The perfect wedding for you
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The Perfect Wedding for You

by October 08, 2009 04:51 PM EST
The Perfect Wedding for You
Wedding season is just around the corner. Whether you're hearing church bells or not, look to the heavens and discover what your astrological sign considers a wedding made in, well, heaven!

Your matrimonial style is bold and dynamic, confident and unconventional. The Aries bride wouldn't dream of wearing a white wedding dress. Instead, she'll swath herself in colorful fabrics -- reds, blues and blacks with metallic thread -- and rich textures such as silk brocades, taffeta and velvet. And yes, that's her strutting down the aisle with hipster hair. The Ram groom? Don't expect to find him in Las Vegas. He's headed to the great outdoors for a whitewater-rafting stag party.

You'll find the Taurus bride -- hand-in-hand with her husband-to-be -- tucked away in a cozy bed and breakfast, or a lush park. She'll opt for traditional vows and an intimate gathering sans attendants. Dressed in an unadorned, sleeveless gown, the Bull bride will wear her mother's pearl necklace and carry a single calla lily. The Taurus groom is tasteful and appropriate, donning a white linen shirt or a wool sport coat, depending on the season. Expect a honeymoon in the rugged Pacific Northwest.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for the whimsical Gemini. A handful of close friends will pile onto a plane and head to Sin City for a wedding -- nothing but an Elvis-officiated ceremony will do. Afterward, it's champagne, nightclubs and limos for this wild party. You won't find the Gemini bride in a traditional wedding dress: she'll drape herself with exotic fabrics, and top it off with dramatic eyeliner and bold lipstick. After a lightning-fast service, the newlyweds and their pals will end up sipping Red Bull and vodkas in the honeymoon suite's heart-shaped tub.

Check reality at the door, because the Cancer wedding is an all-out Cinderella story. The bright church will be filled with tulle-adorned arrangements bursting with summer blossoms -- orchids, roses and dahlias. The bride will glide down the aisle in a bell-shaped ballroom gown encrusted with pearls and Swarovski crystal. At the altar, several family members and high school friends will be in attendance. A horse-drawn carriage will whisk the newlywed couple to a black-tie reception overflowing with champagne, hollandaise sauce and roast beef. Don't be surprised if the adventurous couple heads to Disneyland to complete the fantasy.

Head to the contemporary art museum or the hippest art deco hotel for Leo's cosmopolitan nuptials. This wedding is a stylish, avant-garde affair with about 50 of their closest friends and family. The Leo bride will wear an Indian sari with an organza neck scarf, or a Japanese kimono and chopsticks in her hair. The art-loving couple -- who already have everything -- will register at a local gallery; they'll also break with tradition by opting for tattoos of each other's names on their ring fingers, rather than give one another wedding bands.


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Funky, fun and definitely retro, you'll do a double take at this nostalgic Virgo wedding. With a crown of daisies in her hair, the Virgo bride hankers for a boho, ankle-length frock right out of the Summer of Love; she might be apt to step further back in time with a 1950s Jackie O dress, or even an ivory Victorian-era gown. Don't be surprised if the groom throws on a baby-blue tuxedo with ruffled cuffs or a sharkskin suit. Join the happy couple for a tiki-themed pool party in the backyard of his or her childhood home. They'll cha-cha into the sunset for a honeymoon on the Mexican Riviera.

Kick off your shoes, loosen your tie and slather on the sunscreen -- it's a Libra beach wedding underneath the palm trees. Nothing but a sultry sunset ceremony in a remote beach location -- Hawaii, Tahiti or Fiji -- will do. With her hair pulled back in a simple knot, the Libra bride wears a subtle linen dress or a bikini top with a white sarong. Afterward, join the newlyweds for an authentic Hawaiian luau, complete with a pit-roasted pig, hula dancers and Don Ho tunes. After the reception, the couple hops on a puddle jumper to a getaway on an even more isolated island.

Uncork the austerity at this rustic Napa Valley winery wedding. The Scorpio nuptials take on an earthy celebration of nature's gifts. The bride -- carrying a bouquet of gerbera daisies, berries and wheat -- wears a buttercream sundress. Her hair's wisped up in a bun and bursting with baby's breath. After the couple utters their handwritten vows, the wedding party heads to an old stone winery. There -- on long, roughhewn tables underneath canvas parasols -- wedding-goers dine on squab and potatoes, and drink sparkling wine and Cabernet from mason jars. For their honeymoon, the newlyweds take off on a two-week road trip to explore the Wine Country.

The Sagittarius wedding is the hippest party of the year. The bride, who won't be caught dead in a frilly dress, wears a smart, chic industrial-grey pantsuit; the husband-to-be dudes up in a vintage Vegas-era Rat Pack tuxedo. During a posh after-ceremony cocktail party in a swanky jazz club, guests mingle, snack on savory hors d'oeuvres and, of course, sip on beverages of every variety. Every detail -- from the monogrammed napkins to the custom olive picks to the engraved shakers -- makes this wedding an unforgettable event.

The Capricorn wedding is steeped in folklore and heraldry. Digging deep into her ancestry, the Goat bride will insist on sticking to every detail of her heritage. Don't be surprised if the couple adds a bit of mythology and whimsy into the mix. The bride and groom will exchange vows at a grand Irish castle during a candlelight ceremony. Inspired by her roots, the Capricorn bride becomes a fair medieval maiden in an ivory, gossamer-light gown embroidered with gold-threaded Celtic designs. The groom, draped with the family's tartan, dons a kilt. Bagpipes accompany a regal wedding march underneath swords held by family and friends. The couple will spend their honeymoon exploring castles throughout the Scottish countryside.

This chic, environmentally friendly wedding takes 'bargain' to a new level. The bride will spend months picking through thrift stores to find the perfect wedding dress; she'll choose a stunning taffeta beauty with puffy sleeves. The Aquarius groom will settle for a tame, brown corduroy suit. Sticking with their value-driven theme, the Elks Lodge serves as chapel and reception hall. There, a pal -- an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church -- delivers the ceremony. Afterward, guests snack on crackers and cheese, followed by an all-American dinner: meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, and chocolate cupcakes. The couple heads off and holes up in a sleeper car during a countrywide train trip.

Ahoy! Take that Dramamine, you landlubbers -- you're about to embark on a nautical fantasy wedding. Join the Fish couple on the gentle rocking of a sailboat or in the briny air of a lighthouse as they exchange their vows administered by a ship's captain. The bride will say 'I do' in a sensible, knee-length raw-silk seafoam green or coral wedding dress. When the wedding's over, the couple treats their guests to an authentic clambake, complete with crab dip, lobster claws, clam chowder and hush puppies. Afterward, watch the bride and groom smoosh the shell-shaped lemon chiffon wedding cake in each other's faces. After the festivities, they head off to honeymoon in the Mediterranean.
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