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by Jo-Anne Penn-Kast January 31, 2011 10:11 AM EST
Think Spring Jo-Anne Penn-Kast


So fellow travelers, it’s been a while since we’ve met. Before I sink back into the insanity of resuming our twisted tarot lessons, let me tell you what I’ve been up to. (I’m going to include a few relevant, related tarot cards to support the story and hopefully this will provide a bit of extra insight into how the cards can inspire or be applied in your own lives.

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Perhaps you might remember back in the late Spring I shared with you all some of Fool –ish experiences regarding my rather spontaneous trip to Buffalo Central Terminal for a paranormal investigation with Steve and Tango from Ghost Hunters, etc. One which came about as a result of my becoming a member of, then a new – ish, super awesome paranormal social network?


Well, turns out the iH peeps are way beyond awesome, but those who owned and were behind it, were corrupt, self-destructive, and just plain whacked. Fortunately, my Spring Fool hung around through the summer, and true to form (after a cursory 7 Cups hem and haw) I impulsively acted on blind faith and trust and bought the site to save it from eminent destruction (Death, 10 Swords).


I also bought the domain, which was being used by those same people to collect emails under false pretenses and trick visitors into thinking Zak was connected or approving, or whatever. (Hanged Man, reversed)


So long story short, some of the iH boo croo staged a bit of a “coo” (3 Swords, 2 Wands, 7 Swords) to rescue the sites from the scam-y peeps server before anything could be sabotaged. What a Tower of surprise it was for them! Then we had to rebuild iH from the ground up (3 Pentacles, reversed) because they sold me a pirate copy of the program that ran the site and I had to buy everything again to make it function (and make it legit). But the newer version of the program was a mess of bugs and resulted in marathons of epic failures and Herculean efforts, delaying our re-launch until Halloween (Good thing that Spring Fool followed me into fall too). It was only weeks ago that it started to hold its own (Death, reversed, Sun, Star), enabling me to finally come up for air for a minute and tell you all about it.  


What was the greatest triumph (Sun) of the whole thing? I think the fact that we were such united underdogs (Chariot, reversed, Page of Swords). None of us knew what we were doing at first – at all. In fact, we hardly knew each other, but we came together for a greater purpose on faith and hope alone. (3 Swords, Fool, 7 Wands, Lovers) 


We were under constant attack. But we kept going on Blind Trust (2 Swords, Fool) of the process -- and in each other, so it was all a bit exciting to say the least (Wheel)! And talk about a Fool's leap, an 8 of Wands toss, and a 4 Wands/3 Cups/Ace of Swords virtual group hug when at each turn/phase (Wheel) we were able to pull it off!


Once I officially owned and had control of the sites (Page of Pentacles), I set a Page of Swords resolve to “Operation: Give Zak Back” and we actually managed to get his attention! (7 Wands, 5 Wands, 10 Pentacles) I gave him his domain name as a gift (Ace Pentacles, Page Cups), which the previous owner had been holding hostage (8 Swords), and wouldn’t you know it, Zak tweeted his thanks etc. to us on more than one occasion. (He even follows me on (Page of Wands) twitter – tee hee (Page of Cups).


AND, to top it off, we were given the privilege of receiving advance episodes of Ghost Adventures by the Travel Channel that we’ve turned into our very own GA New Epi Peek-a-BOO series in the forum (Chariot).  


I was also fortunate enough to meet for the first time, some of my “boo’s” at Scarefest in KY this past November. Another Spring Fool's leap (influenced by Strength/10 Pentacles), as I was afraid to fly, but did it anyway. (And turns out, I was better than fine – I called on my Magician and used a bit of 4 Swords to practice Temperance and released my Devil's fears to the World and the Wheel).  And oh boy was it worth the Fool's risk! (10 Cups) (I have a bunch of pics in my iH albums, including after hours with Aaron Goodwin (GA) and Robb Demarest (GHI) etc.)


Anyway, because we’re new to this sort of thing, we’re also not bound by expectations or the Judgements of others and are free to evolve and “become”. To that end, iH is setting an Empress-like standard for a new breed of paranormal social communities.  We’ve formed loose, natural alliances with other networks (Emperor, Hierophant, reversed), gladly promote other sites, shows, etc. and run the gamut from psychics to scientists, from aliens to EVP’s, and from Harry Potter to Lady GaGa.  We don’t tolerate the petty or bully –ish attitude that seems often to plague the various paranormal fields/communities (5 Swords), yet ironically, we’ve been able to do away with the term “moderator” in favor of “guide” because everyone plays nice on our Paranormal Playground.  


In turn, we thrive as we help others to thrive and express themselves.  We share and learn through our various and particular interests, beliefs, experience, backgrounds, etc. And we enthusiastically go off topic all the time just because we enjoy each other’s company -- but often this leads us to additional connections, recognition of new kindred’s, or unexpected “in common” things.  Just like tarot can do


My point is not to promote iH (though feel free to come join us – we’re about to try to “wing” our first annual iH Golden Spork Awards, aka the 2010 Sporkies), but to encourage you (especially in the Dead of Winter) to try never to let go of that Spring Fool; that little voice of hope and trust which, sometimes against the odds, without reason, or in the face of certain struggle still says: “OK, I/we can do this; let’s run with it, trust the process, or we’ll figure it all out as we go!” You never know what other adventures, new opportunities, and connections you could make, or that will go along with you for the ride.


Or what sort of Justice and Strength may come as a result of simply respecting others -- seeing them as struggling, imperfect, wonderful people, not so different from yourself. And above all, being willing to do the right thing according to your ability and earnest best intentions and regardless of convenience, experience, fear, etc., simply by believing that Spring WILL come again. (This works for letting go of stuff too.)


As for me, it’s been incredible so far, and I refer once again to the Fool's Strength and the Page of Swords resolve. Because regardless of the ultimate outcome (or the lack of Pentacles, or tangible reward), the underdog cause and effort has been noble and worthy; the effects, Magician-like; the learning and new awareness, continuing to unfold, and the faith, well placed and returned. This makes the whole dang experience life enhancing and redemptive of that Spring Fool -- and therefore a World of Aces and joy.


So when in doubt, think Spring! 


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