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Royal Watch - William & Harry

by Marjorie Orr March 13, 2014 06:42 AM EST
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There’s mounting criticism of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge flying off for an expensive paradise beach holiday when he’s supposed to be studying and she’s just back from a swanee to Mustique. And leaving baby George at home.

Kate who used to be known as waitey Katey and is now being dubbed the DoLittle Duch (nice name) does have an exact Venus square Jupiter which is inclined to self indulgence, idle luxury, laziness.

He’s got a stressed Venus in indulgent Taurus in his party-loving 5th like his late mother. Plus Jupiter on his Midheaven which indicates amongst other things a drama queen mother and at times arrogance and a lack of humility. His Jupiter trines his New Moon in Cancer so he does have an expect-it-all streak.

Both have strongly aspected 9th Harmonic charts which is what brings pleasure. There is a humanitarian side to the 9H but if they don’t use it then it can turn to frivolity and indolence.

Neither are especially happy people – he’s got a New Moon square Mars (Saturn) and she’s got her Sun and Moon probably square Mars Saturn Pluto – really they need a life that stretches them to the limit, not one which wallows in luxury.

The drums appear to be beating more loudly at least in the media for an engagement between Prince Harry and Cressida Bonas. It is quite a peculiar match. She’s one of these insubstantial looking women with a really heavy chart.

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Her probably-bullied-as-a-child Mars in Taurus opposition Pluto falls right across Harry’s Taurus Moon IC opposition Saturn MC.  She’ll be more stubborn than she appears, quite controlling of him, a noisy and argumentative domestic companion. Her Saturn Neptune (Uranus) conjunction in Capricorn falls conjunct his Ascendant so she’ll have a disruptive effect on his image. And she’ll get feistier as she ages as she gets a hold of the more ruthless side of her Mars Pluto. On the plus side she has her Jupiter in his 4th which is more calming and her Leo Moon probably in his 7th which is good for a close relationship.

Her Venus is in Aquarius and his in Libra so both in Air signs which also helps to give them a resonance with each other.  Her Sun Venus fall in his 2nd; as is the case with Kate Middleton since her Venus Mercury fall in William’s 2nd with her Capricorn Sun on the cusp of his 2nd. So money is definitely part of the attraction.

Prince Harry’s relationship chart with Cressida has that odd, cool, duty-first composite Sun conjunct Saturn conjunct Venus with the composite Mars trine Pluto and widely square the Sun Saturn. For normal people that would spell death for a relationship – too business-like, too angry, frustrated and not sensitive to individual needs.

But looking at other Royal relationships. Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward in their relationship chart also have a composite Sun conjunct Saturn conjunct Venus; with Venus opposition Uranus Pluto; and Sun square Moon Neptune.

HM Queen and prince Philip’s relationship chart has a frankly horrible composite Saturn opposition Mars widely square Pluto with also a Sun square Moon Neptune. It was no cakewalk through a few early decades but has stood the test of time.

Prince Charles and Camilla also have a composite Venus Saturn conjunction with Saturn conjunct Pluto – and a Sun square Uranus.

It takes a very odd relationship to stand the strains of Royal life. Though somehow with Prince Harry one would have imagined a more passionate, fun loving match.  I’d worry that when tr Saturn gets into Sagittarius as it does in 2015 it starts to square their composite Mars and Jupiter and conjunct their composite Sun Saturn Venus which all sounds a bit of a downer for two or three years.

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