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Scandalous Pisces!

by D. Light March 11, 2009 11:54 AM EST
Scandalous Pisces!

Oh, you Pisces people are a soulful crew. Some of you are so spiritually attuned that you should be running for sainthood. Even though you tend to be wise beyond your years, you still have to go through your twenties! And having a strong moral conscience doesn't stop you from doing your share of outrageous behavior Speaking of which, these are some of my fave shocking moments in Piscean history.

1. Pisces Jessica Biel played a woman who works the stripper pole and cracks eggs on her chest to raise money for her sick son.

2. Remember when Pisces Drew Barrymore flashed her bare bosoms at David Letterman on his show back in 1995? That was awesome! Such a free spirited, impulsive little fish that Drew!

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3. Pisces Elizabeth Taylor -- ok, remember when she got married and then married again and then married again and then married again, and then married again, and then married again and then married again and then married again?

4. Pisces Liza Minnelli married her manager David Gest, taped on episode of a reality TV show and then bailed on both the show and one year later the man who turned around and sued her for 10 million dollars. Remember how crazy that whole situation was?

Well thanks for the memories you sexy Pisces divas! 

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