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Ronni Chasen - Royal Wedding

by Marjorie Orr November 28, 2010 02:11 PM EST

The death of Ronni Chasen, the Hollywood publicist shot recently does seem to be causing quite a fuss over Stateside with talk of it being a pro-hit rather than a random murder.

  Born on 17 Oct 1946 she certainly had a tough, thruster’s chart with Mars Mercury Jupiter in Scorpio square Pluto Saturn in Leo. She was certainly no shrinking violet and must have steam-rollered over a few people in her time. She was a Sun Libra trine Uranus in Gemini so cool, innovative as well as hugely determined and possibly even a touch vengeful at times.

  The chart of the shooting – 12.28 am 16 Nov 2010 in Beverley Hills - does look personal and financial. There’s an angry 4th house Mars and Pluto; with Mars ruler of the 8th house of business finances sextile Saturn in the 2nd. Mars Saturn used to be the old assassination signature. An evasive Neptune in the 6th house of work squares the Sun and trines a 2nd house Venus which could suggest a rather slippery deal – perhaps over art or creative businesses with Venus in the 2nd.

  What is odd is the shooting Sun in the 3rd was trine a 7th house Moon Jupiter Uranus conjunction which looks fun, sociable, rather lucky. But could perhaps point to a partnership deal that went sour perhaps because of cavalier dealings (Jup Ur). Her own chart (no birth time) hasn’t a huge amount showing apart from a confident, upbeat tr Pluto sextile Jupiter; as well as Solar Arc Neptune trine Pluto and Solar Arc Uranus sextile her Chiron which are both fairly obscure. She does have problematic transits to midpoints – tr Uranus opposition Mars/Saturn; tr Pluto trine Mars/Uranus and tr Pluto sextile Sun/Mars – all of which look risky but that doesn’t say anything about the whys.

  Several suggestions have been put forward – an art deal gone wrong, a relative/friend with huge gambling debts and Russian mobsters unhappy about their investment return on a movie. The art might be indicated by the 2nd house Venus; gambling by the Jupiter Uranus and family because of Mars Pluto in the 4th; and the astrocartography of the shooting chart would put Russia in as a high risk zone. So you can take your pick. A family connection would look likely as the cause.

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  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding on 29th April 2011 will presumably be around 11.30am. That chart has a boisterous Mars Jupiter in Aries conjunct Mercury and very widely conjunct Venus in Aries so lots of fiery energy and high vitality (maybe fireworks?). Though with Saturn in Libra opposition Venus Mercury (Mars Jupiter) and square Pluto there’s going to be a bleak feel about it. Also as far as the marriage to follow is concerned – too much duty from Saturn Venus and a fair amount of over control as well.

  Assuming it is a late morning wedding (11 to 12 noon) then Pluto is in the 5th. The only other wedding chart I could find with Pluto in the 5th was Catherine Zeta Jones/Michael Douglas vastly expensive $1.5 million wedding in New York on 18th Nov 2000 at 7.30pm. They were very possessive over rights to the wedding which ended up in a court battle over pirated photographs. Clearly Prince William is not going to sell the wedding to Hello magazine but it may be an indication of a power struggle over the spectacle which would fit Pluto in the 5th.

  This Royal wedding also has an 8th house Uranus Moon in Pisces square Pluto which suggests disruptions around the time of the wedding itself and intense rather volatile feelings kept well out of sight. Pluto is also trine the Sun and sextile Neptune in Pisces – so again more control but perhaps also a hint of a fairytale feel with such a focussed Neptune in Pisces.

  Both Prince William and Kate are in the year of their Saturn Return so it’ll be very hard work and a real growing-up experience. Kate Midddleton has tr Saturn conjunct her Mars from mid May till early July 2011 so she’ll have a fair amount of aggravation in the aftermath. She looks very confident over the wedding with tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter but also muddled since tr Pluto is also conjunct her Sun/Neptune. Ebertin describes that as ’Extremely high sensitiveness, a tragic deception or illusion.’ It needn’t be quite that dramatic but she’ll certainly have her head in a spin.

  Prince William has tr Neptune trine his Cancer Sun exactly then and tr Uranus exactly square his Sun/Moon. The first is head in the clouds or lacklustre. The second is most odd since it normally coincides with an urge for freedom, upsets, conflicts and separation.

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