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Planetary Transits for the Waxing Moon Cycle: May 28-June 12)

by Saraswati J. Miller May 29, 2014 05:35 PM EST
Planetary Transits for the Waxing Moon Cycle: May 28-June 12) Getty Images

New Moon: Sun and Moon Invite Creative Potential

New Moon is on 5.28 at 13:40 CDT while Moon is in Taurus (its mulitrikona sign) and transiting Rohini nakshatra. This is a highly creative placement for the Moon and the new Moon (amavasya) element invites in potential and possibility. Sparks, creativity, intuitive wisdom and support are ushered in for this next cycle. Endless potential arrives at this time and new abundance and stability will bring us a sense of momentum; momentum we have been needing for months now in order to feel progressive. From this stability, we can then take more effective action steps forward, use the creativity that is arriving, and build with this.

Rohini is a nakshatra ruled by Lord Brahma, the creator of the Universe. He exemplifies great strength, possibility and creative energy. Creativity, artistry and material abundance are part of his offerings. And since he is husband of goddess Saraswati, who offers us wisdom, knowledge and the arts, Rohini is also connected to her graces by default.

Some healing and wisdom may be offered to us with Brahma's abundant nature flowing towards us. With the opening of this creative portal, a spark of new options and desires may surface. How we use this new potential and possibility will be up to us and our own desires.
Planetary Transits for the Waxing Moon Cycle

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On 5.30, Mercury moves to Ardra nakshatra at 6:30 am CDT; Rahu and Rudra (storm god) energy enlivens. Does he expand you into overwhelm and excessive cravings that lead to more frustration? Or can you temper his shadowy nature with focus and great planning? Harness the momentum that can be felt right now. Write lists and "dump out your head" on paper to avoid mental overdrive. Set goals, prioritize and be potent in your actions. Overwhelm and mental spin can set in. It will be important over the next two weeks of Mercury in Ardra to attend to the emotional and physical bodies for grounding and support, rather then letting the mental body get away with its usual mayhem. Pay attention to your emotions. Overwhelm? Anger? Exhaustion? Fear? This is a direct indication that your basic needs of support and nourishment are not being met. How can you find a different way to get the job done? How can you use self care to get your needs met? What paradigms need to shift in your relationships so that you can release some of the angst? Get embodied.

We are gearing up for two big planetary shifts. To start the process off, and get us "near the edge" of change, Rahu and Ketu move to sandhi degrees on 6.05. They will be less then two degrees each on the 5th which marks their "transition point". We will start to feel their momentum now as they begin to shift into Virgo and Pisces respectively on July 12th. Are you feeling the need to make major life changes and yet overwhelm simultaneously? Planets intensify as they leave a house, so be aware that the cravings of Rahu will likely be enlivened at this time, while Ketu's desires for us to let go will force the issues at hand. Temper rash decisions. Use Saturn's structure and need for slow and steady, in order to win the race in the coming weeks. 

Mercury goes retrograde on 6.07 at 6:54 am CDT. Mercury is in its own sign of Gemini right now, but retrograde planets act like the nodes Rahu/Ketu, our karma points. The fact that Mercury will also be in Ardra for some weeks (ruled by Rahu) indicates the mind will be in a mode of craving and desire. Be wary of this. His retrograde motion is yet another "clean up" period for the mind, communication, commerce and our creativity. Be alert to necessary changes over the next 3.5 weeks. Mercury is a swift moving planet and normally doesn't occupy a sign longer then a few weeks; his transit through Gemini will be extended until July 27th due to his rewind motion. Once he goes into direct motion on July 1st he finishes off his Gemini transit in a more agreeable way. Do what you need to do in the coming weeks to get yourself into a place of forward momentum come mid July. Pay it forward, re-trace financial steps, pay off debts, scheme up a better way of doing business and tend to your finances. This can also be a very creative and inventive time. Put it to good use.

Following Rahu and Ketu's lead, Jupiter moves to the edge of Gemini on 06.09 gearing up for his grande entrance into Cancer, his sign of exaltation on June 18th. An expansive year is upon us.

Full Moon is in Scorpio (again) on June 12th at 23:11 CDT while in Jyeshtha nakshatra. More on this in my next transit report for the waning Moon cycle. Commerce and communication will be ongoing themes for us.

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