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Spring Fever Forecast

by D. Light March 24, 2014 05:56 PM EST
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Can you feel it? Spring is in the air and with the change of season comes a change of temperature -- internally, externally and emotionally. Maybe there's no known remedy for Spring Fever, but here's what you can expect while it's happening to you!

Spring Strength: You're all action. Thinking is optional.
Spring Weakness: See above.
Advice: Don't mix a passionate mood with access to electronic media. You can't retrieve an email once you hit "send". And even if you can take down a Facebook post, you can't take down the memory of it in the minds of those who have already read it.

Spring Strength: A nose for opportunity. You sense the good deals and act quickly to open the flow of money into your realm.
Spring Weakness: There's a lot you want to buy, and most of it you don't need. Advice: Shopping isn't always buying. Start using wishlists. It will give you the thrill of acquisition without the risk of buyer's remorse. When the season is over, note all the money you saved because you weren't impulsive!

Spring Strength: You'll be focused on the needs and wants of others. It's not because you're a selfless saint, rather you realize that it takes the pressure off of you and gives you new purpose.
Spring Weakness: The old fake-it-'til-you-make-it adage won't work for you at all this spring. But there's an opportunity in this: You'll be honest and real, and connect on that level instead.
Advice: Stay socially and intellectually engaged, and your confidence soars.

Spring Strength: Your likeability factor is high now because you wear your heart on your sleeve and most people can relate to your emotional journey.
Spring Weakness: There will be instances where your natural inclinations won't be enough to bring the situation in order. In those instances, practice and repetition help you come across the way you need to.
Advice: Don't offer to help people just because you think they need help. They only need help when they think they need help.

Spring Strength: Unlike others, you actually want to work, undaunted by the lollygagging temptations of weather and mood. The result is you'll be mighty productive at a time when there's little competition. You'll stand out.
Spring Weakness: You may experience anxiety related to performing, interviewing and the like, and yet you'll be inexplicably driven to the spotlight like a moth to the flame.
Advice: Feel the fear and do it anyway. The right clothes, hair and make-up will help you get into the role.

Spring Strength: Always looking for ways to improve yourself, you'll have high levels of self-discipline to apply to whatever project or goal you set.
Spring Weakness: Don't let the need to be close-to-perfect stop you from moving forward with potentially messy situations. Messy situations can be good for you.
Advice: Accept that giving what you can give is good enough sometimes.

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Spring Strength: As you use your natural gift of diplomacy, lovely manners and ever-considerate ways, you'll be the glue that brings people together.
Spring Weakness: Glue doesn't always get deserved credit, especially if it happens to dry clear.
Advice: Be careful not to be so focused on helping and highlighting others that you forget to make a strong statement.

Spring Strength: Your charisma is high and you'll command a full and serious quality of attention.
Spring Weakness: Because you are not reliant on the feedback of others, you sometimes forget to ask for it, or even to be aware of it.
Advice: Hone your people skills -- especially when it comes to reading people. This will help you find your tribe: the people who really "get you" and help you accomplish what you want.

Spring Strength: In the same way that flowers can't recognize their own beauty, you have a talent that's so close to you, you can't even see it.
Spring Weakness: Your challenge is controlling and focusing your wild energy in the way that will best serve you. A worthy purpose gives you a focal point.
Advice: For a purpose to be worthy of you, it must be: 1. Something you've never done before. 2. Something that stretches you in ways you're slightly uncomfortable with. 3. Something you cannot do on your own.

Spring Strength: An influx of support comes from family and/or past hard work. Some of this support will take the form of cold, hard cash.
Spring Weakness: You may feel guilty about having more than someone else, but there's nothing wrong with this. Money is not the root of all evil. Evil is.
Advice: Be a strong custodian of your good fortune. Use your resources well and it will help everyone.

Spring Strength: A true egalitarian, you know status is both illusory and situational. This spring, you realize more and more that success in any given circumstance is a matter of being well matched to what the situation calls for.
Spring Weakness: If you're not well matched, it doesn't mean that you're less of a person. In fact, it's not personal at all. Just move to where your talents are better suited to what's going on.
Advice: Think of success as a formula to be figured out, not a reflection of personal worthiness.

Spring Strength: You'll naturally gravitate to those with different but complimentary talents. Are they also good people? Trust those instincts.
Spring Weakness: Even more sensitive, artistic and complicated this spring, it will be extremely important for Pisces people to be in the presence of good influences.
Advice: Know who has your back and who will go out of the way to promote and help you. Root out anyone who is too jealous or broken to be truly supportive. Either end or limit the relationship.
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