Tarot Lessons: Holding Court in Honor of Mother's Day

by Jo-Anne Penn-Kast May 07, 2010 05:25 PM EST
Tarot Lessons: Holding Court in Honor of Mother's Day
Mother's Day seems like a good reason to go off on another tangent and revisit our Tarot Lessons, picking up with the Court Cards, and specifically, an overview of the Queens.
To review: At their most fundamental level, the Court Cards of the Tarot are your "peeps"; they embody the whole cast of external and internal characters moving in and out of the environments of the Minors within the context of some Major theme. They're also multi-faceted self-portraits; snapshots of perspective and levels of relative experience that personify your own "voice" and personality.
They are therefore the simultaneous reflections and assumptions of identity, expression, motive, and skill relative to how you perceive them in others as well as how others reflect back or project them on you. The Court Cards are sixteen in number and their influences are divided and united through to their four embedded orders.
They are typically referred to as: Page, Knight, King, and Queen. Each personality is reflected four ways according to its Suit, or Order (Pentacles, Swords, Wands, and Cups), but their ongoing interactions are actually indivisibly and exponentially relative to each other ad-infinitum.
While the Court Cards are fluid and adaptable on the fly, they also stand in for the less flexible assignment of "types" and labels. For example, at any given time you may call upon, or demonstrate the Page of Swords stance of active resolve, but this could be relevant to a specific aspect of yourself that might be currently identified with (usually by others), the status of a Queen of Wands, say, in your role as a mother, or in your career.
Her Highness, Queen Bee
To further demonstrate: I might be considered by my kids to be a Queen of Wands within the context of the Empress, but it's my inner Page of Swords that wants power tools for Mother's Day, my Knight of Wands that will try to motivate everyone to clean the garage, and my King of Pentacles that can't wait to kick back and have a beer after a job well done.  And it will be my Queen ("Thank you -- I love it! What is it?") of Cups whom I call on to graciously accept the cards and flowers I'll probably end up getting. To my own mother (whom I sometimes see as the Queen of Swords influenced by the Page of Pentacles), I'm probably a Knight of Swords (felt like a Page of Cups), but only because in our relationship I was always trying to prove myself and gain her approval. 
So you see, there is no one objective Court Card that can "stick" with us for good and all. And here's where it gets tricky because anytime there is an assignment of label or type, no matter how fleeting, it's coming from the voice/perspective of the Queen herself! 
Order in the Court
Contrary to popular opinion, it's the Queen who is at the top of the hierarchical heap, though such linear rankings are not her thing and actually belong to the realm of the King.
Let's explore: Like the King, The Queen has also "been there and done that" but her role is one of relative accountability and active intent by degrees of separation.
She (or he, or it, for that matter) is the one for whom resolve and hearts are set and Knightly quests for glory are undertaken. And it is she who ultimately calls forth the other Court Cards to bestow respective status, grant access, or to charge various "tasks" for testing qualifications and developing character.
The Queen then is also the reputation maker and sustainer, or breaker --  it's her embedded job to identify or judge when each of the other cards has completed its quest, or is ready to transition to another state or level of experience (relative to her Page prompted value of the Pentacles that they present as evidence).
The Queen is therefore naturally the one who reflects on what she has generated, permitted, or produced in order to determine by comparative degree if it was "worth it". To this end, the Queen is not merely a bridge between the other cards, but a "home base" system of relevant, reciprocal links, unfolding patterns, and organizing associations which reinforce, contrast with, or mirror her own "Page-ish" self-perceptions. 
These can, upon further examination, highlight specific linear sequences or any direct hierarchy contained and revealed in her cyclical, radial orders to enable her to frequently assume a position above and beyond reproach, or greater than the King.  
After all, it is within her power to give him his power.  It's also by the Kings failure to be aware of and respect her power that systemic mutations, exploitations, and corruptions develop in the Page and Knight that can disable, topple, or transform the Kings, or lead to the crowning of a new one, for that matter.
No wonder a Queen's work is never done! 
Happy Mother's Day!

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