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The Perfect Thanksgiving -- by the Signs!

by Astrology Detective November 20, 2013 08:13 PM EST
The Perfect Thanksgiving -- by the Signs! Getty Images
It’s turkey time again, that special time of year when families come together around the kitchen table. If you want to keep everyone happy and upbeat, create a balanced, harmonious feast by offering that perfect little something for every sign.

Aries is an energetic, lively sign that grows restless if they have to sit in one place for too long -- including the dinner table. If you have a preponderance of Aries guests, a buffet that keeps everyone on their feet and mingling may be a better option. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and therefore an eternal child-at-heart. Offer up some pre- or post-dinner games to keep them entertained.

Taurus is a sign that prefers to stay in their comfort zone. Thanksgiving is not the time to try out a new recipe on them, and it’s important that the core components of the holiday meal -- turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes -- are served up without any new-fangled interpretations. Taurus will not hold it against you if you keep to a budget, as long as the food is on the table, they could care less about decorations.

Gemini loves cocktails and conversation, so make sure beverages are plentiful and that you seat them next to chatty, eccentric and engaging people. They really aren’t that into holidays or traditions, so feel free to serve up some experimental fare. Also make sure to offer some steamed vegetables and a simple salad alongside all the stuffing, potatoes and meat dishes, as the sign of the Twins likes lots to choose from.

For Cancer, Thanksgiving is a family affair, so it's important to invite as many members of your extended family as possible. If you're feuding with a certain relative, it will mean much to the sign of the Crab if you bury the hatchet on this special day. Make sure to include an heirloom holiday recipe on the menu, such as grandma’s stuffing or your great-aunt’s pumpkin pie.

Leo doesn't care so much about the holiday or the meal, for them Thanksgiving is an excuse to socialize and party -- so be sure to make it one! Any attempt to transform this stodgy tradition into a fabulous event will be embraced with glee by the Lion. Create a dress code -- cocktail couture would be perfect -- to make things a bit special and glamorous. Play up-tempo music in the background to get people energized and mingling.


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Virgos are notoriously finicky eaters, and while they love the custom of Thanksgiving, they recoil in disgust at the prevalence of high-calorie, artery-clogging ingredients used in a typical holiday meal. Try to offer up nutrition as well as tradition by using skim milk, cutting down on the butter and offering low-cal dishes such as steamed veggies or even tofu turkey. Make sure meats and eggs come from organic, free-range sources.

As long as it looks good, Libra will forgive you if your recipes don’t turn out 100 percent perfectly. Venus-ruled Libra appreciates an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, and if elegant place settings and a beautiful flower arrangement are on the table, they won’t care about the amount of food laid out -- so feel free to pare down the menu and cut your time in the kitchen. Libra cares more about sharing your company than eating your food.

For such a deep and meaningful sign as Scorpio, Thanksgiving is not a day to take lightly. This holiday is about duty and remembrance. Make sure you honor history by making a speech commemorating the Native Americans for helping the first European settlers. Scorpios are moved by the sacrifice and obligation that went into serving such a feast, so make sure you tell them about the planning that went into the meal.

Sagittarius has an unbreakable sense of curiosity, so try to include some edibles that have a historical or cultural significance to them, such as an authentically prepared native American dish or a favorite recipe by a historic figure such as Martha Washington. If you know why we eat cornbread, or why squash was important to early Americans, slip this info into your conversations and you'll keep Sagittarius wide-eyed and engaged.

Capricorn hates all-things avant-garde and eccentric, so keep the meal as traditional as possible. Capricorns also deeply respect refined offerings such as a special wine or a turkey that comes from one of the best farms in the area. If you planned your meal on a budget, do not share this knowledge with a Capricorn guest. And they'll be happiest sitting next to your quieter, more conservative guests.

Aquarius is the sign of the scientist, and if you can think of high-tech, novel ways to prepare the Thanksgiving meal, invite them to participate. Vegetables steamed in the dishwasher? A full turkey deep-fried in a pot on the porch? An Aquarius will be delighted and admire your plucky eccentricity. Aquarians can’t stand anything -- or anyone -- too conventional, so they're happy to sit next to your more oddball guests.

For Pisces, Thanksgiving truly is about giving thanks, so be sure to bring up the holiday’s more mystical elements. For the transcendental sign of the Fish, this meal is a way of communing with history, our ancestors and nature itself. For Pisces, tradition is not a set of rules to replicate but a string that tethers us back through time to our roots and helps keep us real by not allowing ourselves to drift too far from our soul’s true nourishment.
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