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The Power of an Eclipse

The Power of an Eclipse

Going back to ancient times, astrologers have carefully watched solar and lunar eclipses to see what we can learn from these visually dramatic events. And since a lunar eclipse is set to occur in Scorpio on April 25, now is an ideal time to discuss the impact of eclipses and how you can use them to your benefit.

Think of an eclipse as something that shines a massive spotlight on a specific area of your life, enabling you to clearly see what's going on. Lunar eclipses always happen at a full Moon, a time of culmination when you get to stand back and gauge all your progress.

With any eclipse, you can always plan on something grabbing your attention. Just don't think too far ahead, for what you expect to happen often doesn't! (In fact, we use "eclipse" to say that one event overshadows another.)Finally, be sure to not ignore whatever important information is revealed in the days immediately before and after an eclipse.

If you know the area of your own chart where an eclipse is occurring, you can identify the area of your life that will be thrust into the spotlight -- and you'll be able to prepare accordingly!