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Mayan Astrology
Much like the civilizations of China, India and the ancient Near East, the early Americans of Mesoamerica (Mexico and parts of Central America) developed their own form of astrology, the astrology of time. The authors of this revealing and unique Maya-Aztec reading spent several years of historical investigation, deep thought, and trial and error experimentation to revive this ancient science. The results -- in the form of personality descriptions -- provide compelling, life-enhancing insight into who you really are.
  • Maya-Aztec Reading
    Maya-Aztec Reading

    Based on the ancient science of Maya-Aztec astrology, this unique reading takes you on a revealing journey of self-discovery and wisdom. Delve deep into your core self and reveal the hidden forces that drive you. Explore the patterns of your relationships and find out how others see you. This powerful reading will also give you key dates of major turning points that may occur in your life over the next five years.

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