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  • Avatar
    Psychic Advisor & Spiritual Coach
    rating (ratings 13933)
    by dar66
    I have been reading for over 24 years.A life coach and reiki worker Ive helped many find direction in their life.I connect to your energy. Spirit gives me pictures number, symbols.and colors. Let me guide you on your path.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 03560793
  • Avatar
    Tested ~ Certified~Direct connection!!
    rating (ratings 13055)
    by Sterling Day
    Accurate & Quick! Empath,Clairaudient, Clairvoyant. No tools used.Readings you can count on. I am tested and certified. Top advisor on Keen, here to assist you. Brightest Blessings!
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 01225130
  • Avatar
    You Don't need to Tell Me!! I Will Tell You!!
    rating (ratings 7601)
    by Regina Jacks
    I am a clairvoyant phychic with 22 years experience, fouth generation. I will give you real and honest answers for all love questions, finance, and family matters.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04864344
  • Avatar
    over 7000 calls FIND OUT NOW look @my feedback!!
    rating (ratings 121)
    by Renestar1
    Love, Money, Career,Family. Lets SEE Be open to The Tarot* No sugar coating. Only read what The Tarot wants you to know. Always Accurate! Read my feed backs over 15 years experience.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 01872749
  • Avatar
    rating (ratings 16304)
    by AngelicDream
    NO BIRTH DATES NEEDED. Name/question only. Answers thru the ancient TAROT. The more specific your question is phrased; the more detailed, direct, accurate your answer will be. I give time frames but I don't guarantee them.
  • Avatar
    Fast, Accurate Tarot Readings
    rating (ratings 617)
    by Aire
    I provide honest and accurate Tarot readings. I work with my spirit guide and yours to give amazing insights and predictions. Clients get 2 free minutes with a 5 minute reading.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 05226715
  • Avatar
    ANGEL ANSWERS: *Honesty, Integrity, Positivity *
    rating (ratings 12926)
    by Elle 62
    YOU ARE NOT ALONE IN YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCES! Let the Angels bring you the answers you seek in love, relationships, guidance and healing. They are waiting, just waiting for you to call upon them.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 01620217
  • Avatar
    psychic spiritual reader advisor
    rating (ratings 1519)
    by psychicshirley206
    Hello IM psychic Shirley I have been giving readings over 30 years of my life. I specialize in love & Relationship. I would love to give you guidance
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 05224695
  • Avatar
    rating (ratings 47508)
    by Miss Nancydarlene
    "Your entering The Psychic Door" My gift can help you with what you need to know. Real 5* Psychic Tarot reader. Accurate, Caring, Clear, Helpful, Honest. 1-800-ASK-KEEN EXT.023286
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 0232868
  • Avatar
    Discover your lover's deepest thoughts call now!!!
    rating (ratings 25062)
    by Yvonne Spellcast
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 0438745
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