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The Perfect Halloween Party for Your Sun Sign

by The Astrologer's Daughter October 23, 2011 02:42 PM EST
The Perfect Halloween Party for Your Sun Sign
Let the zodiac act as your event planner this Halloween! Check out these astro-inspired suggestions to throw a party they’ll never forget.

Aries Party: Explore the Uncharted
Dress as your favorite explorer and celebrate the courageous, trailblazing quality of the Aries' personality by having a party that hits uncharted territory. Have an intrepid nighttime scavenger hunt or play a spirited game of charades about all-things pioneering.

Taurus Party: Bring Out Your Animal Nature
This party inspires everyone to honor their animal nature using either their Sun sign for inspiration (what exactly does a seagoat look like?) or the animal within. Create an exotic environment fit for the imagination of the creatures who attend!

Gemini Party: Two Heads are Better than One
No one should arrive to this party alone! Dress as complementary pairs (nurse and doctor, actress and director, etc) or celebrated twosomes (JFK and Jackie, Fred and Wilma, etc). Play a trivia game with prizes for those most well versed in people pairs and pop culture.

Cancer Party: Get Cozy and Canoodle
This party is about celebrating the Crab's penchant for coziness, not thrills and chills. Guests should bring their favorite comfort food (monster mash potatoes?) and a scary movie. If you're a Cancer, consider only inviting family and close friends to make for a super-homey night.

Leo Party: The H-Factor
A spoof on the X-Factor, this party is a talent competition -- something only a Leo may be creative enough to throw. Rent a karaoke machine and have guests sing in a voice inspired by their costume. Set up a few chairs for your celebrity judges.

Virgo Party: Sexy Quiz Show

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As the misjudged prudes of the zodiac, let Virgo help bust sexual myths about each other or celebrities, and revel in some juicy, immoderate gossip. Have each guest submit a sex-themed question, whether it pokes fun at personal sexual quirks, the dating lives of the Kardashians or the latest in sex science by Dr. Oz. Your guests are sure to be titillated -- especially Virgos!

Libra Party: Happy Spa-lloween
This party flips the usual late-night wildness of Halloween and transforms it into an evening of beauty, relaxation and mini spa treatments. Supplied with relaxing music and nourishing eats, guests share their beauty secrets: favorite facemasks, body cleanses and skin treatments. Hire a professional to treat guests to mini-facials or massages.

Scorpio Party: Skeletons in Your Closet
Have guests identify the shadow side of their personality and then bring it to life -- whether it's being a control freak, a shopping addict, a pushover -- whatever. You may find out that you’re not so freakish after all when guests discover they share some of the same shadows!

Sagittarius Party: The Day of the Dead
This party pays homage to Mexico’s Day of the Dead holiday. Have guests celebrate loved ones by sharing their favorite dish or telling a story that honors their memory. Revel in the timelessness of those who have passed -- whether cultural ancestors or a close family member -- and celebrate their perpetual, if otherworldly, presence in your lives.

Capricorn Party: The Most Sophisticated Party in the World
Transform Halloween into an ultra-sophisticated evening by celebrating the jet-setting, caviar-eating spirit in all of us. Request guests dress as royalty or movie stars, and serve the best of champagnes. Whether you lampoon the lifestyles of the rich and famous or just feel like one for the night, this party will invoke the decadence honored by sophisticated Capricorns.

Aquarius Party: The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius
Pick your favorite icon, freedom fighter or Nobel laureate -- and have their name or an image of them taped to your back. Ask questions to help you identify which progressive thinker is, quite literally, stuck on you. Not only does it pay tribute to the brilliant mind associated with this Air sign, the social connectivity built in to the game will be the perfect salute to Aquarius.

Pisces Party: Look into My Crystal Ball
A mystical, open-minded sign, Pisces inspires a party that entrances guests with a potpourri of divinations tools. Awe guests with the insights of mini-astrology readings, tarot readings and energetic healers in this spiritual hodgepodge. Have guests dress as if they're attending a gala circa 1920 when looking into the future was en vogue. The sky is truly the limit!
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