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    Celtic Myth and Legend
    rating (ratings 38)
    by stephen6580
    I will give you Divination readings and advice on issues that you are concerned about. I have 47 years of experience as a Diviner and Teacher of the Arcane Arts. I am here waiting to serve you
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 01892583
  • Avatar
    Readings for the Heart
    rating (ratings 2095)
    by QueenOfHearts58
    I am an Intuit Clairsentience Tarot Reader. I specialize in Love and Relationships but can also help with any other area of life as well. Positive, optimistic with a heart to help others. Let's see what the cards have to say!
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 03698211
  • Avatar
    Words Channeled Directly For You! Serious Callers
    rating (ratings 2695)
    by True Messenger
    All Your Love and Relationships Answers NOW!!!
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 02054810
  • Avatar
    Love, Sex and the Spirit
    rating (ratings 3314)
    by minkadove
    Love,Sex and the Spirit... I see thru any situation into the heart of the matter... the truth.
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 0187338
  • Avatar
    SPECIAL - Psychic Love & More! Lets Honest Talk!
    rating (ratings 631)
    by A Spiritual Love Adviser
    Searching for Love? Worried about Your Relationship? Unsure about Your Career? Receive Honest Answers to All of Your Concerns Today. 3rd Generation Psychic with Over 15 Years Expertise with Clients from All Over the World!
  • Avatar
    ~Clairaudiance~Music of the Sphere's~Only Truth~
    rating (ratings 1251)
    by SnowfireL
    My special gift, Clairaudiance, Knowing every person's perception of love, and how to manage even a difficult relationship, body, mind and spirit, is what SnowfireL does best. Perhaps, Hidden in plain sight?
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 04361939
  • Avatar
    Accurate Answers About Love Connections!
    rating (ratings 169)
    by stephen6580
    Is he/she The One? Using tarot & divination ability I provide insight & answers about lifemate connections, soul ties, love outcomes, new love, & much more. I offer 35 years experience as a professional reader and guide.
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 01902810
  • Avatar
    KIA77: Master Psychic Accurate, Repeat Customers.
    rating (ratings 5397)
    by KIA77
    I'm a very loyal Psychic, who cares for her clients. I'm easy going and not afraid to tell you the truth, give me a chance to talk and I can possible become your next well-known friend.
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 02955213
  • Avatar
    rating (ratings 188)
    by psychicangel1
    THIS IS A PSYCHIC LINE,specializing in my talents i Do you have questions about your pet who passed over
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 04540260
  • Avatar
    Tarot by Susan
    rating (ratings 149)
    by Tarot By Susan
    39 years of helping others through Tarot,Astrology, Runes,Energy Annalysis, Charka. Do not waiste anymore time call now for the best reading ever ! I value ur life as if it was my own..
    Call: 1-800-354-7640
    ext: 0442649
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