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SexScopes: October 2013

by Chani Nicholas September 30, 2013 01:52 AM EST
SexScopes: October 2013 Getty Images

October promises to be anything but boring. With a fierce new Moon in Libra, Mercury going retrograde in Scorpio and a lunar eclipse in Aries, we have more than our work cut out for us in all our relationships. In fact, there isn't much slowing down --astrologically speaking -- from now until the spring.

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So, we may as well go for what we want and love as much as we can while doing it. Pay special attention to what you're creating during the week of the new Moon (October 4-11), when the lunar energy around Libra is asking for a dynamic balancing act between your needs and your partners. Do not fall asleep on the tightrope of life; steady steps are needed if you want to stay in the game.

This month is an especially good time to work on vocalizing your needs (especially October 3-8). Think of it as going to a kinky confessional and trying your best to tell all. Or play a game where each of you writes down a couple of fantasies, put them in a hat and take turns picking one and acting it out.

It's time for you to engage your body in a new way. If you want a nice spanking but it's not something you usually do with your lover, then it's time to have a talk about it. If that's not your thing, consider stripteasing or doing yoga in your bra and panties for them. There are great classes and video tutorials online if you need ideas.

Things get juicy for you around October 4, and the week following. This month wants you to let loose and express your sexuality in new and creative ways. Wear things that make you feel alive and attractive. Do not put on anything that doesn't -- even your sweats should be cute. It's the perfect time to bring some drama into the bedroom. Role-play, anyone?

A good vibrator is key to a happy life, preferably one that plugs in so you don't have to worry about buying batteries. Knowing our own bodies -- what we like, what we don't -- is a part of this, but it's also about knowing what turns us on mentally. Read some erotica as you are testing out your new hardware.

You're a little more confident than usual, which is why you should take the lead in your love life. If there's something you need, ask for it! We show people how to treat us, so show your lovers just how magnificent, sacred and special your sexuality is. Like your fellow Leo, Madonna, sings -- express yourself!

Your surroundings should make you feel sexy. Is your bedroom inviting? Does it make you feel attractive? Do you have mood lighting, candles, aromatherapy and some fun toys on hand? Spend some time this month creating a lovers den and you'll be surprised at what it attracts. Come mid-October, you'll be glad you made some preparations.

Experiment, experiment, experiment! You may fail, you may feel silly, but you may just end up feeling really good. Think of it this way: Mother Nature doesn't make just one type of flower -- she makes millions! Why should our sex lives be any different? You need to have a million different ways to say yes right now, while always reserving the right to say no.

The clearer you are about what you need, the better everything will work out. You're learning how to become vulnerable in your romantic life like never before. At the same time, you need to keep firm boundaries. What do you desire? What do you need in a lover? These are really important questions because if you don't know the answer, how will anyone else know how to satisfy you?

The Goddess of Love, Venus, is in your sign from October 7 to November 5. In ancient times, it was said that when Venus was high in the sky, people would make love in the fields. The Goddess is shameless, frisky, open, wild and free -- let yourself be, too! The full Moon on October 18 looks romantically promising for you. Get ready to have some fun!

It looks like you have the opportunity to experience many different types of relationships this month. Let yourself be less conventional in how you view partnership. Get out of the one-size-fits-all mindset. That's not to say that you have to open up your relationship, but you may want to fantasize about it.

Having a fantasy life is very healthy, as long as you are conscious of what those fantasies are. There is some deep desire running through you right now, and one of those desires is to be completely free. Make sure you don't get into a situation that you'll need to get out of sooner than later.

If you have been feeling like you have a rather large appetite for loving lately, you can rest assured that this is no accident. The universe is supplying you with an appetite that has a hard time being satiated. Mid month, there is a certain charge that enters your partnerships as well -- let's just say that you can waste this energy fighting with folks or you can use it for more joyful activities. Think of it as passion play!

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