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Setting your New Moon intentions by Sign

by The Astrologer's Daughter April 22, 2012 09:41 AM EST


If you are an Aries or Aries rising this New Moon is blooming in your Second House of abundance, earned income and financial well-being – lucky you! A Taurus New Moon loves intentions about money and security and this New Moon happens to be in your Second House (the house naturally associated with Taurus and Taurean values of security) so there’s a powerful confluence of themes – MONEY, MONEY, MONEY! Of course, it’s not all about money. At the roots, the Second House reflects our values – how do we value ourselves? Our time? Our money? What are we worth? What is our product worth? And what thoughts are we entertaining about our talents and abilities that would help us get MORE of what we want? Sometimes we don’t even realize that it is us who are sending out unconscious signals that we’re content to SURVIVE rather than THRIVE. It’s a good time to look at not only your needs … but your desires concerning wealth and abundance. Go ahead and put a dollar amount on it. You are encouraged to think BIG. Finish this sentence … in a perfect world I would be earning ____ dollars/year doing ______ (a job that you love) and look for evidence everywhere that that is on its way. This New Moon is about getting what you love to make money for you. You want a job that supports your values … you have to believe you have a gift to share and that your material needs are taken care of simply as a result of you doing good work and LOVING it. As Taurus energy is about bringing energy into form and cultivating the reality of any far-out wish, your intentions may include some first steps you’re intending to take in order to build more income. Is a first step coming up with a name for your website? Calling that contact or family friend that you know would be helpful? Adding a paypal link? Asking for a raise? Writing out your incremental financial goals? Opening up that IRA? Make them personal … put them in language that makes you feel good and abundant from the moment they leave your lips. Again, this Moon is about all the five senses … so if you got to just sniff dollars bills in your minds eye (and smell the comforting money scent) doooo it. These couple days are about getting back in tune with those values – and working on belief in yourself – that you deserve joy on the job, abundance and energy pulsing through the corporeal body, and a paycheck reflecting that grounded, financially secure mentality. If you build it, the dollars will come (or even more of them if they already seem to be falling from the sky!)


If you are a Taurus or Taurus rising this New Moon is blooming in your First House of personality, self-image and personal style … a very important house indeed as it represents the most obvious elements of your persona – literally how you look and the sort of image you project to others (especially in your interpersonal relationships). If you’ve been feeling like your due for a change – whether it’s in the confidence you project, your personal style (right down to the clothes you wear, make-up choices and hair – yes – even astrology can be vain!) you may want to use this New Moon to explore the sort of “character” you’d like to build – a new you! If you could see yourself as a close friend, what would you think needs tweaking? Sometimes it’s not so much that we’re making poor choices (or have bad hygiene!), but we have to ask ourselves if what look like is the most authentic representation of who we are now or who we’re becoming or who we wish to become? Of course, Taurus energy doesn’t favor just glossy cosmetic changes … it’s really about feeling good about your yourself, about the image you project, how you walk, talk, what sort of eye contact you make. If all your desires had all come true and your were living the HAPPIEST, most ABUNDANT life of your dreams … do you think your would look or feel different? That’s really the test of how deep your intention to transform could be during this New Moon period. If you’re already holding your head high, feeling at your most physically beautiful and strong self, grounded and connected… then you’re good…and you need only wish for more of it. If there’s a little room for improvement, this is the time to “act as if” you already have that job, that money, that relationship, that perfectly zen spiritual life and infinite well being … how would you look, what would you project, how would you feel then?


If you’re a Gemini or Gemini rising this New Moon is blooming in your Twelfth House of compassion, oneness, open-ness to divine inspiration and channeling a higher psychic wisdom. So this is really a time to get clear (as clear as you can with the mysterious and emotional energies of the Twelfth) on your spiritual goals. This New Moon may really be more about clearing out … than starting anew. Of course, you’ll be a “new you” after you let things go … you’ll be refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to charge down a new path. But forgive yourself if you’re not feeling incredibly clear at this moment. This New Moon is in Taurus and wants to make you feel more comfortable in the “spirit world” – just swimming and going with the flow with less regard for logic or a time-table or a to-do list. The here and now is all you need … and this is truly time for you to get in touch with your inner flow. Gemini’s can tend to be very pragmatic and logical and the Twelfth is anything but. This is Pisces' house after all … so when setting intentions think of ways to bring more fluidity and flow into your life and ALLOWING and creating space rather than forcing an agenda. You’ll have plenty of time to fill that “void” with stuff soon enough. It’s also about cultivating the quality of FAITH. Faith isn’t a by-product of results but rather an inner state that tells you every little thing is going to be alright, regardless of the outer picture. The outer realities don’t really matter right now. They are not your guide as much as your connection to yourself, or more accurately, your spiritual self – that energy which underlies all of life. You have a divine opportunity to flow with the underlying energy that connects people and that connects you to nature, to the Universe. What quality of spirit do you want to cultivate? It all begins with your willingness to swim in the unknown … but far from being an end … it is a brilliant new beginning … it is PURE POTENTIAL. The clock is being set back to zero so completely surrender and allow the dance, the ocean, the call of nature to take out to sea whatever it is that doesn’t serve you, that makes you stress, that eats away at your natural state of total connection and abundance. The less you try to think of things logically or measure up to “real world” standards the better. You’re only make yourself suffer that way – the Universe has its own timeline and yes, sometimes that even trumps the all the knowledge you can fit between your two ears. I always think of John’s character on the program Lost and when someone asked how he stopped feeling lost. He said he “stopped looking.” Where can you stop looking for answers? Where you can just be? Where can you let go of that hurry up and get somewhere attitude? How can you have more faith or just pretend like you do for awhile (until it feels more familiar)? If you knew every little thing was really going to be alright (even if you go no external proof right now), how would you swim? Probably not as if you’re life depended on it (remember, you know how to swim) but as an exercise in joy … in total being-ness, in one-ness with the divine, with others, with nature … exactly where the world was before EVERYTHING was created. Just enjoy the water.


If you’re a Cancer or Cancer rising, this New Moon is blooming in your Eleventh House having to with hopes, dreams, future plans as well as the social network you create and cultivate that helps you get there. So intentions you may think about setting is how you would enlist the support of friends, professional contacts and mentors … that help you get on track. It’s time to initiate changes or just to intend to solidify those relationships that support where you’re going in life. There’s more support out there than you know right now and Eleventh House New Moon gives you an opportunity to come into contact with a new “soul group” --- a group of people who share similar values and are heading down a similar path – or at least one that supports your beliefs and shares a certain philosophy. There’s a responsibility with Eleventh House New Moons to be willing to connect with new types of people, perhaps people of whom your family wouldn’t approve, or just people whom surprise or you wouldn’t expect to resonate with. If a sense of community has eluded you lately, this is the time to intend to create one that reflects your individuality and supports your direction. There is power in groups and this is where you’ll find your flow, make “lucky” contacts … intend to bring in just the right people that help you move forward. Be aware of where you can “join forces” with others to strengthen your path. Because the New Moon is in Taurus, there is not only a personally supportive component that you’re nurturing, but perhaps a materialistic incentive as well. Is there a way to join resources with others that will fund your greatest dreams? If you’ve been looking for financial backing, set intentions about manifesting the right contacts and financial support. That is very in line with this New Moon. People want to support people that have big dreams, clear aims and demonstrate their commitment to doing the hard work … so this a blessed time to ask for what you need via your social network. (a donation button on your Facebook page? I’m kidding, but you get the idea. Get ideas out of your head that people don’t want to support your aims or that it’s “cheesy” to schmooze, reach out or join together. It's not seen as "schmoozing" if your'e authentic and there's heart and passion behind what you're trying to accomplish. You're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes! The shoe could be on the other foot. You could be in a position to support someone else, to donate to a cause, to implement more or your personal and political beliefs and values into your work and raise awareness of those around you. This is really time to test your platform and solidify the message that you’re going to be taking with you in the future - -and then surrounding yourself with supporters that will get you there. How have you been denying your ability to lead within a group? How does what you do, who you hang out with reflect your dreams? And if they don’t, why not? What new goals would you have to set to feel totally at ease with your chosen network, goals and message … make that real for you.


If you’re a Leo or Leo rising this New Moon is blooming in your Tenth House of Career, Public Acclaim and Role in the Community. With a New Moon in Taurus here, you want to focus on bringing your skills, what you do, your service, role, creative art into the public eye. The Tenth House itself can often have to do with a culminating phase in life – after years of hard work, it seems to everyone else like you’ve become a success overnight. Your thoughts are best focused on what that “overnight success” would look and feel like. How do you see your role in the public eye? If you were at the top, what would you be doing? Perhaps the same thing you’re doing now only enjoying the material fruits more, the attention and the professional status. In Taurus, you may very well set a price on your earning potential – put it out there. This is about rising to the occasion … and inhabiting in your mind, body and soul that career you want. Act as if it’s already happened or if it’s already happening, then this may be a clue that you can expand even more into the public eye or into another stratospheric earning bracket...set those intentions now. That’s the way you gotta think and the space you have to move from. Explore intentions that speak to what you could do to enjoy your heightened role … are setting a date for a press conference for your new book? Are you receiving fan mail? Are you using your status to make philanthropic inroads and give back to the community? More than attention – which comes and goes – you want explore that feeling of total competence – that you have enough right now to be at the height of your professional life – and setting intentions that reflect that grounded self-confidence. This phase … or opening is about that level of achievement. If you KNEW you were going to be at the tippety top of your game, what would you do now? How can you cultivate more of those feelings in your body now? What would you have to let go of in order to get that feeling in your gut? Maybe you have to look at your relationship with money, achievement, attention … have you put a cap on what you’re allowing yourself? Are you playing small? Set intentions that have you playing BIG. Know you have something to offer. Let your generosity of spirit, you feeling of abundance and accomplishment and your foregone destiny come through how you move, how you treat others and how you think of yourself. Why wouldn’t you deserve the world? Just gotta get grounded on what that world looks like to you.


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If you’re a Virgo or Virgo rising, this New Moon is blooming in your Ninth House of “Long Journey’s Over Water” (as it was traditionally called and could it get any more perfect for where you find yourself now?!?) The Ninth House represents that adventurous side of ourselves, the part of us willing to go out on a limb, try or taste something new. With the New Moon here, your being given cues to go outside your comfort zone and experience MORE of life. While sometimes planets in the Ninth House can look like they’re on a pleasure cruise or traveling to the jungle just for the helluva it, what it’s really about is cultivating more MEANING in your life and creating a greater understanding and appreciation of being here on earth. How you do this is committing to experiencing more. It’s more than an intellectual understanding you’re craving. You’re ripe for more deeply discovering your life philosophy. What sorts of experiences give your life meaning? What role does adventure play in your life? How often do you allow yourself to try new things? To be spontaneous? To have new experiences? To do or feel something that is “exotic” – at least from your point of view? And that’s all that counts. Perhaps traveling the world by canoe is old hat for you, but it’s staying in one place that is more exotic or being more emotionally vulnerable that is exotic? You have to use your intuition and there’s no right answer. Clues that you’re on the right track may be a sense of wonder, of excitement and perhaps a little fear. So when making intentions, focus on the big picture for your life … This is not so much the nitty gritty details, but what do you want you life to represent? And then see what kind of action or intentions you could set that would support this paradigm shift. Again, the Taurus New Moon is about laying track … so set it according to your beliefs and where you’d like to end up ultimately. And also, include some about the pure joy of experience … and the willingness to experience something new and a little scary. You’re ready to put into action things you have been merely thinking about … intend on what re-invigorates your excitement about life.


If you’re a Libra or Libra rising this New Moon is blooming in your Eighth House of transformation – deep indeed! The Eighth House is the house of sex, death (not necessarily literal - death of a former self, for example…yay! ;) and other people’s money (inheritance, joint income, shared wealth through business partnership, shared property i.e.) Your desires around these topics have extra power – use your intuition to see which of those topics may be speaking to you most right now. But the underlying theme for you to focus on during this New Moon is how to deepen the your experience and participate in your own transformation – whether this is through great wealth or great sex that is tune with your values and what feels empowering to you . Your courage may be invoked as you’re asked to look fear or limitation in the eye and go through it with resolve that there is something on the other side. Allow yourself to look at your “shadow” … you don’t have to know what that is (actually, then it probably wouldn’t be your shadow ). But it’s those more base, raw impulses that somehow in our society we have learned to de-value, hide, and try to forget about for fear of being judged because they are not “civilized.” However, this shadow side is NATURAL and is huge part of your personal power – now is the time to be willing to look at that “stuff” – the things which feel animal, raw or purely instinctual about you (go to the Zoo and you’ll get some better ideas of our ancestry). These things are part of you as much as your good taste in fashion and your knowledge of wine. This house (or area of experience) in which you find your emotional energy focused (because of the Moon’s presence here) is cultivating your shamanic powers – allowing you to be a way shower for yourself as well as others – but you gotta get in touch first and work through any emotional resistance that would have to feel that ALL of you is somehow unacceptable. When planets are in the eighth, they offer tremendous amounts of psychic/spiritual energy … the terrain can feel difficult … or perhaps a better word is loaded. With the New Moon here, you’ll really want to pick intentions that speak right to your soul – no surface level desires, dig deep to decide on what you can change or cultivate more of. Whatever begins now, is about SELF-EMPOWERMENT (the whole self right down to your hairy toes). This can mean facing your fears and the Eighth House can bring up unconscious material, memories from the past, blocked emotions, aggression, passion (again, the shadow) … all lending to it’s raunchy reputation as the “house of sex.” And be careful about pinning this stuff on other people – you may just be calling out what you’re unwilling to face in yourself. Eek! You want to “go through” something which could of course happen in the bedroom, but with the Moon in Taurus, there’s a theme of staying grounded as you transform and it also indicates that is has something to do with the body itself. This is an opportune time to look at what you’ve perhaps been avoiding … is it moving on to the next stage of life? Is it a past memory that has more control over you than you care to look at? Getting in tune with your sexuality? Empowering your finances? Taking control of your experiences? Empowering yourself to make strong choices that reflect what you know deep down? There’s a sense with the New Moon in this house of undergoing a rite of passage. They aren’t always easy and sometime you may go kicking and screaming … but they can also be incredibly thrilling and liberating and of course never as scary as you imagined. And the potential for personal growth is HUGE. Keep intentions around what you can do to be braver, more courageous, more emotionally honest and let that flow through your body. Transcend fear and doubt through your willingness to go through something . Create that space that allows you to feel, experience, move and love at a deeper level.


If you’re a Scorpio or Scorpio rising, this New Moon is blooming in your Seventh House of partnership, significant others and marriage (this can also include business partnership). So the area of life you’re ready to “fluff” is your relationships, usually romantic and often having to do with marriage. The Seventh House is the house of long-term commitment (not short, lusty love affairs – though maybe it has to start there!) This is about getting in touch with your values and how those come to bear on your partnerships; choosing more consciously your thoughts, actions and way of being in love. Of course we should always do this, but this is a time to consciously focus on what you want to specifically create in romance. And because this New Moon is in Taurus, there may be sense that you’re ready to build something with someone … not jump headfirst into a relationship … but security through intimacy and commitment is getting the cosmic green light. Whether you’re attached or single, this New Moon breathes new life into how you relate to others. You may be used to being a certain way to or with others, perhaps receiving a certain level of nurturing (no less, no more) or attracting the same type of people who may or may not serve your needs. Your intentions would best serve you if they focused on both the qualities you’d like to bring (or just bring more of) to your relationships as well as what you desire more of from others. Who do you value and how does your world reflect that? This is a great time to really ask for stability in partnership and to allow yourself to rely on others support. Allow yourself to be grounded through partnership, be taken care of or provided for – whether that’s emotional, sexual or financial – there’s a sense of wanting to fuse and really open up to what commitment means. Why not? Also, the Seventh House is about getting in touch with our feminine energy – that ability to receive, to nurture, to be guided by our intuition and emotion; cultivating a greater receptivity on every level. There’s wisdom in allowing change rather than doggedly pursuing it – go with the flow a little more. So if there’s any element if your life – concerning your relationships – in which you’ve felt like you’re standing on one leg, then find a way to put the other leg down Find balance! And yes, if you’re single, find that balance within you. There’s this idea that when a partner comes in, then we’ll change and be the right partner … NO! Be the right partner now – that doesn’t mean the best or any different from who you are. The Moon in Taurus is just saying be who you are, be authentic, be connected, be balanced, be RECEPTIVE and you’ll naturally attract a relationship in divine right order. Like attracts like. Scorpio’s also can tend to feel very deeply, bent on transformation (or negatively, drama) so there’s a sense of re-evaluating how your emotional life serves you and others. Perhaps it does. But you have to ask if there’s an intensity out of fear or if it’s from love. You want to make it from love and having all the faith in the world that your body will lead to make good decisions – and that doing what makes you feel good is enough, for you and somebody else.


If you’re a Sagittarius or Sagittarius rising this New Moon is blooming in you’re Sixth House of Work, health and service to others. This is the house associated with Virgo – those kind and cooperative souls associated with an eye for detail, a systematic work ethic, attentive loving and yes … perfection. The New Moon in Virgo’s house is about rolling up your sleeves and working for what you want – whether that is a new physique, more physical energy or a vocation which allows you to be of service in some way. Perhaps there’s a way to do both? This Moon ushers a lot of information your way about how to lay the best foundation. This is a very earthy New Moon and especially so in this earthy house so intentions which specifically speak to what you’re trying to build, the specific elements you want to be a part of your work (service to others? Working at home? Using your creativity? Working alone? With people? Outside with monkey’s?). Your work ideally reflects your values, so this is a great time to get in tune with what you value. As you get into your body, you’ll be thinking from a more instinctual and authentic space. Sagittarian Suns do tend to think intuitively so you don’t run as much risk as getting up in your head. This is really about bringing your work and your values into alignment and creating a space – if only within your own body – to allow that shift to occur. What are you willing to release that no longer serves you? What would you have to believe to experience a full-body well being of performing at a job or at a level that feels good; that feels like you are employing your authentic self and servicing others. Now Mercury and Uranus are causing your synapses to fire in your creative Fifth House, which can make it a bit hard to focus and well as make you want instant gratification and change RIGHT NOW. While that’s all fine and good, just know that this New Moon is about process, foundation, taking things slowly but working smarter because you know where you’re headed – or at least you’re learning the qualities that you want to share in work and what no longer feels right. So enjoy your enthusiasm and passion, but you’re not in rush. You’re laying the groundwork so work through any resistance in your body and resolve to do the hard work to invite the sort of well being – through work, health, service – that you decide feels good to you.


If you’re a Capricorn or Capricorn rising this New Moon is blooming in your raucously fun FIFTH HOUSE of creativity, love affairs and all things recreation-related and plain old FUN (sex, gambling, bold self-expression, DDDAAAANNNCING, children included here too). Capricorn can tend to take a serious attitude toward life, carrying the world on their shoulders and always worrying about measuring up in the “real world’ (which definitely has its place and gets these trusty goats far oftentimes!) This, however, is an opportunity to set intentions on making your path more fun, ALIVE – including find more ways to be DARING and expressive. Yes, DANCE! If you’re an artist, this is a great New Moon to set into motion your desires about what creative gifts you’d like to bring into form. Because the New Moon is in sensual Taurus AND your house of love affairs, there seems to be a theme of having more FUN with your body – whether alone or with a partner. Have I mentioned sex? Something may be guiding you to find a way to celebrate your own body, being grateful for its sensations whether it’s fluid movement during a Qoya or a mind-blowing orgasm (hopefully not in Qoya class). As you dance, intend to find the most natural expression of your body … you may have no idea what you can even do yet! Be aware of being caught in your comfort zone – especially where your body is concerned. Be open to suggestions and pay attention to inspiration about how you can move differently…differently than you ever had or thought you could or would. Don’t let the past be your guide … or limit your creative expression because that the way you used to do it. You can do something for the FIRST time now … and your body will point the way. This is a time to break out of limiting thoughts that hampers how you move (Uranus and Mercury in Aries will help you think in new ways … and now you just have to bring those brave thoughts into your body) The key word is really FUN … which includes all forms of letting loose … specifically in the arts and bodily expression (because the Taurus element). Adventures in nature will be especially comforting now because they combine the themes of FUN with the SERENTIY OF NATURE (and fifth house Taurus energy can have a pronounced quality of innocence, a re-awakening of those wondrous child-like impulses to absorb what’s fun in the environment). It’s about re-awakening your JOY . Maybe it’s through children? Maybe it's through sex? Maybe it’s through how you move? Where have you shut-down? Ignored your impulses? Over-spiritualized things or gotten too heady about how you should perform rather than just doing what FEELS GOOD … Do what feels good! It may quite a concept to a Capricorn. So again, set intentions around your creativity life, what you want to EXPRESS and what form that will take and also just having more JOY in your life (Keep it simple!) … break some rules, re-awaken to ALL of your senses, and re-claim that connection to your natural appetites.


If you’re an Aquarius or Aquarius Rising, this New Moon is blooming in your Fourth House of home and family -- and everything that has to do with that connection to your inner world and your feelings. This is a beautiful place for the New Moon in Taurus, because both the Fourth House and Taurus love that feeling of comfort, safety in the body, strength from our very roots and feeling grounded. The less outwardly ambitious your intentions are the better, as the MOST IMPORTANT things is rejuvenating the inner self. If you’ve been out of touch with your feeling life – this Moon re-calibrates you back to center and asks that help out the process by consciously tuning in, observing your breath, your heartbeat, the feelings that come and go, laughter, tears … whatever is NATURAL to you that perhaps has been buried beneath a busy to-do list, goals or demands on your attention. This connection will literally manifest – as you have to guide this boat to whatever “shore” you wish – to positive developments in your outer life. It flips the order of the phrase As Above So Below … to As Below so Above. AwwwHA! ;) As you cultivate feelings of abundance internally, your career and other elements of the “outer” world will naturally receive a boost. But the point is to bring the focus inward as much as possible, trusting that the inner-bond you create will manifest just as much strength outside you. Outer circumstances will literally change to match your inner well-being. Intentions literally around home and family are also blessed – cosmic ears will be wide open to your desires concerning yes, pregnancy, childbirth and REAL ESTATE!!! If you’ve been thinking about changing locations, finding a new apartment, buying a house, being closer to nature, adding a garden to the rooftop … use this New Moon in earthy Taurus to imagine – again, with those 5 senses! – what your new home (or garden or child ) will look like, where that home will be, how you will feel when you walk in front door, who you will see, what is hanging on the walls, what do the floors feel like beneath your feet… The more you can get that inner sense of home in your body, the more easily it will flow into your “real” life. The illusion is that there is a separation … but you have a beautiful opportunity to close that gap now and imagine that both are one – the inner and outer life -- until they are. The tarot card which reflects this particular New Moon/House placement is the Empress – who glows with inner beauty in a field of wheat (or on a beach of sand, with one hand on her stomach, her hair blowing in the breeze with that full, but gentle confidence that EVERYTHING ripens in its own time.


If you are a Pisces or Pisces rising, this New Moon is blossoming in your Third House of communication -- including writing, teaching or any form of expression (photography, blogging, etc) which reflects how you SEE the world. The Third House is associated with the sign of Gemini so intentions around Gemini-type themes – literally your ability or talent for speaking, formulating ideas, connecting people, sharing of your intellect/wit or expressing in form your point of view – are doubly blessed as you set thoughts into motion now. Taurus energy has to do with physical beauty (what’s within us and outside of us) and feeling connected to our bodies and in the flow of our own natures. So pay extra mind if you’ve been entertaining teaching, writing or finding a way to apply your intellectual abilities to these Taurean themes. Nature photography would of course be an easy fit (and you couldn’t be in a better place) but it’s more about finding a way to honor that grounded Taurus spirit in your everyday life. So whether it’s Qoya or something else, this is the time to commit to a practice which cultivates that sense of beauty, serenity and connection to nature amidst all the business that you’ll face when you get back. Maybe this is the week to learn how to meditate (or just find the patience and resolve to do so everyday), to re-acquaint yourself with the calming effect of nature (so you can resolve to take walks, hikes, photograph, bird watch, horse-back ride as a part of your weekly routine). The Third House is about celebration of everyday life – finding that magical in the mundane. What feeling have you been denying yourself that allows you to be content or rather CELEBRATE your life? This is the time to reclaim that sense of wonder with the world -- rooting to that quality that brings a joyous smile to your face simply because you like what you’re eating, seeing, feeling and whomever is right front of you – not some place or time far and away. Long-term goals or the big picture pale in comparison (at least with this New Moon) to the magic at your fingertips in the here and now. You’re being given the gift of that moment-to-moment connection – it’s a physical sensation that will burn into a habitual way of thinking so you can bring more of that well-being into your life. Ask yourself what natural appetites do you have that you have been starving lately? Is it sex? Soulful conversation? Connecting to an audience? Yoga? Time in nature or with animals? Maybe you want more space … a bigger kitchen or simply some more attention put into the space you have? Because of the trine to Mars in Virgo, there’s even a greater push to take action and even think of these changes you want to bring into your body as a service to others. You’re re-connecting to your essence --- and you’re servicing the crowd, your readers, your fans, the people you meet on the path with your inner well-being, beauty, graceful spirit and your incredibly unique point of view and disarming way of communicating. That’s really all you need … the adventure will find you if you just open up the beauty and possibility grasping at your five senses RIGHT NOW.

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