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The Moon and Your Mood: Planning August by the Moon

by Kelly Surtees July 30, 2014 06:28 PM EST
The Moon and Your Mood: Planning August by the Moon Getty Images
Tuning into the Moon can help you align your actions with the rhythm of the cosmos. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing signs and phases provide clues to the cosmic mood. Here’s your Moon-planning guide for August!

August 1-2, Libra Moon
Socialize! The Libra Moon adds a diplomatic, friendly feeling to the charming Sun in Leo, making this a perfect time to host a celebration or splurge on a stellar soiree. Organize something that works for all to honor the inclusiveness of the harmony-loving Libra Moon.

August 3-4, Scorpio First Quarter Moon
The first-quarter Scorpio Moon is a dynamic time. You may remember your true desires, or tap into a deep well of determination. The Moon in Scorpio combines with Mars (action, confidence, decisiveness) and Saturn (wisdom, reality, order) helping you do something about getting back on track.

August 5-6, Sagittarius Moon
The double-Fire energy of the adventurous Sagittarius Moon and the Sun in Leo can help you create bold progress. This confidence inducing combination encourages you to take a risk and follow your passion.

August 7-8, Capricorn Moon
Concern with what others may think can influence your choices. The Capricorn Moon is somewhat conservative and conformist, so it may pay to opt for the safe-and-secure path now. Either way, your ambitions need attention. Clarify your long-term goals.

August 9-10, Full Moon in Aquarius
The Aquarius full Moon highlights the power of individuality, and the value in doing your own thing. It’s your once-a-year chance to honor your authentic desires -- no matter how weird, wonderful or wacky that may be! Break with tradition if need be.

August 11-12, Pisces Moon
The Pisces Moon evokes a creative, compassionate and intuitive feeling that can help you tap into inner wisdom. Trust your instincts, even if they don’t seem to make rational sense. Go with the flow or take time out -- this low-key energy invites you to relax and unwind.

August 13-14, Aries Moon

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The Aries Moon combines with Uranus creating a quirky, unpredictable quality. A flexible attitude can help you take advantage of spur of the moment opportunities. An impulsive choice may turn out to be the right one. Be spontaneous!

August 15-17, Taurus Third Quarter Moon
Slow-and-steady is the best approach when the Moon is in Taurus. Your body may be highlighted. If so, indulge in a massage, splurge on great food or take time to stretch. The third-quarter energy highlights the need to complete something significant.

August 18-19, Gemini Moon
The light, fun and flighty Gemini Moon can add levity and a breath of fresh air. This combination -- with the Leo Sun -- is ideal for socializing, or simply making time to talk to loved ones. Communication of all kinds is favorably highlighted, so talk, discuss and plan away.

August 20-22, Cancer Moon
The comfort-loving Cancer Moon, this month in the balsamic phase, invites you to step back from the world-at-large and take refuge in safe, familiar places. Spend time with people you love and trust, and make your home or work environment more soothing.

August 23-24, Leo Moon
The Leo Moon is a time for expression, creativity and showing leadership. With the Moon in retreat before the next new Moon, you may do this in small or behind-the-scenes ways now. Add some color to your wardrobe and get out into the sunshine if you can.

August 25-27, Virgo New Moon
Order, organization and the value of routine are highlighted by the Virgo new Moon. The next four weeks are ideal for shuffling your schedule to make it more efficient, and de-cluttering both your commitments and your space.

August 28-29, Libra Moon
The Libra Moon aligns with the North Node destiny point, suggesting this two- day period can help you reach for the future. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things. Progress beckons you beyond familiar territory. Embracing opportunity will mean moving in a new direction -- go for it!

August 30-31, Scorpio Moon
The Scorpio Moon/Virgo Sun combination creates a strategic energy that can help you carefully assess a current commitment or conundrum. Think deeply and in-detail about specifics, and be honest about what’s really going on. The Moon will trigger Mars and Saturn, bringing a dose of reality and inspiration to help you to act on your passion for a personal project.
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