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The Stars This Week: February 24 - March 2, 2014

by Vivian Owen February 13, 2014 06:15 PM EST
The Stars This Week: February 24 - March 2, 2014

Expect big changes this week! When more than one planet changes direction within a short period of time -- as is the case this week -- anything that's been building up finally reaches fruition. Honor your need for change as Jupiter squares Uranus on February 24; luckily, you'll have plenty of ideas once Mercury turns direct on February 28. Also on February 28, a new Moon in Pisces may cause you to be more sensitive than usual, but don't act impulsively! Finally, action planet Mars turns retrograde on March 1, immediately followed by Saturn's own retrograde on March 2. At this time, you'll want to review the course you've been traveling as you begin thinking about what needs to change -- and why.

February 24: Jupiter squares Uranus
Are you ready to do something different? Change is inevitable as Jupiter in protective Cancer is challenged by Uranus in bold Aries. New circumstances, environments, and people can open up your life, but you must be willing to leave worn-out ideas behind. If you're feeling restless, this is a sign that something needs to change -- and it's up to you to figure out what that change will be. Be open to alterations in plans to make the most of this crucial aspect.

February 28: Mercury turns direct
Mercury turned retrograde in Pisces on February 6 before re-entering Aquarius on February 12. Now it's time to incorporate everything you've learned this month! Hopefully you've used Mercury's retrograde period well and have informed yourself of all your options. Ordinarily, this would be an ideal time to get your revamped ideas out into the world, but since Mars turns retrograde on March 1, it will be difficult to get your plans in motion now. Still, you'll want to let people know about your ideas -- just keep in mind that it may take longer than originally planned for the seeds you've planted to bloom.

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February 28: New Moon in Pisces
You may not know if you're coming or going as a new lunar phase begins in the midst of several planets changing direction. Should you invest in your goals? Yes! Should you expect results right away? No! Your best course of action is to simplify your schedule for the next couple of weeks and carve out alone-time to catch up with yourself. Listen to music, walk in nature, or write in your journal. If you rest, you'll gain inner strength and a fresh perspective -- which in turn will help you deal with all your commitments.

March 1: Mars turns retrograde
Have you noticed delays occurring recently? Are people around you second-guessing what they want? As action planet Mars slows down and turns retrograde until May 20, very little gets a green light. Whether it's a cause that's close to your heart, a relationship, or a project you'd like to advance, it's time to put on the brakes, slow down, and make a U-turn of your own. Mars turns retrograde once every two years, and when it does, just like with any retrograde period, it signals a time to review what you've already set in motion. You now get a chance to straighten out and strategize any issues, projects, and plans that have been on the front burner since last December, when Mars entered Libra. Give extra attention to your relationships as Mars backtracks into a major aspect pattern -- a Grand Cross -- which will be exact in April. Most importantly, pace yourself and don't try to jam anything forward should you encounter closed doors and closed minds. For inspiration, keep in mind this inspiring quote from Gandhi: "When we see that we have gone wrong, it is our duty to retrace our footsteps and proceed again by the right path."

March 2: Saturn turns retrograde
Have you taken charge of your life in positive ways since Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012? With this powerful planet's change in direction, give your undivided attention to any projects and ideas you haven't had time to fully explore. If you do, this will help you build a firm foundation to attain future goals! With Mars and Saturn both retrograde, now is the time to cultivate patience, for very little is moving forward -- and many people are not on their best behavior. Keep your inner control-freak in check; also, watch and listen carefully to what people do and say. Saturn will remain retrograde through July 20.

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