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Rahu and Saturn: Their Transit Through Libra

by Saraswati J. Miller October 22, 2013 05:18 PM EST
Rahu and Saturn: Their Transit Through Libra
Both Rahu and Saturn are currently transiting Libra, which is Saturn’s exaltation position and a rather powerful position for it. Saturn is the slowest moving planet and takes 2.5 years to transit a sign; Rahu takes 1.5 years for each of its transits. It is well known that Rahu acts like Saturn. Rahu can do well in Libra, since it is a sign that can bring worldly desires and Rahu loves the material realms. The nodes in general, since they are just shadow planets, take on the flavor of the planet they are closest to in proximity; they are very chameleon-like. So in essence, we have a double Saturn effect happening in Libra. However, these two planets express themselves very differently.

So how is this Rahu/Saturn in Libra combinations going to effect us for the next 1.5 years? Will the conjunction of Rahu and Saturn in Libra bring positivity or calamity? As per usual, nothing in life is all good nor all bad, and this combination is no different. My interpretation of these transits come with a certain complexity. Use these layers of information to help you unfold your personal experience with this transit. And of course all will vary depending on the chart of the individual and the unique set of strengths and weaknesses presented with a person’s unique karmas. So use the rest of this article as a general understanding of the next 1.5 years. See it as a guideline of tendencies and use it as a general map. Let the your own insights come as the year unfolds. If you want specifics, ask me for more information about your personal chart.


Saturn is a planet of renunciation, hard work, routine, asceticism, old age, the cycles and rhythms of life. Obey Saturn’s disciplined guidelines, and you will be in alignment, but disobey the Laws of Nature and he will make you miserable. Perhaps this is why Libra is such a good position for him. Libra, after all, rules over balance, legal and political ideals and business markets, which we could call the Laws of Nature. Think: every action has a reaction.

There is a natural correlation to relationships with Saturn in Libra. Relationships are our “other”, our mirror into our self. They require work, time and perseverance- all attributes of Saturn. Libra naturally indicates the seventh house which can be interpreted as our relationship with others, our relationship with life, but ultimately it is the relationship with the self. This is the house of relations, that which we are looking at directly- so in essence, the seventh house becomes our mirror, our looking glass. Libra also has a natural connection to business. Good business practices have everything to do with ones relationship with others and cultivating those interactions. And of course, the 7th house has to do with the spouse, partners in general, which is perhaps the most common indication of this house. The seventh house can also indicate death. This transit of Saturn/Rahu can bring us endings, but take heart, renewal and birth are then inevitable.


Rahu is a worldly non-planet, a shadow “planet”. It is really just a mathematical point connected to the moon that moves in a retrograde direction- against the flow of the other seven planets. Rahu shows insatiable worldly appetite, desires and attitudes. Interestingly, Saturn does not. Saturn is fine with little, he just wants to know that the steady work he has put in is actually rewarded- albeit slowly, and over time. Saturn is not swift, and does nothing quickly. Rahu on the other hand can bring sudden changes, shocks, upheavals, even quick boons.

To complicate matters, even though Rahu acts like Saturn and Saturn is in a positive sign placement, these two planets together indicate storm energy- Rudra energy. Rudra energy is powerful, no denying it. How the storm is used and directed, however, is a crucial strategy. Think of a boat with a sail. The wind is what moves the sailboat, but you must direct this current in order to end up where you want to go! Awareness is the first step to harnessing the power of the storm, then learning how to be still (in the eye of it) rather than becoming it, is important. Then, if one masters this, the power of Rudra and his fierce storm energy can move mountains. Hanuman was an incarnation of Rudra. His power to leap over oceans and mountains was how he rescued Sita. He also had a very strong and powerful heart that he put to very good use.


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Libra, being the natural indicator for relationships, ruled by Venus (planet of love, passion and creativity), as well as natural indicator of the seventh house, indicates that Rahu and Saturn will be helping us cultivate, transform and change our relationships. These are the “others” in our life- whether familial, love, business, friendship, neighbors etc. But as previously stated, the other, is nothing more than the reflection of self. The Self will grow as a result of our interactions and Saturn is a planet of enlightenment, so Self-growth is inevitable here. Regardless of Libra being its sign of exaltation, Saturn likes hard work, suffering, and has a “no pain, no gain” attitude. Though some of these darker tendencies may be mitigated being in a friendly sign, expect some tears, before happy resolutions. After all, Saturn rules grief.

The association that Libra has with Venus will bring heighten the things that Venus rules over. Yes, this means passion, creativity, love and romance. But Venus is also connected to indulgence, whether it be passions with lovers or with sugar, drugs and alcohol. Use this as a cautionary note and be vigilant with diet and spiritual practices during this time period. Libras ruler, Saturn, would prefer you be moving your body, being physically active and breaking a sweat every day. He loves yoga asanas.

Another association of Libra and the seventh house is with the pelvic region and the organs therein. Libra being ruled by Venus further defines the connection to creative life force, the acts of creation and nurturing of creation, as well as reproductive tissues and organs. Venus is connected to ojas (the finest byproduct of proper digestion- all digestion) and therefor correlates to one’s immune system function. Venus is connected to water, and as a result, is life-giving. Venus works with our lower nature and works with instincts and rules over matters of love. (Love is very healing). With Saturn and Rahu in Libra, health issues can arise with the body parts connected to Libra and Venus. This includes the urinary tract, kidneys, uterus, ovaries, testes, prostate, bladder, urethra, groin, semen and ovum. This is a time to take extra precaution with your reproductive organs as there is vulnerability at this time.

Focusing the Storm Energy

Saturn sitting with Rahu, indicates stormy weather in general. Storms mean power, strength, strong energy, but that will need to be harnessed for lasting, positive effects to be achieved. Saturn can give lasting results if you play by his rules, Rahu is more of the instigator, who talks big but fizzles out in the long run. In terms of relationships, they may start off with a bang, look like they will last, then have a messy falling out. For a relationship to work out at this time, both parties will have to be willing to put in the hard work that a lasting relationship requires for long term gains. Again, we will be learning how to use the storm and redirect it for powerful results, or we will get blown around and get tossed by the storm.

The rule with Rahu is often, what he gives, he will take away. Unless you change or transform what he gives you in some way, it won’t last. Now is the time to learn how Saturn wants you to behave while being cautious of Rahu’s rash behavior and insatiable appetite. If you can befriend Saturn, you will have a friend for life and for death. The rewards you are expecting from your efforts (Rahu) will be rewarded when you harmonize your actions with Saturn’s desires. Remember, slow and steady wins the race for Saturn to be happy. Rahu wants it now! How can you work with both of these energies internally in order to find harmony?

In the news, we have been hearing high profile cases of sexual calamities like instances of rape and disastrous relationships surrounded by darkness. The woman gang raped in India and the Somalian woman raped by government guards are just a few examples. These are also indications of Rahu and Saturn in Libra. As a society, the collective consciousness will be using this time to re-examine our relationship to sex and violence, healthy and unhealthy relationships and the dark shadows that create turmoil and deceit. The storm energy is creating turbulence, and Rahu is leading the pack. Ultimately, my hope is that we can use these horrific experiences to make lasting change. Certainly the blinders have been pulled off for many, and the conversations are happening now. The Indian legal system and Somalian governments are both being scrutinized internationally, examined and evaluated by the global community. Perhaps change can come with this new awareness.

Mind Your Storm

So this brings me to our suffering and grief (Saturn). When the pain comes, as it surely will, this is our guide post along the Path; our reminder of where we are clinging and what we are clinging to, what change we are resisting. If we hadn’t seen the attachment prior to this struggle, we have an opportunity to see it clearly now in the face of tragedy, our tears, our suffering. As Pema Chodron reminds us in her book Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change: “When we resist change, it's called suffering.” And when we resist anything, it will ultimately hurt us. The dynamic of Rahu (clinging, needy, desire, wants) with the combination of Saturn (steady, integrity, slow, enlightenment, structure) will certainly ask of us to grow and mature. Hopefully, with our willingness, he will ease us into a new and powerful relationship with our Self. All we have to do is stay alert, be willing to listen, and make the necessary changes when the messages come. No doubt Rahu will be giving us a few flashy worldly boons along the way as well. Enjoy them while they last.
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