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The Quiet Beatle - Tinker Tailor

by Marjorie Orr September 07, 2011 08:29 AM EST

Beatle George Harrison, known as the quiet one, is back in the news with a Scorsese biopic, a retrospective at the LA Grammy Museum and a biography all due soon.


Born 24 Feb 1943 at 11.42pm Liverpool he had an entertaining and musical 5th house Pisces Sun. With Venus in Pisces opposition Neptune which also hints at musical talents though would be uncommitted emotionally.


His Sun was in a self doubting erratic square to an 8th house Saturn Uranus in Gemini – Uranus in the 8th can be experimental sexually and Saturn there suggests an issue with making deep connections. His intensely passionate Scorpio Moon was emphasised being on the point of a T Square to a Pluto opposition Mercury – a focal point Moon needs a wide audience since one relationship can never fulfil all their emotional needs. His Jupiter was in an adventurous opposition to Mars in Capricorn.

All of the Beatles had not surprisingly strong charts which they would need to withstand the weight of their fame. John Lennon had a Fixed Grand Square of Jupiter Saturn in Taurus opposition Mercury square Pluto opposition an Aquarius Moon with a sparsely aspected Libra Sun. He’s be immoveably stubborn and resilient.


Ringo Starr also has the Jupiter Saturn (and Uranus) in Taurus square Mercury Moon Mars Pluto in Leo – so enormously fixed and emotionally uptight with that Moon Mars Pluto – with a Cancer Sun sextile Saturn Jupiter.


Paul McCartney has the luckiest chart with a Gemini Sun conjunct Jupiter though he also has the heavyweight Mars Pluto in Leo sextile Saturn Uranus.


All four had the creative Uranus trine Neptune of their generation despite being born across three years.


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The film version of writer John Le Carre’s classic spy thriller Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy with a stellar British cast has opened to rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival. Even le Carre has admitted he was thrilled by Gary Oldman’s performance as George Smiley, reprising Alec Guinness’s role in the original BBC TV series.


The BBC TV series first aired on 10 September 1979 with a sombre Virgo Sun Saturn Venus Mercury in place though on the focal midpoint of a Grand Trine from an explosive Mars trine Uranus so it would demand attention. Sun Saturn Mercury Venus also squared Neptune – contributing to the general sense of paranoia around spy matters and the fascinated confusion of the audience following a complex, shadowy plotline. And there’s a ruthless, risky Mars square Pluto as well.


The film, premiered at Venice on 5th Sept 2011 is also a Virgo Sun conjunct Venus but this time trine lucky Jupiter in Taurus trine Pluto – an Earth Grand Trine must augur well for the film’s long term commercial success. There’s a smokescreen Mercury opposition Neptune and a tough-nut Mars square Saturn and Mars is also 165 degrees from Pluto. So the charts are reasonably similar – both also have Mars in Cancer - though with the film obviously in line for greater rewards.


Interestingly both Guinness and Oldman were/are Sun Aries. Guinness (2 Apr 1914 5.45am London) was an Aries Sun on the midpoint of a lucky Jupiter Uranus trine Saturn in Gemini. He had Mars in Cancer trine Mercury, square Sun, conjunct Neptune.


Gary Oldman (21 Mar 1958 10.56 am London) is a New Moon Mercury in Aries with his Sun sextile/trine a Mars in Aquarius opposition Uranus in Leo – so he’s go ahead and edgy with that Uranus Mars. His Sun is also on the focal point of a Yod inconjunct Pluto sextile Jupiter North Node (Neptune) – so he’ll have a sense of strain about his life as if he could never quite in tune with himself. Despite being lauded as the best actor of his generation he’s never been nominated for an Academy Award. Tr Uranus is rattling one end of that Oy this year conjunct his Sun and tr Neptune has been opposing Pluto and trine Jupiter – so something is clearly trying to shift that Yod over.


John Le Carre himself (19 Oct 1931) is one of that tough Depression generation with his Libra Sun Mercury tied into the Saturn in Capricorn opposition Pluto square Uranus in Aries T Square of the time making a Cardinal Grand Square. He also has a powerfully determined Mars in Scorpio trine Pluto and sextile Saturn – which would fit him for the dangerous world of spies.


Le Carre, Guinness and Oldman all had problematic fathers and childhoods. Guinness was illegitimate and probably never knew who his father was and was seemingly uninterested in his mother – Moon Saturn Pluto conjunct. Oldman’s father was an abusive alcoholic who abandoned the family when he was 7. Le Carre’s mother walked out when he was 5 and his father was a conman with criminal associations who had done jail time.

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