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Rahu In Virgo and the Sixth House

by Saraswati J. Miller July 05, 2014 09:14 PM EST
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Rahu in Virgo

Rahu and Ketu move from Libra and Aries into Virgo and Pisces on July 12th 2014 at 19:11 CDT. It is an extraordinary time on multiple levels- which truly speaks to the level of intensity the nodes offer. As soon as Guru Purnima takes place on the 11th and 12th (USA), the nodes shift signs with a bang. Rahu then collides with a transitioning Mars who is moving into Libra on the 13th, followed by Venus moving into Gemini just after that. Lots of sudden movement in a very short amount of time!

The illusory nature of the nodes brings into question the impact this transit will have on us, but when Rahu and Mars combine (as they will exactly on the 13th) there is sure to be some powerful sparks taking place. Caution should be taken at this time and fires of all kinds are possible, so be prudent. This includes a variety of sparks from the emotional and verbal levels, as well as with relationships. Driving should be done with extra care- if at all. Intoxication and inflammation are indicated with this conjunction, so avoid excesses of all kinds and stay away from others who are likely to be partaking.

Rahu in Virgo and 6th House Matters

As Rahu makes its way into Virgo, we begin to feel the difference from the past 18 months immediately. Likely, most of us will be feeling the shifts weeks in advance on some level. This transit will be very different for many reasons, but essentially it will be enlivening Virgo and the nature of Virgo, as well as all things related to the 6th house. Let's unpack this a bit more.

Whereas Libra is ruled by Saturn and Venus and correlates to 7th house matters like relationships, business and balance; Virgo is about purity, idealism and creativity and ruled by Mercury (the indicator for mental body, communication and creativity). Venus is considered debilitated in Virgo because the restrictions Virgo puts on love, restricts the flowing nature of Venus's love. Libra is an air sign, Virgo is an earth sign and so their expressions and results are truly different. Luckily, Virgo is also the mulitrikona sign of Rahu, which bodes well for material gains and stabilizing finances if all other chart indications support this. We also won't be having the stormy conjunction of Rahu and Saturn together as we have for the last 18 months. Rudra and his storm energy certainly brought intensity! Those days are behind us now thankfully, but this new chapter will bring with it a new wave of challenges and opportunities.

As Rahu transits Virgo, sixth house matters will also be enlivened. The sixth house has to do with disease and debts (the kinds that can be corrected and cured, unlike the 8th house indications) as well as enemies. This house is known to be a trouble maker because of these tendencies, but there are also some fortunate connections as well. Since disease is attributed to 6th house matters, it is also connected to the healer, the one who heals disease as well as being in service to others. And depending on the other indications of the chart, enemies can become friends in certain circumstances. In regard to debts, learning how to handle money and the affairs of money can create much more financial stability; where we put our attention, we learn and grow. So this can be a fabulous time to increase our knowledge and understanding with all the things that are 6th house related.

With Rahu's fanaticism and obsessive nature, it's quite likely that we will be forced to attend to these themes very directly- either by will or by force. Depending on your rising sign and other chart details, the placement of Rahu in your chart during this transit will also enliven other attributes and indications and either heighten or lessen these expressions. This is a general guideline of course.

Other indications of the 6th house include: Enemies/opponents, legal issues/litigation, health, short term disease/sickness, servants and employees, pets, lower abdomen, large intestine, bad habits, maternal uncle and cousins, wounds, boils, scars, sores, cancer, step mother, weapons, struggles, theft, sexual diseases, poisons, healers, digestion, being in service.

From his placement in Virgo, Rahu will give drishti (gaze) to five, seven and nine houses away from him. He will be looking at Pisces directly seven houses away, where Ketu will be as well. His gaze five houses away will be on Capricorn, and nine houses away will give drishti to Taurus- both earth signs like Virgo. Will this transit bring greater stability and grounding into our lives, or an increase in uprooting, change and calamities? Hopefully, the latter, as the desire for earthy stability will be strengthened at this time.

Themes of Virgo will increase during this transit for certain. These include idealism and perfectionism. We may question what this means for us and what our relationship is with idealism as a result. Along with perfectionism comes the critic and our relationship with this inner beast. Do we have a healthy or toxic relationship with this inner entity? We will certainly be getting multiple opportunities to explore this dynamic during this transit.

Purification and cleanliness are other themes that get our attention. Are we being overly fastidious? Using too many diet fads, cleansing rituals and extreme purification practices? Rahu could make us go into over-drive, or under drive depending on your relationship with him and your sixth house nature. Balance is ultimately the goal, but watch out for being extreme- in either direction! Virgo is also very detail oriented, methodical, precise and good with numbers, communications and creative endeavors. Work with goals, timelines and clear time lines in order to get the job done. Virgo's love a good list. Use them and revel in checking off your action steps!

The Virgo nature is to have very high standards which can't often (or ever) be met, so dissatisfaction is likely. Be aware that this theme may develop or be heightened in your own personal mythology. Ask your self these questions periodically: Are your expectations too high? Are you self sabotaging as a result? Are you finding fault with others constantly and being excessively judgmental? What is your relationship with your inner critic? Remember when you lash out at others, there's usually an inner voice saying the same thing to you! This is an ideal transit to create a more harmonious relationship with the inner critic and the  expectations you have with yourself.

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As Rahu moves to Virgo, Ketu moves to Pisces. Use this time of the Rahu and Ketu transits to recommit to your enlightenment and spiritual pursuits. Make healing and health a priority and focus. Seek balance with relationships- the relationship with your Self and with others. Look for fanaticism, rigidity and where your idealism is forcing you off track from goals and the long term agenda. Creating more harmony is ultimately the goal, but we may have to work with some extremes before we find our sense of center. In this cycle, don't fall off the wagon and loose your commitment to health and well being with excess toxicity, but at the same time, excessive puritanical and self righteous behaviors will not lead to sustainability and healing in the long run. This is a unique cycle that can truly awaken us to parts of ourselves that we have been missing- overlooking perhaps out of fear, denial and past suffering. We have the opportunity to introspect in new and unique ways as a result of this cycle. No doubt the outcome of the next 18 months will be a time period of great change, clarity and momentum. Here we go!

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