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Tea- a Drink With Jam and Bread: Capricorn and Stress

by Jo Tracey January 16, 2012 06:19 PM EST
Tea- a Drink With Jam and Bread: Capricorn and Stress Photo Credit: NMaximova for istock

 Are We Having Fun Yet?

Saturn is, by nature, melancholic and prone to periods of grey where it would seem that the Sun will never shine again. And, when you think about it, that is sort of the way that the Universe set things up for Capricorn- well, so it would seem.

It’s all the fault of your ruler- Saturn. Sure he has given you an amazing ability to set goals and achieve things. You have this enviable ability to consolidate one phase, one achievement before moving on to the next.

Saturn has given you dependability, responsibility, self control, discipline and a very healthy respect for boundaries and the experiences of life.

He has, however, also given you a rather fearful myth- that of the rather unpleasant and supremely ruthless father who swallowed his offspring rather than risk them one day over-throwing him. Probably not Saturn’s smartest move, but it did protect his position…for a while…

Despite Capricorns’ reputation for only taking calculated risks, sometimes the fear gets the better of you. But fear of what? Whether it is fear of being usurped, fear of being overtaken ,fear of being ridiculed, fear of not achieving, it all boils down to one thing- fear of not being good enough.

It is this fear that can over-rule your usually sound judgement and cause you to smother or swallow your creations or creative urges before they come to fruition.

You work hard- partly because you want to get ahead, but also partly because of this fear. If you work harder, longer, more diligently you might be noticed, you might be enough. But you’re over-looked in favour of that look at me Leo who showboated at the last management conference. So, you work harder, longer- while he spends the day preening.  And as for that Gemini who spends the day on personal phone calls or social networks or that Libra Miss who wasted a good 20 minutes the other day showing the rest of the female population in the office the shoes she got on sale and then batted her eyes at the boss when he noticed…

Soon you no longer have a life- you have a job…that is your life. You have lost touch with your Cancer opposite and your need for emotional satisfaction and your life is grey- somewhere between a neutral 18% and something approximating charcoal.

Opening yourself up to a little fun can open up more opportunities. Sometimes it is only when you add some colour, some spontaneity will you be able to face new challenges and achieve your goals.

Sure, take a moment to look objectively and honestly at your support network. Make sure that you are covered off and then let go. It actually doesn’t cost that much to have fun and no one will think worse of you- but they may notice you…for the right reasons. What if you find, once you step back, that what you are investing so much energy in is not really worth the effort?

Think about the sign on the cusp of your second house. Think about Aquarius. Unconventional, individual, forward thinking. Traditionally Aquarius shares your ruler, Saturn, so also understands the importance of structure. Aquarius, however, being an air sign, has the ability to detach and sometimes, Capricorn, that is what you need- to detach and stop doing in order to start seeing.

When I think about Capricorn and stress I think of the Von Trapps at the start of The Sound of Music. Upright and military, the children are disciplined, controlled, studious and well behaved. Enter Maria and some play-clothes made from the nursery curtains. Enter spontaneity, unconventionality and fun. Enter Aquarius- Maria and her con conforming need for space and individuality was absolutely not an asset to the abbey (yep, I know all the lyrics).

Now, I’m not suggesting you throw away the suit, tie and sensible shoes and make yourself some clubbing gear out of curtains before running around the streets of Vienna or Innsbruck or wherever. It is the concept I’m trying to sell here.

Think about the things you like to do, any outside interest you might have and consider joining a group that shares those interests. Maybe there is a cause you particularly believe in- the social interaction and exchange of ideas within a structured environment will help you relax.

Instead of spending the weekend catching up on emails, spend some unplanned time with the family. Maybe a yoga class would help- Saturn ruled Capricorn has notoriously problematic joints so the stretching would do as much good as the meditation.

When you put your mind to it, it really is as easy as doe-ray-me.


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