Passion Signs

Passion signs

The planet Mars is the fourth planet of our solar system, and in astrological terms it represents the God of War. It is a masculine planet and rules both Aries and Scorpio, as well as the 1st and 8th Houses. The way your Mars sign manifests itself in your chart is the clearest indicator of your passions and how you take action. Your Mars sign represents action, passion, drive, determination and spirit -- imagine it as the adrenaline in your body. Mars has a strong influence over your sex life. It is an impulsive, daring and dynamic energy in your chart, and most clearly expresses what kind of sex you enjoy. Your Mars sign defines what you desire, how you express that desire and how you satisfy it; it is therefore known as the Passion Sign.

Lucky Mars in Leo! You are overflowing with passion, love of life, and personal magnetism! Your flamboyance and grand nature is rarely matched, and you love the attention you attract. Love is fun, and appreciation of the bigger and better things in life will always be yours. Your energies are often organized and directed. You would make an excellent lover, as it gratifies you to see others enjoying themselves with the same intensity you do. You are creative and playful, and of course, passionate about it all! In matters of the heart, protect yourself from your own ego! It means well, but is so enthusiastic and powerful, it may begin to disrupt you and your partners' domestic bliss! You are willful, so just a little bit of effort will go a long way! You offer generosity to your lovers and are happiest when your love is reciprocated.

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