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  • Avatar
    rating (ratings 5599)
    by Amazing Amira1
    I provide a reading of vision, clarity and understanding. I help all connect with the unaltered answers you are truly looking for. The universe lead you here, let me find the answers you need right Now!
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 01697819
  • Avatar
    Are YOU ready to put an end to YOUR worry NOW?
    rating (ratings 1379)
    by Soul Insights
    "Amazing woman. Very spiritually in tune - her insights and visions are Incredible. I feel blessed to have found her, and will call again. Extremely helpful call, on a deep soul level."
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04798456
  • Avatar
    rating (ratings 6364)
    by David7
    Wondering whats going on in his heart and mind? Why he acts the way he does?Well...I can tell you-from a male's point of view!99.8% accurate
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04385150
  • Avatar
    GET UR LOVER BACK--Their TRUE feelings 4U revealed
    rating (ratings 1108)
    by Mystic Skye
    #1 Most sought-after Psychic on the internet. STUNNING ACCURACY. Clairvoyant vision to see into your loved one. Vivid imagery abt whats going on. Accurate predictions--not vague. Chat/Phone. DOB required.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04462184
  • Avatar
    Partners . . . . Lovers or Losers
    rating (ratings 151193)
    by Faery Lady
    I inherited my psychic abilities from both sides of my family. On my father's side is the Celtic heritage of the Druids and Faeries. On my mother's side is the Vikings and the Norse Gods.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 0442193
  • Avatar
    Love Psychic, Accurate and Honest, No sugarcoating
    rating (ratings 3562)
    by LoveReunited
    British Psychic Lovers re-United amazing accuracy, I don't ask any questions, I just need to know which aspect of your life to Tune in to and give you the answers you require.Guidance in reuniting lovers my specialty
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 02592455
  • Avatar
    Love and Relationships
    rating (ratings 1919)
    by lady mystic moon
    specialize in love and relationships, I am a clairvoyant and I can feel off of voice vibrations and I am an empath. I help people with love, life, and finances. I am straight to the point, no sugar coating
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04843785
  • Avatar
    No one sees your future as clear as the Blind Man
    rating (ratings 18386)
    by Mystic Charles
    Llet the blind man see your future. Mystic Charles sees more than most. 40 years experience! Don't over pay! Honest, Respected readings at an affordable rate! 7 years on Keen.
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 02579953
  • Avatar
    Do you need a clear answer to an unclear issue ?
    rating (ratings 3434)
    by Keaij24
    FIRST NAMES ONLY NEEDED ! I have been blessed with many gifts, lets get through your situation together :)
    Call: 1-800-794-0713
    ext: 04635843
  • Avatar
    Psychic Tarot-Will Your Wish Come True?
    rating (ratings 34811)
    by Anna and the Angels
    Finding your path to what you want can be easy. 40,000 readings on KEEN. Call now Extension 01246
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