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Harvest-Super-Full Moon Month! Planning September by the Moon

by Kelly Surtees August 26, 2014 06:46 PM EST
Harvest-Super-Full Moon Month! Planning September by the Moon Getty Images
Tuning into the Moon can help you align your actions with the rhythm of the cosmos. The Moon is the fastest-moving planet. Its changing sign and phase provide clues to the overall cosmic mood. Here’s your Moon planning guide for September -- with an especially glorious lunar experience on September 9: a Super-Harvest Moon!

September 1-3, Sagittarius First-Quarter Moon
The active first-quarter Moon phase kicks off the new month, potentially infusing you with energy and drive. Mercury is also in a new sign -- Libra -- helping you consider choices from all perspectives. Sagittarius loves adventure, so let yourself explore beyond familiar routines and responsibilities.

September 4-5, Capricorn Moon
The double-Earth energy of the Moon in Capricorn and the Sun in Virgo can be a hardworking and productive time. Long-term goals are in focus and you get a better sense of what you can do on a daily basis to support future success. Hard work will pay off now.

September 6-7, Aquarius Moon
Cool heads can prevail with the Moon in Aquarius. Focus on the facts, and take an arm’s-length view of current events. A little distance can help you detach and see things clearly.

September 8-9, Pisces Full Moon
This Pisces full Moon -- also known as a Harvest Moon and a Super Moon -- is arguably the most inspired and intuitive night of the year. A Venus-Neptune opposition adds to the creative and dreamy feel. Life may seem vague or you may experience some confusion. It’s a time for going with the flow and taking it easy. Delay major decisions if you can, and soak up inspiration instead.

September 10-11, Aries Moon
Go your own way. The independent Aries Moon is amped up by the power of quirky Uranus, encouraging you to celebrate your individuality. Do things differently from what others are doing. Your desires matter most.

September 12-13, Taurus Moon
The earthy Taurus Moon seeks stability, so consider how you could anchor your heart, your life or your routine through commitment, structure or sticking to your guns. Practicalities are top priority now.

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September 14-15, Gemini Third-Quarter Moon
The curious Gemini Moon will get you thinking. The double-Mercury influence, with the Sun and Moon both in Mercury-ruled signs, highlights discussion and the value of debate. You may gain a fresh perspective, insight or new understanding about a current situation.

September 16-18, Cancer Moon
With the Moon in Cancer, and Venus aligned with Saturn, taking care of those you love will be important. Showing up sometimes means a personal sacrifice, but nothing says you care more than by being there. Nurture who -- or what -- you love.

September 19-20, Leo Moon
The Moon in Leo combines with lucky Jupiter, highlighting joy and happiness. Life always has ups and downs, but under this optimistic alignment you may find something to truly smile about. A generous attitude will go a long way to making life easier. Give because you can.

September 21-23, Virgo Moon
The quiet energy of the balsamic Moon in Virgo provides an opportunity to step back, reflect and reorganize. Take time out to catch up on or sort out any unfinished business. This will help you recharge, and prepare for the month ahead.

September 24-25, Libra New Moon
The Libra new Moon occurs shortly after the equinox, indicating the next three months are about fresh starts and new beginnings. Take time to consider how you’d like to add new balance to your life. This is a great time to adjust your focus to increase the flow and harmony in your world.

September 26-28, Scorpio Moon
The Scorpio Moon combines with Saturn highlighting duty, and the need to protect what’s most private. This introspective energy may see you work hard on a secret or private project. It’s okay to keep things to yourself now.

September 29-30, Sagittarius Moon
The outgoing Sagittarius Moon is enhanced by Mars, also in Sagittarius. This is a lively, get-up-and-go combination that dares you to make life more exciting. Chase a dream, explore an international opportunity or plan your next adventure.
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