Passion Signs

Passion signs

The planet Mars is the fourth planet of our solar system, and in astrological terms it represents the God of War. It is a masculine planet and rules both Aries and Scorpio, as well as the 1st and 8th Houses. The way your Mars sign manifests itself in your chart is the clearest indicator of your passions and how you take action. Your Mars sign represents action, passion, drive, determination and spirit -- imagine it as the adrenaline in your body. Mars has a strong influence over your sex life. It is an impulsive, daring and dynamic energy in your chart, and most clearly expresses what kind of sex you enjoy. Your Mars sign defines what you desire, how you express that desire and how you satisfy it; it is therefore known as the Passion Sign.

You are most likely a born rebel, with or without a cause! Are people surprised by your natural instinctive behavior? Mars in Aquarius renders you highly experimental, unorthodox, and independent. You express yourself in any way you see fit, and probably are unaware of how eccentric you actually are. You have a strong desire for independence and freedom. This planetary placing has been said to produce more originality and unconventional flair than any other. You are easily bored with routine and are a bit erratic when it comes to your personal life and how to live it. After all, there are so many options, and aren't they all worth a try? In relationships, you enjoy experimentation, and lots of spontaneous activity! You offer excitement and variety to your relationships and are happiest when you and your partner are friends as well as lovers.

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