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Saturn in Scorpio: Your Two-Year Forecast

by Kosmic Kelly October 05, 2012 04:57 PM EST
Saturn in Scorpio: Your Two-Year Forecast

A new chapter begins with Saturn's entry into Scorpio for the next two-and-a-half years. Goals and priorities shift as you become aware of an area of life that needs your focus. Saturn is about responsibilities and grounding, so read on to find out where in life you’ll be dancing with serious Saturn in the coming months.

Saturn energizes your Eighth House of debt, taxes and shared finances. It’s time to control spending, reduce debt and invest in the future. A responsible approach to taxes is a must. Be clear about boundaries and responsibilities regarding financial dealings with a romantic or business partner. You’re ready to do more, but a schedule ensures clarity for everyone.

Relationships require renewed focus as Saturn settles into your Seventh House. You’re learning about the true meaning of partnership and will discover how boundaries can strengthen romance. Saturn brings a romantic reality-check, so if you’re in a relationship that’s not evolving, be firm about ending what’s not working. New commitments are on the horizon. If you’re happy and settled, now is the time to take things to the next stage.

Health, wellbeing and daily work routines are highlighted as Saturn enters your Sixth House. It’s time to get serious about taking care of yourself. Set new schedules that ensure you have enough time for work and wellness. Professionally, Saturn in your Sixth House is an apprenticeship cycle, where you learn a lot but may not earn to your potential. An income boost will come, but for now absorb as much as possible and learn new skills.

Creativity and children are highlighted by Saturn in your Fifth House. Commit to your inner artist and make regular time to create as Saturn demands work. Tap into your imagination and get into a routine for manifesting your inspiration. Any plans having to do with kids require a mature mindset. Don’t rush things. If you have children, discipline and routines become more important now.

Your Fourth House, the home and family sector, is energized by Saturn now. It’s time to get serious about domestic responsibilities. If you’re not 100 percent happy where you’re living, a long-term plan to get you where you really want to be is needed. If you’re ready for a move, aim for conservative and affordable. Saturn’s consolidated energy suggests downsizing. Restructuring regarding family relationships and responsibilities is needed.

Saturn enters your Third House, which is about communication, short trips, siblings and education. This two-and-a-half-year cycle is about mental mastery and improving self-expression. A concentrated effort toward learning, teaching or writing is also required. Relationships with siblings go through a restructure as everyone’s new personal responsibilities affect how and when you connect. Honoring the passage of time is key, as is owning your ideas and exploring the best ways to share them.

You’re likely breathing a sigh of relief now that Saturn has left your sign. That heavy feeling you've been living with for over two years is lifting and the further away from October 2012 you get, the lighter you’ll feel. Now that you’ve redefined yourself, Saturn enters your Second House of money and insists that you clean up your finances. Be realistic about what you own and what you owe. Consolidating finances and paying off debt is key now. Take a cautious, long-term approach to any financial decisions.

With Saturn entering your sign, aka your First House, this next two-and-a-half-year cycle is all about you. You’ll discover deeper truths about what you really want -- and don’t want. You’ll feel more confident about prioritizing your needs. This is a significant cycle where your time and energy should be focussed on yourself, your life. Saturn helps you cut ties with the past and be honest about people and places you’ve outgrown. Clearing the decks gives you a clean slate for new magic to enter.

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Your Twelfth House of rest is activated by Saturn -- a call to step back from worldly life and turn inward. Time away is needed. Energy levels can be low as you’re being called to develop spiritually and intuitively. You’re in the final years of a 29-year cycle, so it’s time to ease up and coast for a while. Slowing down and stepping back gives you space to deal with some of the hidden aspects of your life.

Your social sector -- the Eleventh House -- is energized by Saturn, revealing that you’re ready for a friendship overhaul. Time for socializing may be limited, so be sure to prioritize quality time with true friends, and avoid spending time with superficial acquaintances. Saturn offers a dose of reality and added strength to help you be firm about what you will and won’t do in friendships. Your wisdom is appreciated by others but that doesn’t mean you have to say yes to everything.

Your Tenth House of professional life is activated by Saturn. You’re ready to get serious about your career and life direction. Saturn’s reality check helps you be honest about what is and isn’t working professionally. You’ve got the power to make changes, but set a realistic timeframe in which to do so. If you love your career, explore new responsibilities. If you’ve outgrown your current role, promote yourself, highlighting your wisdom and experience. Renewed effort towards creating a career that meets your needs is required.

Study, travel, adventure and philosophy are highlighted as Saturn enters your Ninth House. Your search for meaning takes on greater importance. You crave structure around meaning and will devote yourself to expanding your understanding of the world and your place in it. Learning experiences through life adventures like travel or pilgrimage, or structured study/teaching/writing, are all designed to help you make better sense of the world. Devote yourself to discovery now. What lies ahead helps you make sense of the past.

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