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Royal Wedding - an American dream

by Marjorie Orr April 23, 2011 02:35 PM EST
Royal Wedding - an American dream

The impending Royal Wedding appears to be stirring up more interest in the USA than the UK despite the media’s best efforts to talk it up. Perhaps the distinctly Cancerian traits of Prince William who has a Cancer Sun and Moon and Kate with her Cancer Moon resonate better with the USA’s Mercury Jupiter Sun in Cancer. As did Princess Diana another Sun Cancer.

The Wedding chart itself has enough pomp circumstance and fiery flamboyance from Jupiter Mars in Aries on the Midheaven plus Uranus Mercury Venus in Aries to lift the most Scrooge-like temperament. But there’s also a Saturn opposition Venus Mercury square Pluto with Pluto trine Sun which is putting a damper on expectations and mood. Too much duty not enough love; too much control not enough real interaction. Neptune in the 7th lacks commitment – good for a showy aura but not a real of responsibility.

What is heart warming are the Progressions on Prince William’s chart. His Progressed Venus is within 6 minutes (one tenth of a degree) exactly conjunct his Cancer Sun which is definitely in love. Plus his Progressed Moon is within one degree of being conjunct his Progressed Sun which will give him a really coming-together feel inside. And his Progressed Venus moves into to conjunct his Sun/Moon midpoint and Moon over the next three years which is all highly positive emotionally.

Though having said that he does have transiting Uranus square his Sun/Moon as he marries which is very odd – it’s more a separating than a merging influence. And he still has a very emotionally bumpy tr Uranus square his Moon from this June onwards for a year ahead; plus a final dose of the intensely-challenging-with-women tr Pluto opposition Moon in late Aug to early Oct this year. So there’s a huge amount of emotional turmoil, profound change with stress going on in his emotional and family life. That may not all be to do with Kate but it won’t help with a smooth start.

Kate’s chart looks more upbeat as she realises her dream with tr Pluto sextile her Jupiter in Scorpio and sextiles her Solar Arc Venus. That brings confidence, money, status with superficially glittery trappings. Though she’s also in a flat panic which is hardly surprising over the wedding and off and on till late 2012 as well with tr Pluto conjunct her Sun/Neptune midpoint.

Their relationship is certainly under pressure in 2012/13 with tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting the composite Mars opposition Sun Mercury. Arguments aplenty coming out of that. Indeed there will be irritations and differences from mid May onwards with tr Saturn conjunct her Mars and hitting some of her own family relationships at that point.

Kate will have a sticky time with certain of the other Royal ladies, notably Princess Anne and Sophie Wessex, especially the latter. The hierarchical pecking order will change considerably with her entry into the Family as wife of the heir to the heir to the throne and not to everyone’s liking.

A Royal marriage needs a fairly solid backbone to survive the rigours of a duty-first life. The Queen Elizabeth’s Wedding chart was exceedingly tough – Scorpio Sun square Aquarius Moon opposition an 8th house Pluto Saturn Mars in Leo. Their marriage went through some very rough patches kept well of the sight of the media and the ordinary people. But all that Fixed has that very hang-on-in-there factor. Plus in those days a divorced monarch was unthinkable.

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The Charles Diana Wedding was like this Will/Kate one mainly Cardinal with Moon Mars in Cancer on the MC square Saturn Jupiter in Libra and Mercury in Cancer square Pluto in Libra. Cardinals don’t always have staying power.

Charles’ second Camilla Wedding was also very Cardinal but does have an exceptionally strong Saturn and Pluto which will help glue it together.

Charles is notoriously prickly and insecure so media comments about the public wanting William to succeed next won’t have gone down well. Charles does have tr Neptune sextile his 10th house Moon at the moment so he will feel undermined. Plus an intense Progressed Moon near to conjunct his 1st house Pluto so he will be also be slightly angst-ridden. Plus tr Saturn is hovering on his IC about to move into his 4th house which will bring out family tensions in the four years ahead. Especially since he has such a full 4th house with under-supported Neptune, plus Venus, Sun, Mercury there.

He’ll be putting a good face on it with Jupiter in his 10th but he looks edgy inside on the day itself. His relationship chart with William has an affectionate Moon opposition Jupiter and Jupiter trine Venus which will smooth round rough edges. But they don’t seem to be singing quite off the same hymn sheet as the wedding approaches. Evidently Charles insisted on inviting foreign royalty and Heads of State which went against Will and Kate’s wish for a more private affair. And William’s need to push his mother into the foreground won’t help either.

The bride’s parents Carole and Michael Middleton are an odd mix since she’s an Aquarius Sun square Saturn in Scorpio with Venus in Sagittarius and he’s a Sun Uranus in Cancer sextile Saturn in Virgo, with Venus in Cancer. Though both may have a Taurus Moon which will help. Plus they clearly like to work with prominent Saturns. And he does have a wide Air Grand Trine of Mars Mercury in Gemini trine Jupiter in Aquarius trine Neptune in Libra so is more airy than many Cancerians.

Carole does look pressured at the moment with tr Pluto square her Solar Arc/Prog Sun and possibly SArc Neptune conjunct Venus now but she’s also got a very upbeat tr Uranus trine Mars/Jupiter.

Michael has a confident tr Pluto sextile Jupiter/Pluto but also some sinking tr Neptune influences and a seriously stuck Solar Arc Sun conjunct his Saturn within months.

There is definitely something odd going on post-wedding since the relationship charts between Kate and both parents plus William and Carole have bad-tempered tr Saturn in hard aspect to the composite Mars and the composite Sun from mid May to early July.

The UK chart does indicate a high risk period at the moment with tr Pluto square Mars/Pluto and tr Uranus square Mars/Saturn so the security forces will be out in force. Though there’s also a couple of chirpily upbeat Jupiter transits on the day itself.

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