Passion Signs

Passion signs

The planet Mars is the fourth planet of our solar system, and in astrological terms it represents the God of War. It is a masculine planet and rules both Aries and Scorpio, as well as the 1st and 8th Houses. The way your Mars sign manifests itself in your chart is the clearest indicator of your passions and how you take action. Your Mars sign represents action, passion, drive, determination and spirit -- imagine it as the adrenaline in your body. Mars has a strong influence over your sex life. It is an impulsive, daring and dynamic energy in your chart, and most clearly expresses what kind of sex you enjoy. Your Mars sign defines what you desire, how you express that desire and how you satisfy it; it is therefore known as the Passion Sign.

You are a highly sensitive being, usually able to actively connect your emotions to those around you. This ability makes you honest in your responses and reactions. You are sensitive, empathetic, and compassionate. Mars in the the sign of Pisces enables you to use tremendous energy towards helping and understanding others. It is important that you retain some of this innate love for others for yourself. You may have a hard time being decisive, leaving you overwhelmed with options. However, you have an artistic nature and are capable of expressing your multi-level experience of life through creativity. You may not especially enjoy confrontation or conflict, even when it can work to your benefit! Anyone who desires a romantic, sensual partner has definitely found perfection in you. You offer selflessness and affection to your lovers and are happiest when you and your partner are at peace.

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