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Romantic Getaways

by Heather the CosmosGal January 27, 2011 04:48 PM EST
Romantic Getaways

Zodiac lovers looking to travel should do so soon with Venus and Neptune happily connecting on February 1. Since the love planet is still in the sign that governs tarvel, look into taking a vaca with the one you love. If you're single, you could easily meet someone on this starred day, and if you're in a relationship, you could find the month kicks off right the first day of the month. Don't miss the chance to increase romance!


An adventure vacation is exactly what the Ram should seek. Swimming with sharks wouldn't be out of the question for this sign. If you're in a relationship, try a spot that has activities you can do as a couple, such as scuba diving, rock climbing, or snowboarding. Since Aries rules the city of Portland and the country of Germany, you might want to look into snowboarding or skiing vacations first. Whatever you decide, this vacation should be jam-packed full of thrill-seeking activities to get your heart racing -- and his!

You've always had a flair for the dramatic and a love of the crowd, so a mountain retreat won't be your ideal vacation. Instead, you should focus your search on a city. Rome would be perfect, but could be costly and downright brutal if you're watching your cash flow. If you don't have a fortune to spend, I'd suggest staying closer to home, perhaps Hollywood, which is another ruling spot for Leo. Or you could head to Vegas and hit Paris, New York, and Venice in a matter of hours. Now that's the kind of excitement a Leo could really lap up!

You're an outdoorsy-type person and adventure is definitely your thing. You're an explorer who loves to travel to distant lands like your ruling country, Australia. However, times aren't what they use to be, so choose an adventure for you and your sweetie or a friend that's closer to the states. Alcapulco, one of your ruling destinations may be a better choice. It combines beautiful scenery with fun activities such as swimming with dolphins, kayaking, scuba and cliff diving. What more could an Archer ask for?


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The pampered Bull enjoys the life of luxury around the house and on the road. Roughing it isn't your bag and makes you see red. That means you can pretty much skip the campgrounds, unless you're itching for a good fight with your sweetie. As you make your plans, mountain spas and retreats are best suited to deliver the relaxation and comfort you enjoy. Lounging by a five-star resort pool coupled with a beachside massage for you and the one you love wouldn't be a bad idea, either. This sign loves all the good things: food, fine wine and music. Look into Honolulu and Cyprus, Greece -- a couple of Taurus's fabulous ruling destinations.

Even though it's a vacation, industrious Virgo still likes to cover a lot of ground. There's no lounging on a deck chair, sipping iced drinks for you. You're still a backpacker at heart, no matter your age or luggage set. That means you should skip past the beach holidays and direct your internet searches to a Mediterranean back-packing adventure. Turkey, Greece and Crete are all part of your ruling destinations. Whether you're coupled or single, trekking around ancient grounds will give you the thrill you've been seeking all year.

The traveling Capricorn always ends up in a place with a rich history, but not in a cheesy Williamsburg, Virginia kinda way. I'm talking about going someplace where history is alive, not recreated by some dude making eight bucks an hour. That means Mexico, your ruling spot, could be in the cards for you. Rainforests and ruined temples will satisfy your hunger for knowledge and history without breaking the bank when you return with your sweetie.


Traveling as a couple can be difficult, but you twins are used to it. Your two heads leave you wanting a mixed vacation, however you need to also stimulate the mind. You're not content to just lie on a beach or spend the whole trip going from museum to museum. You're always looking for a mix of the two. Singles should explore cities that are rich in art, history and culture, but have fun activities to do as well. Singles, you never know whom you might meet at a museum far from home, so keep that in mind. Couples will also love to provoke each other's minds, so pick a spot that will make your brain tick, as well. Look into San Francisco, London or Melbourne -- some of your ruling destinations.

When you get the Traveling Jones, you won't happy with a trip down a well-worn path. No, you're only content when you're on a trip so cutting edge it draws blood. Rio? Maybe 30 years ago. Prague? Played out. Ibiza? Please. No, for the vacation that gives you the hip clubs and great nightlife you demand, look east, little Libra, look east. Check out your ruling spots, Vienna, Copenhagen, or even further to Japan. And don't forget to send me a postcard!

You've always marched to the beat of your own drummer and that continues even on vacation, though you can leave the drummer home. Any situation where other people are telling you what to do and when to do it will not bring you rest. No cruises or package holidays for you and certainly no bus trips with sweaty senior citizens complaining about the lack of outlet shopping. Instead, you'd be best served by flying to a new area, renting a car, and hitting the road especially if you're single. What will you find? Or perhaps more intriguing, who will find you? If you're in a relationship, look into a destination out of the ordinary, like some of you're ruling spots, Sweden or Costa Rica. These places are gorgeous and full of fantastic people you and your sweetie could easily befriend.


It'll come as no surprise that the ideal crab vacation involves the water and privacy. Under normal circumstances, an over-water bungalow in Bermuda or Thailand would be just the thing, but with these economic times, you're better off finding a bed and breakfast near Niagara Falls for you and your sweetie. And don't forget, this spot happens to be one of your ruling destinations. If you're single, check out a cruise that's swarming with other singles. There are plenty to choose from, and the prices should be advantageous now for travelers.

Pluto has always been your guide, which means you when you travel, distance is no object. In fact, the number-one quality in a trip that will renew and restore you is privacy. You need to get away from it all, and I mean all. The fewer distractions, the better. That doesn't mean you need to throw away your Crackberry and check into the nearest convent or monastery. Instead, take your sweetie to places where you can gain a bit of solitude. Tahiti is one of your ruling destinations and a perfect spot for some privacy. If you're single, check out your other ruling spot, New Orleans. This may not be as private, but will be swarming with other singles looking for a good time like you.

Pisces are noted for having romance on their minds at all times, and vacations are no exception. That doesn't mean your next trip should be to Hedonism, but if that's your thing, who am I to disagree? One spot that Pisces rules is the city of Dublin, however, with times like these you may want to stay close to home. Piece together mini-road trip from one B&B to another. The classic romantic drive is the Pacific Coast Highway, but don't forget about the Golden Isles of Georgia. With winding roads and sprawling trees draped with Spanish moss, you'll think you'd driven back in time.

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