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The Stars This Week: July 21-27, 2014

by Vivian Owen May 23, 2014 02:02 PM EST
The Stars This Week: July 21-27, 2014

This week brings a host of lucky breaks, although they do arrive in the midst of plenty of exciting changes! Uranus begins the week by turning retrograde on July 21, when your schedule can change on a moment's notice! Don't fret, however, since you get plenty of attention as the Sun enters showy Leo on July 22 before conjuncting Jupiter on July 24. When Mars enters Scorpio on July 25, your passion ignites! And toward the end of the week, on July 26, a new Moon in Leo brings a fun and fresh start -- so take advantage!

July 21: Uranus turns retrograde
Whenever this eccentric planet changes direction, the one thing you can count on is that few things in your life will feel rock-solid. Not to worry, though! Is your life so ideal that you couldn't use a few changes to help you move out of sleepy routines and snoozy ruts? Uranus turns retrograde only once each year, which gives you an opportunity to review where your life is headed, figure out elements of your life that perhaps no longer fit the person you are today, and consider a future that will bring you the most happiness. For the time being, try to remain extra-flexible since your schedule is likely to change more than once. Times like these are made for those who know how to adapt to changing circumstances. Uranus will remain retrograde until December 21.

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July 22: The Sun enters Leo

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July 24: The Sun conjuncts Jupiter
Jupiter casts its fortunes on the Sun's entrance into Leo, bringing a bonanza of positive energy your way! Step into the spotlight and show the world who you are and what you can do! If you've been wanting to launch a project, get someone to notice you, or sign up for an acting class, now is the time. Use the next month to showcase your overall fabulousness!

July 25: Mars enters Scorpio
Due to Mars' recent retrograde period, the warrior planet spent an unusually long time in Libra -- from last December until now! During that time, you may have ended relationships or reconnected with people from your past. No matter the journey your relationship life may have taken, you're likely ready for something new and different! As Mars sets a new course in intense Scorpio, you're now ready to hunker down and invest significant time and energy in your goals. Allow your passion to direct you, and don't let anything stop you. If you can harness the determination and power of this forceful sign, you'll accomplish more over the next couple months than you have in quite some time! Mars will remain in Scorpio until September 13.

July 26: New Moon in Leo
Get ready for your close-up as good-natured Jupiter joins the Sun and Moon! Anything you begin now is bound to receive plenty of positive attention. This is a wonderful time to showcase your talents or finally get a project you've been working on behind the scenes in front of the right people. No matter what you decide to do, let people know who you are and where your strengths lie -- after all, it's not every day this much helpful energy comes your way! As with any new Moon, invest in what you'd like to see grow or become more important in your life. This new Moon's power is in effect until the next full Moon arrives on August 10.

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