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Staying Balanced This Season -- by Moon Sign

by The Astrologer's Daughter November 12, 2010 09:39 PM EST
Staying Balanced This Season -- by Moon Sign
While the adrenaline of the holiday season threatens our sense of balance, the Moon is the most important luminary to look to when it comes to taking care of ourselves emotionally. Before we lose the spirit of the season to sensory overload, discover secrets of your Moon's sign. By keeping your Moon hydrated throughout the holidays, anything from turkey carving to navigating Travelocity, you’ll feel like you're flowing with your natural current -- rather than against it.

If your Moon is in Aries, you actually thrive on the urgency and action that often drives the holidays. You need a sense of freedom and some space to actually enjoy the all the triggers you're pulling to make plans come together. A consistent and rigorous physical regiment is of the utmost importance to keep your emotions balanced. With your natural sense of adventure, rugged hikes and competitive sports are especially invigorating.

If your Moon is in Taurus, you find harmony in the holidays by prioritizing your financial well being. Feeling out practical deals and plans that stay within your budget go a long way in keeping this security-minded Moon from instinctive financial anxiety. Instinctively creative, making gifts or being imaginative with thoughtful yet frugal selections will make you feel safe emotionally through the New Year.

If your Moon is in Gemini, you are revived by all the various communications and mental hurdles you have to jump to keep the holiday running smoothly. However, even Gemini Moons have a limit! Stay conscious of how much time you spend of the phone, emailing or writing cards. For as much as you keep the lines of communication open with everything and everyone around you, make sure you create space for self-reflection. Keeping a journal or expressing your thoughts creatively, will make sure you are nurturing yourself as well as others.

If your Moon is in Cancer, spending time with family and close-knit friends around the dinner table is just the sort of wish the holiday can bring. Ultra-sensitive and prone to inconsistent moods, those with this Moon must learn to listen to their own emotional guidance before they burnout trying to mother everyone else. Being next to nature -- especially water -- will put them at ease, offering a gentle reminder of their own state of flux. Giving yourself permission to nurture you -- such as cooking a good meal for one -- will make sure you have plenty of leftovers to share with loved ones.

If your Moon is in Leo
, the holidays are a ripe time for feeling appreciated and loved by those you care about. While you may be used to standing on your own two feet, realizing that your strength is in no way compromised by needing another will make the holiday brighter. You feel best adoring and being adored. Through committing to making someone else's holiday brighter as well as being open to receiving the sort of generosity you so handsomely give out, you'll feel more balanced and better able to enjoy what the season is all about.

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If your Moon is in Virgo, the same sort of organizing skills and attention to detail that can make you come alive can also tire you out. You may find yourself being a self-critical perfectionist when you really just want to celebrate. Quieting your mind and connecting emotionally to that part of you that enjoys doing a job well rather than feeling like it’s required is your holiday sweet spot. Keeping vigilant of your own projects, while realizing others may be in their own flow, will ensure that you keep a healthy sense of productivity without relying on others for your results.

If your Moon is in Libra, sharing the holidays with a special someone is of utmost importance. When there are too many people in the pot to please, you may find your emotions are spread thin and feel bad you can’t keep up with admirers. Inner and outer balance is everything to those with their Moon in the sign of the scales. By balancing solitude with spending time with others and working on private artistic projects, you are better able to experience the joy rather than the stress that comes from always having options.

If your Moon is in Scorpio, the same loyalty and passion that make you unforgettable can also invoke defense mechanisms and complexes if you don't create outlets for emotional release. From time with a beloved hobby to lovemaking, your emotions are replenished as they learn to lose themselves in the fires of passion. With so much going on around you this busy holiday, make sure your powerful emotions contribute to others by setting aside time to lose them to something worth their intensity.

If your Moon is in Sagittarius, it's about enjoying the grand experience of the holidays without getting sapped by all the details. Pay attention to your emotional need for freedom even in the midst of pressures for endless hob-knobbing with friends and relatives. It's not that you don't want to be around loved ones; it's just that you have a greater emotional need than most to experience everything. Listening to your intuition and taking action, even if it's just a step outside or a short drive, will keep you from feeling stifled and flowing in your own adventurous groove.

If your Moon is in Capricorn, feeling like you deserve the time off may prove your biggest roadblock to holiday harmony. Feeling like projects are humming along through your own Herculean commitment is what really makes you feel at ease. Be specific about time allotted to work so you're mentally available to have some guilt-free time for pleasure as well.

If your Moon is in Aquarius, freedom to be yourself is the most emotional rewarding. Thinking ahead and applying your intuition to get ahead of plans will free you up your company of eccentrics rather than getting bogged down with stifling details. The spirit of the group is what keeps your engine running, though you could run out of gas if you try and juggle to many people and too many places. Be clear about whom you want to spend time with and choose activities that excite your inner rebel. A boring holiday will put a Aquarius Moon to sleep!

If your Moon is in Pisces, you love the nostalgia of the holidays and have no problem bobbing between fond memories of years past. The key with this dreamy Moon placement is stay connected emotionally, whether that means a hour spent in mindless meditation or in conscious contemplation. While you may be happy to let time pass, just make sure to exercise your responsibility to others. At the end of the day, your Moon is in a Water sign and thus profoundly affected by the emotional feedback you receive from others.
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