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SexScopes: March 2014

by Chani Nicholas March 04, 2014 06:51 PM EST
SexScopes: March 2014 Getty Images

For the most part, March is merely a set up and perhaps a minor break from the unpredictable ride that April is promising to be. There are two new Moons that hug the month -- the first one was in Pisces on March 1, which was born a couple hours after Mercury stationed direct and a couple hours before Mars and Saturn stationed retrograde. There is a full Moon in Virgo on March 16, and another new Moon in Aries on March 30. The Pisces new Moon would be a softer, sweeter occasion if it weren’t for the directional shifts of Mercury, Mars and Saturn. It’s anyone's guess what will happen when planets change direction -- not to mention three within two days of each other! The Aries new Moon is the kind of affair that has us waiting to exhale and possibly running for cover. There’s no safety in playing it safe but there’s no use in destabilizing our lives just because things get rocky. As for everyone's evolving sexuality, most of March leans towards healing sexual trauma, insecurities and the lies or stories we tell ourselves. The end of the month and the beginning of the next is encouraging us all to break new ground in some of the most radical ways possible, which is difficult unless we can clear up our relationship with our past.

Your ruling planet, Mars, goes retrograde at the beginning of the month in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships. Mars has already been here for a few months, so the energy itself is nothing new, but the intensity will be. The amount of relationship review that you will be undertaking is akin to hoping in a time-travel device and not knowing which dating era you'll end up in. And “dating” is used loosely here, Think sexual history as well as your patterns of how you have used and been used by your lust, obsession and desire. Mars stations retrograde mere hours after the new Moon in Pisces that occurs in your Twelfth House of self-undoing, secrets and loss. This is no light start to your March, Aries, but it’s great grist for the mill and a magnificent opportunity to manage your motives, name your neurosis and give voice to your sexual-longings unfulfilled. Next on the monthly Moon agenda is a full Moon in Virgo on March 16 in your Sixth House of health. In honor of looking after yourself, note that the vagina is self-cleaning, often making douching irrelevant. Take some time this month to get to know your hygienic happiness so you can feel at ease with your mate(s). March 20 has the Sun moving into your sign, heralding in spring and your new solar year. March 30 brings with it yet another new Moon, this time in your sign. It’s ripe and raring to go, ushering us into the rambunctious rants of April. From here on out, we're in your territory, Aries, and it's no terrain for trepidation!

Your ruling planet, Venus, finally leaves the confines of Capricorn (where it spent the last four months) and finally forays into freedom-loving Aquarius on March 5. Venus will be moving into your Ninth House, making you eager to expand your sexual repertoire and get outside your comfort zone. Taurus is a very tactile sign, but Aquarius moves us from feeling to thinking. Spend time getting to know what turns you on intellectually. This transition comes just days after a new Moon on March 1 in your Eleventh House of friendships and groups, which was a great time to ask your friends to set you up on a date. If you are already spoken for, take your sweetie out for a little PDA. March 16 lights up your Fifth House of love with a full Moon in Virgo. Virgo loves precision, perfection and ritual, so give the occasion some thought if you’d like to use it to celebrate with a lover. It can be wildly erotic to be in full service to our significant others, and Virgo loves nothing more than to be useful, so serve your partner(s) with the very best you have to offer. Issues at work could start to embroil you, with much of your energy going towards problem solving and not heavy petting. If you want to keep romance alive, you may have to diligently set time aside to do so. In fact, with Saturn going retrograde in your Seventh House of intimate partnerships on March 2, you're now being handed the task of reviewing your commitments to others while trying to keep up with all of the menial tasks of everyday living. In the upheaval of it all, don’t forget about yourself. Take time to please yourself, even if it means other parts of your life momentarily suffer. Stress can ruin a sex drive -- but it can also be the best motivator there is!

March 20 relieves us all -- but you especially, Gemini -- because it's the end of the last foray into Mercury Retrograde. Too bad Mars went retrograde on March 1, mere hours after the new Moon on the same day. And Saturn followed suit on March 2. You just can’t get ahead in regular fashion this year without also going backwards. Retrospectives are the new black. So where does this leave you and your sexual soirees? Well, Mars is retrograding through your Fifth House of lovers and what you may choose to do with them. Retrogrades have us moving in directions different than what we usually choose on our own free will. Retrogrades stretch us, asking us to be more agile and less resistant, more versatile and less hesitant, more willing and less resentful. So the question becomes: What lessons are you trying to escape from? You are what astrologers call a double-bodied sign, meaning that you move in many ways at once. You have a rare knack for escaping the very situations that you need to experience if you're going to grow. Perhaps this is why you're frustrating for others who are trying to hold you too close, and frustrating for yourself as well. You’ll most likely be forced to deal with how you experience pleasure, and if it ends up causing you more discord than it’s worth. You are definitely stepping up to the plate career-wise, as well as pushing yourself to learn new things and understand yourself in different domains. Saying that you need to be more sexually adventurous this month is an understatement. If you have been ignoring the fact that you're bored in your current bed, this month will not let you hide and could even produce an opportunity for you to wander. However, your word is your only bond. Why break it if you don’t have to? And … you don’t! You should be reviewing how your passions can get the best of you, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them. Take a back seat and let yourself be an observer of what drives you.

To focus merely on one part of our sexual anatomy is a crying shame. The whole entire body is an erogenous zone if we approach it that way. Take the female body for instance, especially that of a Cancer’s: breasts, nipples, belly button, the pubic mound, the soft flesh in between her thighs are areas that are highly sensitive and arousing if they are approached as such. Our imagination, creative visualizations, shared fantasies and erotic tales are enough to get off on. One doesn’t even need to be in the same room as their lover, nor does there need to be traditional physically attractive abilities. We're so limited in our traditional understanding of sexuality that we miss so much of what can be erotic. This month aims to open you up to new and creative ways of understanding your desirability and your desires. The month started out with a wet-and-wild new Moon in Pisces on March 1 that pointed towards healing the wounds that bind us in shame, regret and isolation. Writing about the times you were humiliated during sexual experiences can help to heal some of the old baggage you're carrying around, as well as acknowledging when you sold yourself short or used another for your own gratification (when that was not the shared agreement). Getting to know our inner liar, cheat and sexual predator is a liberating endeavor. Self love requires loving the entire self, especially, as James Hillman said, the parts of us that are socially unacceptable. Ghosts of our past keep our joy and pleasure hostage; don’t fall for the scary ransom notes. On March 6, Jupiter -- currently in your sign -- stations direct, helping you to move forward with some of the more new-and-improved philosophies you’ve been reconstructing. This should also help to boost your confidence, helping with your sexy factor. The full Moon on March 16 takes place in your Third House of communication, so do what you can to flush out the old stories rotting in the attic of your soul. Remember that the only real cleanse you need is on a mental level. Everything is first created here. The last day of the month brings a new Moon in Aries in your Tenth House of career, which asks you to get on top. Even bottoms need to be bossy sometimes!

Venus, the tease that she is, finally gives in and moves into your Seventh House of intimate partnerships after spending four months in the trenches of your Sixth House of all-work-and-no-play. Hopefully this will give your sex life a much-needed boost of erotic energy and all the benefits that come along with having the Goddess of Love move through happier terrain. Mars, the planet that moves us to be passionate, is about to go retrograde in your Third House of communication, which will give you a 10 weeks to review how you express anger, frustration, desire and, yes, passion. Most of you aren’t exactly timid about telling others who you are and what you want, but this time period has you re-evaluating how you go about expressing that. It could be the perfect time to let yourself be subtler. There's nothing wrong with your natural mode of expression -- but try a new meow these next few months! There may be a part of your sexuality that hasn’t been able to express itself, especially if you feel like you need to dominate, control or contrive the experience. The new Moon on March 1 pushed you to heal some old, harder version of yourself, and the full Moon on March 16 will highlight ways in which you may not value yourself yet. The new Moon on March 30 gives you the opportunity to live life from a new vantage point, a vista you have yet to lay your eyes on. It’s almost like you have to lose your normal voice in order to understand a new way of relating intimately. And if you let the process unfold, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless your natural state actually is. It's all about less performance out of sheer necessity to be noticed, and more of a natural revealing of who you are in all your fiery, glowing glory!

March starts out with a new Moon in your Seventh House of partnerships, so if there's something you need to start in this area of your life, carpe diem! You may not be the most forward of signs (unless you were born with a few things in Leo), but know this: your charm lies in your honest, self-depreciating, nervous humor. You could amuse the pants off of anyone, so why not at the very least try? If you're a Virgo already engaged in an affair or two, then take this moment to hit the refresh button in your intimate partnerships. What are you needing from those you share love with? What are they needing from you that you can’t see? March 16's full Moon in Virgo highlights your least favorite topic: You! Something about your identity, your body and your personality comes to light and, considering all the emphasis on relationships that the first three weeks of this month bring you, the full Moon lets you know that you may need some “me” time. In fact, there's so much emphasis on healing in your intimate relationships that you may as well go to couples counseling to get the most out of the current astrology. March 20 signals the end of Mercury retrograde, which will free you up somewhat. The problem is, both Mars and Saturn have gone retrograde, leaving you to work on your financial and communication issues. Communication is a sharp edge for you to work on this month. It’s not that you don’t know how to chatter away filling any moment of silence with endless banter and good fun; it’s more about meaning what you say and saying what you mean. This becomes especially apparent in your sex life this month. Work on ways to ask for what you really want, which may include actually taking the time to learn what this is.

Well, it's finally happened: the other shoe has gone kerplunk and Mars has stationed retrograde in your sign. This means many different things for natives of your sign, as all Libras constitute one-twelfth of the population. It would be insane to say that this would affect you all in the same way. That being said, there are general topics and life issues that you'll most likely be grappling with, and they all have to do with personal energy, passion, perseverance, erotic power, personal power, boundary setting and your ability to sit with a myriad of mayhem-inducing situations. As for your sex life, this transit should have you uncomfortable in very delightful ways if you're with a lover you can trust. It really is a time to test your boundaries and rouse your inner momma bear by seeing just how far you're willing to go. This month should have you more in touch with the fact that you're (in part) an animal of the flesh, and there's no shame in letting that light shine. In fact, Venus -- your ruling planet -- finally moves out of Capricorn (where it spent a lengthy four months) entering freaky freestyling Aquarius and your Fifth House of sexy time and frolicking fun on March 5. It’s one step backwards, one step forwards for you this month. But because you're a sign that is so preoccupied with balance, you may actually get off on the duality that March brings you. March 30 brings with it an electric new Moon in Aries and your Seventh House of intimate relationships, smashing all illusions in this area of your life. You may want to prepare by taking relationship issues head-on but not without your usual finesse. Don’t doubt yourself now; this is your chance to be mindfully bold.

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Being the most sexualized sign of the zodiac can be a lot of pressure. Thank goodness this month focuses on bringing you a greater sense of ease, joy and pleasure. But nothing is ever that simple is it? In order to get to the pleasure of something, we first need to understand what blocks we have to it. On March 1, the new Moon in Pisces was in your Fifth House of fun, but it wove an intricate web of gossamer threads that you became entangled in. Why not throw some caution to the wind and just go for it with your lover, love interest or playmate? However, you seem to be expressing your inner party girl, leaving you so saddled with responsibilities that you have no time to throw anything to the wind. Can you lighten your load (even momentarily)? If not, can you lighten your attitude about your load? On the same day, your ruling planet, Mars, stationed retrograde in one of the most difficult domains of your chart: the ambiguous at best Twelfth House. Thus begins a backdoor bargaining between your conscious awareness and your unconscious motives. This will affect both your sex drive and your sex life. There should be an evolving need for you to have a spiritual connection in between the sheets (the G-spot is short for the Goddess spot) as well as a desire to understand your own erotic nature on a deeper level. What really makes you tick and why? On March, 16 there's a full Moon in Virgo in your Eleventh House of friendships, so go out and have a good time with your pals. And if you are of the single variety looking for love, take the opportunity to experience the love that is actually present in the moment with whomever is around. Whatever the month brings -- pleasure, pain, reflection, healing -- remember that orgasms are a powerful painkiller and there is nothing you need but a little spare time to have one. Don’t forget to give yourself a moment of pure pleasure.

On March 6, your ruling planet, Jupiter, reorients itself the right way around once again (stations direct after months of appearing to move backwards) -- in Sagittarius! This is great news for you especially because this year has been so plagued (or profited) by retrogrades that it’s nice to have the captain of your team going forward once again. This should help a financial matter, especially if it’s a joint venture. Go smoothly or at least straighten out some of the ruffled edges that have been bothering you. On March 1, there was a new Moon in your Fourth House of home and family urging you to tend to issues in your inner sanctuary. On the same day, Mars went retrograde in your Eleventh House of friends, groups and associations. Much of your desire this month will be spent trying to work out issues with your homies. This could very well have you contending with a friend who turns into a love interest, or a friend turning you into one. Either way, issues around boundaries and those you chill with will be up for re-examination. The full Moon on March 16 will highlight an issue in your career; more than that, it will have you wanting to express your feelings publicly. And you’ll be looking pretty cute to many! For the single Sagittarians on the prowl, this is a great time to strut your stuff on the world stage, as you're likely to catch the eye of both a suitor in romance and in business. Things really heat up or melt down for you with the new Moon in Aries on March 30. This event occurs in the beloved Fifth House of all things hot-and-bothered, sexy sirens and palaces of pleasure. This new Moon is not for the faint of heart, mind you. It comes complete with a set of your very own nipple clamps, a pleasure whip and any other devices that will help to wake up you and your lover (even if that’s just you). Some friction is well worth a little chaffing.

Look Capricorn, there’s no use in wasting your time talking about anything that isn’t true to your heart -- or real in and out of the bedroom. If you can take your clothes off and get nice and nasty with someone, then you better be able to have some real talks with them too. March 1 started you out with a new Moon in Pisces in your Third House of communication, urging you to be clear about your intentions. This is always good practice, but it’s especially true now because Mars stationed retrograde mere hours after the new Moon took place. Mars will be rattling the cage of your Tenth House of career and public image, making it nearly impossible to control all the facets of your public persona you're used to having a firm grip on. In other words, you'll be outed if you’re being insincere. You’ll also be reevaluating just why you do what you do, and if it gives you any satisfaction at all. If that wasn’t enough, your ruling planet Saturn stationed retrograde on March 2 in your Eleventh House of friends and groups, making your role in those relationships important to understand. Leaky boundaries and unspoken agreements just won't do this month. It’s time to clarify yourself, and you'll feel so much better once you do. You always fair better with firm commitments and clear rules and regulations. Besides, it’s what any good kink is based on.

There's so much swapping of retrograde movements these days it’s like a 1970s key party. This month we officially leave the latest Mercury Retrograde shadow only to have your ruling planet, Saturn, do an about face and station retrograde on March 2 -- one day after Mars does the same thing. March 1 most importantly brought you a new Moon in your Second House of money, resources and self-esteem. This is a great time to do some healing around any money issues you may be facing lately because if they are affecting your career choices or your movements in the world at large, you’ll only suffer in the coming months. Saturn’s retrograde happens through your Tenth House of career and public image, making it high time for you to review all the ways in which you may be too scared or self protected, and refusing to step up your game and ask for want you want. Confidence is sexy. And with Venus in your sign for the better part of March, it’s time to spend a little of your resources on looking cute. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it does require a little time and effort, Venus wants us to show her that we care about what we attract. Venus in Aquarius is no stranger to the strangest kids in the chorus, and wants to find her own way of banging the drum. One way to be absolutely certain you're going against the stream is to pay attention to your lovers while you are with them and enjoy everything that you do to them and with them -- without hesitation or expectation. Moan when you mean it; make your pleasure equally as important as your partner's. Aquarius is after equality, after all.

Though there is much turbulence afoot, March is meant for you, Pisces. It’s not that the month is altogether easy, it’s just that you're in your domain: watery wisdom, healing, heightened psychic experiences and communicating without words. The month began with a new Moon in your sign on March 1, and although it was subtler than the next few new Moons to come, it was a powerful one for clearing the way. We have to look back periodically to our past wounding in order to understand the pain and release the suffering so we can move on with less baggage and more presence. Our sex lives are no different. Move into the heart of your intimacy issues this month. Vulnerability breeds true strength; the less we have to hide, the more aware we are of our issues and the less likely we are of letting others take advantage of us. On March 6, your ruling planet, Jupiter, stations direct in your Fifth House of pleasure, play and performance, helping you to lighten up and find meaning in having fun. Then on March 16, there will be a full Moon in Virgo in your Seventh House of partnerships, highlighting the state of those affairs. You should see a direct connection this month between your willingness to heal deeper issues around your self-image and your ability to experience a heightened level of pleasure. In honor of the emphasis in your sign, it would be worth your (and your lover's) while to focus on the fine art of lubrication. This month is wet, so if you can’t get there (or get your partner there) without aid, no shame. Most stores that sell sex toys also sell a variety of lubricants. Find one that is fitting for your gynecological needs (hint: if you are sensitive avoid fragrances, tastes and lubes that heat up or cool down the area). Do your homework, ask your physician which is best for you and then add a little extra gush to your playtime. For the overachieving students out there, your bonus homework is to research and experiment with female ejaculation. It’s a real thing and it’s well worth investigating.

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