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Sexy makeover ideas for every sign

by D. Light October 02, 2009 08:42 PM EST
Sexy makeover ideas for every sign Getty Images
The seasons are changing and so are you. Here's how to keep your image ever-fresh, using your Sun sign as your guide.

1. Adore your heavenly head.
Your sign rules the head, and you look hot when you emphasize that glorious noggin of yours with a hat, headband, scarf or hair piece. Experiment.
2. Fit your form.
Enough with the babydoll tops already. You have the cutest figure and it's a shame to keep hiding it under a tent of fabric. Buck the trend.
3. Turn up the enthusiasm.
You operate best when you're putting out the mega-wattage. So don't mute yourself because no one else is stepping up with any kind of zest. Be the exuberant woman you were born to be -- that's sexy.
4. Feel the burn.
A regular exercise routine is a must for Aries. It syncs up your body and brain. It's the thing that allows you to balance your powerful fire sign energy.
5. Develop your signature move.
It's a little quirk that's so you. Maybe it's a secret wink you give to special people, a crooked smile that says you're up to something, or a song you hum when you're happy. It's an personal stamp that endears others to you.

1. Purge your closet.
This leaves space for your new style to fill. Don't stubbornly hang on to pieces you'll honestly never wear again. Toss it if it doesn't fit, has been in disrepair for more than a season, or you haven't worn it in a year.
2. Go soft.
You're so tactile that you really can't feel 100% yourself in 100% polyester. Soft cottons, satins and silks make people want to reach out and touch you. Spring for luscious cashmere as a treat.
3. Start at the neck.
As the sign that rules the neck and throat, you look lovely with a beautiful strand of precious stones around your neck, a pretty scarf or even a necktie. Build your outfit around your neck accessory.
4. Reign in the diet.
The cold weather stimulates your appetite, so don't get too comfortable with those comfort foods. Set a few easy-to-follow rules for yourself -- for instance, to stop at one helping of mashed potatoes.
5. Ask Venus.
Ruled by the love goddess, all you need to do to step up your look is look in the mirror and ask, "What would Venus do?" The love goddess will direct your attention to the steps that will make you feel most beautiful.

1. Change your colors.
You're like the trees that change colors with the season. Pick a palette and begin adding new pieces to your wardrobe in complimentary tones.
2. The hands have it.
Keep up those gorgeous hands and nails, and do wear your rings. Your sign rules that hands and people notice the message your manicure sends.
3. Incorporate your evil twin.
Every Gemini has an alter ego. So, maybe she's too bad to bring out for most occasions, but you can subtly incorporate her qualities into your regular way of being. Start by wearing luscious lingerie under your business suit.
4. Flex that library card.
You're always sexier when you're reading something that interests you.
5. Plan on a bit of mischief.
Get a weekend getaway or girl's night on the books, or simply throw a surprise party for a friend. A madcap social event gets your creative juices flowing in every other area of life.

1. You're beautiful. Know why.
Look in the mirror and figure it out. Is it your sparkling eyes? Or legs that won't quit? Make a list and commit it to paper. This confidence builder will help you capitalize on your assets.
2. Get out your frump detector.
You're the sign of mothers, but that doesn't mean you should take care of everyone else to the detriment of your own image. Honestly ask yourself what you've allowed yourself to wear (or do) that screams "frumpy." A reliance on sweat pants? Unwillingness to use a blow dryer? Well, just stop it.
3. Pimp your shell.
Like a snazzy hermit crab in a brightly painted shell, you can pull off bold colors and festive designs. You'll be inspired by wide variety of colorful designers, from Pucci to Ed Hardy.
4. Bra shop.
It's an easy way to get a lift. 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Your sign rules the breasts and yours deserve top treatment. Make an appointment to be professionally measured and fitted -- it's free.
5. Veg out.
Green leafy vegetables are especially important to the Crab's health and vitality.

1. The mane thing.
Dear lioness, don't wait for an excuse to fuss over those magnificent locks. Your hair is your crowning glory, and when you take excellent care of it, you're a queen.
2. Clear your karma.
As the sign of the heart, yours can be easily weighed down by past mistakes. Forgive yourself, and if necessary, ask others for forgiveness. Your heart chakra will immediately brighten. Now that's sexy!
3. Be your own publicist.
Before you walk out your door, consider the message you want to send the world with the way you dress, act and talk. Then make a conscious effort to stay on point.
4. Get girly.
You have a strong energy that's beautifully offset by flounces, lace, false lashes and other ultra-feminine touches.
5. Handle your beauty bug-a-boo, once and for all.
It's a very fixable thing that's been bugging you forever. Maybe it's a rough patch of skin, a mole you want removed, whiter teeth -- or something that can be handled with electrolysis. Do it already!

1. Visit the health food store.
For Virgos, vitamin shopping is just as sexy as shopping for lingerie!
2. Chillax.
Your sign rules the nervous system, and you are particularly prone to getting more stressed out than is necessary for the situation. Find healthy ways to calm yourself: take a bath, meditate, or sip hot tea.
3. Luxuriate in language.
Use sweet, positive words that keep you in a delicious mood. When you sprinkle in adjectives like, "dreamy," "peachy," "lovely," and "scrumptious," you'll feel warm inside and evoke a pleasant response from others.
4. Do a clean sweep of the makeup drawer.
Toss out that three-year-old tube of mascara. When you apply your impressive gift for organizing to your vanity table, you'll remember what you have and be inspired to play with your tools agains.
5. Splurge on yourself.

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You can tighten the purse strings in other areas of life, but don't cheap out on yourself.

1. Get some ass-tastic jeans.
Yes, your sign rules the butt, so work that cute behind in a pair of pants that fits it just right.
2. Pucker and pout.
Updating your lip look with a new color or approach -- like plumping lip gloss -- will make everything that comes out of your mouth seem fresh and exciting.
3. Shock the neighbors.
With your sophistication, you can pull off more creative, unique and high fashion looks. Boldness is sexy!
4. Dust off the Emily Post book.
Charm and manners are your thing -- it's part of being born Libra. But sometimes when things come too easily, we slack off a bit. The bottom line is, you always feel better about yourself when you know you're within the boundaries of "good form." That includes returning phone calls in a timely manner, making introductions the correct way and writing thank-you cards.
5. Assemble your entourage.
You know who brings out the best in you. Having the right friends around makes you feel fearless.

1. Shrivel up.
Bathe until you are positively pruney. As a water sign, this is just what you need to raise your chi.
2. Play with masks.
Do you prefer mud, mint or oatmeal? Revive your pretty face with a pore-cleansing treatment. For added fun, answer the door that way and see who recognizes you!
3. Be scent-sational.
When was the last time you changed your signature scent? And if you've never had one, there's no time like the present to claim that perfume that's just so you. Go shopping and try them all.
4. Turn your underwear drawer into a fun-to-wear drawer.
Your sign rules the nether-regions, and you always feel more sassy when you're wearing pretty under-things. Toss the white cotton briefs -- you're more exciting than that.
5. Kiss someone.
Passion is your thing. When those lips start smacking, before you know it you've got your groove back.

1. Give the planes, trains and automobiles a rest.
Stay home and focus on yourself for a change. Turn off all media and treat yourself to some quality, undivided attention.
2. Try the "Happy Thigh" diet.
Okay, there is no "Happy Thigh" diet, but you should make up your own. Because as the sign that rules the thighs, the foods that make you feel good about your thighs will make you feel good!
3. Sink your teeth into something gooey.
Like whitening gel, for instance. A few shades up will make your smile irresistible.
4. Go dancing.
Consider taking lessons, too. You'll be especially energized by zumba, tango and any dance that originated in a foreign country.
5. Make a new friend.
That always brings your sexy back.

1. Get posture perfect.
Whenever you feel like you're in a slump, stop slumping. Throw your shoulders back, raise your chin and tell your tummy to tuck itself. Pretty posture is instant, surgery-free weight loss. Your confidence will soar.
2. Accessorize with aplomb.
You look fabulous in chunky necklaces, hipster arm cuffs and brightly colored shoes. For you, bold is beautiful.
3. Don't forget the bendy parts.
Your sign rules the joints. You'll feel better when you scrub the elbows, knuckles and knees 'til they gleam. You'll be surprised who notices.
4. Do some risky business...
Maybe it's building a stock portfolio, or starting a home-based business. Follow your instincts and you're likely to get involved in a venture that's as viable as it is challenging. It makes you feel energized, vibrant and vividly alive.
5. ...and some not-so-risky business.
When you offset your risks with savings in the bank, you feel secure and grounded. If you don't already have a savings plan, get one going. Self-sufficiency is sexy.

1. Throw a Pretty Party.
It's so you to turn a personal makeover into a social event. Get friends together for mani-pedis, masks and makeup. Ask them to weigh in on what you should do to freshen up your look.
2. Get detailed.
You're a busy babe and a big-picture person, so sometimes you miss the little things in a beauty routine. Get out a lighted magnification mirror and handle dirty pores, stray hairs, etc.
3. Flirt with conservative fashion.
You tend to think outside the fashion box, which is great. But you have to admit that you're not always 100% appropriate with your choices. A few classically conservative pieces could be just what's needed to pull your whole look together.
4. Adorn your ankles.
There was a time when this female body part was considered among the most erotic. Your sign rules the ankles and you attract the right kind of attention when you highlight yours with killer shoes, awesome socks or a cute ankle bracelet.
5. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn.
As the philanthropist of the zodiac, you can appreciate this fellow humanitarian's beauty tips. Hepburn said, "For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone."

1. Make an inspiration board.
Neptune-ruled Fish find this type of imagery-brainstorming hugely beneficial. Cut out pictures of the sexy things and people that inspire you and assemble them on a board. Out of the exercise will come a clear vision of where you and your image want to go next.
2. Shoe shop.
There's nothing wrong with building a whole outfit around your shoes. In fact, as the sign of feet, you'll come up with the most fetching looks using just that fashion methodology.
3. Be selective with your company.
You're sensitive, and the company you keep makes an impression on you. Think of your friendship as a hip club only A-listers are admitted into. Keep your standards high, accepting only honest and loving people whom you can truly admire.
4. Tune your aura.
Maintaining a lovely force field around yourself is even more important (and noticeable to others) than making up your face. Since your aura reflects your mood, doing what it takes to get in -- and stay in -- a loving mood will raise your attraction quotient exponentially.
5. Get right with God. Or goddess.
Or whomever (whatever) you believe in. Because when you're spiritually aligned, you feel like a new woman. And that's what a makeover is all about!
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