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Riley Goodwin
Riley Goodwin

Riley Goodwin is the author of the Planetary Influence Profile, the Astro Identity Reading, the Destiny and Decisions Forecast and the One Year Planetary Preview. Riley is a World War II veteran and a jack-of-all-trades whose past professions range from contractor to salesman to counselor. He spent ten years in public relations for private trade and technical schools, and nine years in the field of chemical dependency. He was director of the Office for the Credentialing of Chemical Dependency Practitioners for the State of Minnesota when he retired in August of 1981. Riley has a bachelor's degree in vocational rehabilitation from the University of Minnesota, with a minor in psychology, and a Human Services Certificate, also from the University of Minnesota. He became seriously interested in astrology in 1972. When Noel Tyl published his Principles and Practice of Astrology in 1974, Riley devoured the twelve-volume course and began a limited practice of astrology amongst his friends. In 1984, when he got his first computer and began writing his own interpretations and text, his client list grew to over 100 regulars. Riley has been writing natal and progressed software since 1992. He was born on April 3, 1919 at 3:24pm near Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

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