover your embarrassment.

You're not overly concerned about what others think. You've got staying power and you just keep on trucking; however, you can be stubborn and avoid owning up until it's too late. But once you face the bottom line, your inventive mind will sort out why it happened ... and what the quickest fix is.

You don't like confronting unpleasant truths, so you'll slide this way and that trying to avoid it. But of course, you won't get over the hurdle if you never even look at it! Giving up and disappearing onto the sidelines isn't the answer -- after all, you've got good intuition when you're not in a tailspin, so use it and you'll find your way ahead.
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