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SexScopes: February

by Chani Nicholas February 03, 2014 01:55 PM EST
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With the Sun passing through a Square to stern, strong, sadistic Saturn days before a full Moon in lusty, lovely Leo on Valentine's Day, there is much to say about love and bondage, commitment and conditions and romance and reality. Although a good Venus retrograde helps us sort through what we really need out of our partnerships, this month the Vivacious One has been freed from the underworld of her last retrograde and is now moving forward as a bright morning star helping our erotic endeavors as move onward. Mars, the passionate planet of desire is slowing down to retrograde in relationship obsessed Libra, where all in all it will spend a lengthy eight months helping us to reorient how we go about getting said desires met. Being human requires a lot of work and letting our animalistic desires have a life of their own requires a lot of responsibility on our part. Keep it clean and you're bound to have a wonderfully dirty time!

On February 14, or V-Day (yes, as in vagina), there will be a full Moon in Leo in your Fifth House. If Hallmark made cards for astrological events they would have a field day with this one. The reason being is that the Fifth House is about romance, love affairs, true love, self-expression, creativity and children (sometime the “fruits” of our Fifth House labors). Full Moons have always been linked to romance through popular culture, love songs and poems. Perhaps it’s the glow of the Moon that draws us to it, much like love itself. However, this full Moon doesn’t come untethered, oh no. A few days earlier on February 11, the Sun will square Saturn, and for you this is about getting real about the effects your sex drive has on your life. There is no shame in having the kind of direct, fierce and unapologetic sex-drive that many Rams do; the only problem that there can be is the one that you may have with it. As your ruling planet, Mars, slows down to a halting retrograde next month, you're also forced to do things differently in relationships. How excruciating! Your astrological tribe generally wants to thrust itself into life and all-things romantic without ever having to explain yourselves. You are a sexual explorer, but something is calling you to the judge's chambers over V-Day. On another note, there could be a negotiation that you need to make with your lover(s) around rules. If you dabble in BDSM practices, use V-Day to renegotiate, readjust or reestablish your needs and your partners. This is a time where you're learning how to state your needs in bed while staying open to your partners. So if you're dying to strap on a strap-on and take your partner on a ride, you need to find a way to let them know your needs without freaking them out. Live out your fantasies this month with real live people. Intimacy is the basis for all erotic exchange.

Having just gone direct your ruling planet, Venus, has spent an unusually long time in your ninth house of all things foreign. This may have brought actual or perhaps just imagined love affairs with folks from far off lands or perhaps your sexual tastes and proclivities have gone through some sort of expansion. Venus’s glyph is of course the sign that is used for women, (a circle on top of a cross) also called the mirror of Aphrodite the symbol reminds us of your kind need for things to appear appealing and harmonious. Part of how you get turned on is by smell, touch, taste and a visually attractive environment. Having just had a new moon in your Tenth House of career on January 30 and keeping in mind that Mercury will retrograde through this house as well in the coming weeks means that there is energy available for you to begin reworking, revitalizing and reaffirming projects that you have been working on. Remember that owning things, especially your work, inherently makes you feel more sexy and just like Venus Herself your talent lies in being able to attract to you what you deeply desire, so if Mercury is dogging you somewhat in your career this month don’t let it dampen your swagger. In fact it looks like the cosmos is suggesting that (at least in your sex life, if not all the other aspects of your life) if you are usually dominating in bed/work, switch it up and see if you can’t let another step up to the plate. If you are usually submissive then it’s time to take the lead.

This Valentine’s Day brings with it a red hot full moon in Leo in your Third House of communications and you are in need of having a couple of conversations about your deeper desires. Leo is playful, sexual, passionate and creative and since you are the talker of the zodiac, a Full Moon in your house of communications should help to stir things up a bit. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is up to its old tricks again moonwalking retrograde throughout the month (February 6-28) in your Ninth House (mostly) of all things foreign. One of your main focuses is trying to rework and rewire all the things that you “think” you know and learning that, guess what, you don’t! This is a time to discover new things, fun things, like your G-spot or your partners. Every body has many erogenous zones, your mission is to search them out or get your partner to. You’re a Gemini, you love information so take the time to read up on this fascinating subject. Meanwhile back at the love ranch, Mars is slowing down to a snails pace in your Fifth House of love affairs, romance and yes, sex! Mars is a passionate, steamy planet and when retrograde things tend to go a little wonky to say the least. The truth is, as human beings, that our sex drive waxes and wanes, going through many different phases, peaks and valley’s so whatever your normal course of action this retrograde is about to turn things on its head. Think about what you need to cut from your boudoir repertoire-that isn’t working? What isn’t turning you on? You are a diverse lover, as stimulated by the mind as any other organ of the body-boredom is futile for you, futile! This is no time to let your meandering mind destroy a good thing, be brave Gemini and speak the words you are dying to say.

Venus, having finally gone direct after a five week retrograde in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships is letting you move forward with your romantic endeavors. For some of you this will mean that the lovers you just met will all of a sudden stop coming around, or that your feeling for some of them may change on a dime. The bottom line is that the truth of your attractions are revealing themselves and you have the choice to either move forward with certain crushes or not. You can be as fickle as the moon in your affections but when you are into someone you are as committed as they come offering everything that you have to please your lover. All consuming oral aspirations thrill you and your lucky recipient and your appetite for those you enjoy is only increasing lately. You run the risk of becoming wildly obsessive at the beginning of the month so remember to cool off and have others come to you once in a while. No one wants too much attention and if they do chances are that sooner or later you will grow very bored with them. February 14 brings with it a full moon in loving Leo in your Second House of self-worth and possessions reminding you to check yourself when you get a little too swept up in al the emotional drama that can sometimes accompany this kind of astrology. If your relationship agreements and commitments are not sitting well with you, then this full Moon will most likely force you to speak your mind. Remember to do so playfully and with a spoon full of sugar.

A full Moon in your sign on Valentine's Day is nothing to sneeze at, Leo. However, neither is a Mercury retrograde in your Seventh House of relationships. Add to that your ruling planet, the Sun, making a hefty square to Saturn and you’ve got quite the deluxe enchilada in front of you. A full moon in your sign highlights you (you’re favorite topic) while the Sun square Saturn creates a tension between what you want and what your are responsible for. Mercury retrograding in your Seventh House of partnerships and intimate relationships means that you are going to be faced with some nerve wracking conversations about intimacy, commitment and coupling during the month of February. So what could this possibly have to do with your sex life? Well, being the natural exhibitionist that you are, a full Moon on Valentine's Day brings the attention back to you and even though other responsibilities may be pressing you for your attention, you and your mate(s) need some time to get to know each other again. Because this full Moon is so bound by Saturn, it’s a good time to learn how to play within the constraints of your life. This could lead to some fairly interesting intimate encounters in public places or could have you using the telephone cord in place of handcuffs (office sex needs to be inventive). The cosmos is suggesting that you get off on the limits that you are being held within. It’s that or going completely without -- and what good will that do anyone?


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Perhaps more than any other sign in the zodiac, Virgo wants ritual to be a part of sex. Venus, the planet associated with erotic endeavors and flirtatious flings as well as long-time love has just gone direct after a six week retrograde through your Fifth House of pleasures and because of said retrograde, Venus is spending a ridiculously long time in Capricorn, a sign well known for establishing rules and being as goal orientated as a mountain goat at the base of the hill. Needless to say, you have been uncovering and re-establishing some of the laws that usually go unsaid with your lovers but more importantly with yourself. This could be a prolonged period of pleasure for you. Dig deep, both literally and figuratively, into how you're approaching your sex life. The need for penetration is a part of your nature that may be rarely talked about in most astrological literature, but Virgo is generally so internal that there is quite often a secret desire to be opened by another. This doesn’t have to be physical; sex need not involve penetration to be deep. There is also a much needed experience of being helpful to another making it important for you to experience a safe and thoughtful way to be of erotic service to your lover(s). With your ruling planet, Mercury, retrograde for the better part of the entire month (February 6-28) you may feel a little less than confident and with a full Moon in Leo on Valentine's Day in your Twelfth House of I-Need-To-Get-Lost-In Order-To-Find-Myself, there is a lot to say for some good old fashioned “spacing out” in bed with someone for a week of Sundays.

With your ruling planet, Venus, finally having gone direct, issues that were arising at home or in your family life can finally get some resolve. Having had Mars in your sign for the last two months (where it will continue to stay until the end of July) is hopefully starting to teach you a thing or two about how to be assertive in all areas of your life. Hint: Asking for what you want is sexy. So is aggression, force and even anger when channeled into healthy outlets. Far too often women are fed an image of beauty that robs them of their full and perhaps even integrated erotic power. Women are taught that their parts (long legs, slim waist, large breasts) outweigh their whole (a perfectly imperfect body), everyone is damaged by this dysmorphic view of the human form and this can’t but impact our sex lives. Mars in your sign for so long, Libra, is asking you to get more comfortable with the beast within. Remember those pictures of Beyonce from the Super Bowl that she wanted taken down? Those images were her; raw and unashamed of her power but because they weren’t within what is societally acceptable in terms of female beauty (we can only assume) the images were not wanted. What happens when you leave that kind of energy, power and force out of the bedroom? Lazy, boring, vanilla sex, that’s what, but what’s perhaps more interesting to ponder is what happens to our hearts, minds and souls when we think we have to cut out, leave behind or disown the very force in us that has gotten us this far. It doesn’t have to be fireworks and arial tricks every time, life just isn’t like that, but if all of you isn’t invited into the game, how can you really play?

With your ruling planet, Mars, spending an unusually long time both in Libra and your Twelfth House you are bound to be wrestling with a loss or two. It’s not like you to lose a battle or better yet it’s not like you to give up on one, not only because you are stubborn but because you have an unyielding will to stick even the most uncomfortable things out. For many of you it will feel like you’re missing your superhuman powers of attraction, this is merely temporary and as with all things astrological, also for your benefit. What you are being asked to do right now is to understand your erotic power in a different way, it’s never good to become overly reliant on our strengths. You may even have to succumb to making yourself more vulnerable than you are usually willing to be (horrors!) In fact, the cosmos is suggesting that you do just that by contemplating how you can be more aware of the spiritual dimensions of your sexuality and your partners. Getting reading material, going to a class or even watching a few YouTube videos on basic tantric breathing can help your sex-life tremendously right now. To a large degree the beginning of this month is packed with a lot of action anywhere but the bedroom. On Valentine’s day a full Moon in Leo will bloom in your Tenth House of career and public life and it looks as if you are saddled with the responsibility that success brings. However, after February 18, your romantic life starts to heat up-brush up on some new techniques so you have something to bring to the party come the end of the month. Be on the lookout for new lovers or new adventures with current lovers on February 23 when it looks like some romantic and otherworldly experiences are taking place. But don’t be fooled by your own delusions. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

With a full Moon on Valentine's Day in your Ninth House of adventuring out into the great blue yonder tethered by a square to the pesky Principal of Ponder, Saturn, and a Mercury Retrograde (currently in your Third House of communication), what you are seeking may be just out of reach, or feel that way at the very least. The full Moon makes you want to go out and try new things, so please do, but know that you’ll have to pay the pretty price of a hangover if you venture too far out of your limits. While there is a wildly inventive, original and unexpected current running through your love life it can sometimes feel more like a series of flashes in the pan rather then a longer lasting flash of light rushing up your spine via something more akin to Kundalini glory. You may also feel that your love life is constantly interrupted by outside forces, and while you may not be bored, you may also be having a hard time finding satisfaction. Add to that the fact that Mars is gearing up to go retrograde in your Eleventh House of friends and associations and you have a perfectly frustrating mash-up of friends, lovers and having to draw boundaries between the two -- or do you? The first thing to do is to understand how you feel about whom and what your intentions may be. Mars is one of those double-edged swords, it both protects us and eggs us on often getting us into a whole heap of hot messes because it represents our desires. We all know that the best thing to get into and out of bed for is a good old-fashioned desire, straight up. The caution with this concoction is that you not run around wasting all this erotic energy on impulses that end up in chaos when you could be getting on with some more concrete sexual scenarios.

Due to the building ambivalence that some of you are experiencing in your career life (completely uncomfortable scenario for a goal oriented goat to find themselves in) thanks to the fact that Mars is slowing down in order to go retrograde in the beginning of March in your Tenth House of career (better known as, what am I going to be when I grow up?) you may be missing that devastatingly handsome stride of definitiveness. Add to that the fact that Venus, having just stationed direct in your sign has been exposing the exact nature of your intimacy issues. Feeling out of control is not exactly conducive to “sexy time” for you, however, these past few months have been aiming to teach you a tremendous amount about how you function in relationships. Basically since last June, you’ve been learning just how easy it is to make your lover/partner/significant other your Higher Power, not a good idea if you want a real connection both in bed and in life. As a Capricorn you are most likely interested in some power play in the bedroom and since there is a very definite “Teacher” energy in your seventh house of intimate relationships, the cosmos is suggesting that you go in that direction. Dust off your ruler and demand that your lover gets their homework in on time, or else.

Valentine’s Day brings with it a full Moon in luscious, loyal, lovable Leo in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships and playful pals. Though you are not entirely untethered by responsibilities at work, this Moon aims to get you and your love(s) into a cornucopia of copulation. If you haven’t yet tried it, this may be the perfect time for a little playful restraint. For those of you new to the practices of binding your babe your local female positive adult toy store should have a super supply of helpful “BDSM for Dummies” kind of books, even a little bit of light handcuff action can be enough to wake up your inner Madame. Work has been consuming your time and energy, so some fun and make-believe time may be able to provide you some much needed balance. Another key when experimenting with your lovers is to have very clear and concise communication and with Mercury going retrograde form February 6 through February 28 (mostly) in your sign, make sure that your lovers are picking up what you are putting down. Aquarians are well suited for multiple relationships and known for their unconventional rules in romance and while no one is asking you (or no one should at least) to change your ways, you do need to be vigilant about clarity when it comes to what you need, what you are willing to give and what you expect in return.

Few things are as tempting as escape for you, Pisces, and this month brings with it a prolonged trip away with the proverbial fairies. As the Sun and Mercury meander through your Twelfth House of Getting Lost, Mercury, six days in to the month, decides to go retrograde until February 28. For any other sign this may be a difficult experience, but for you it’s as comfortable as those old shoes you refuse to through out due to sentimental reason (really though, get rid of them already). In terms of your sex life this could produce some interesting grounds for getting into fantasy role-play or living out some real life fantasies. There is no doubt that being the sensitive, giving fish that you are you are turned on by the downtrodden, the forgotten and the outcasts of society. A prostitution fantasy may be begging to be lived out this month, especially around the full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day that is occurring in your Sixth House of Indentured Servatude. The other big news is that Venus, having been retrograde for the last six weeks, has finally gone direct in your Eleventh House of friends and groups. Have you been pining over an acquaintance or fantasizing about a friend? This may be the time when you’ll get a signal or two about how they feel about you. Since your ruling planet, Jupiter, has spent the last six months in your Fifth House of romance, lovers and pleasure, the cosmos hopes that at the very least your own pleasure has been paramount.
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