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TomKat - the latest Cruise Family splitting

by Marjorie Orr July 01, 2012 12:59 PM EST

Katie Holmes has thrown in the towel on the Tom Cruise marriage after some time of looking increasingly wan and bedraggled, clutching Suri that troubled child of theirs as if she was her only friend in the world.




Then Holmes/Cruise relationship chart has a passionate and possessive composite Sun Venus Pluto conjunction. But the Sun is also conjunct a definitely-needs-space Uranus – so it’s an impossible combination. There’s also an argumentative composite Mars opposition Mercury and a suspicious Saturn Neptune in an illusory, see-saw opposition to Jupiter. The mood between them will have wobbled from high to low very frequently.


Transiring Pluto and tr Uranus are both in hard aspect to their composite Uranus at the moment pointing to a complete upheaval with tr Uranus opposition the composite Sun from Nov 2012 to Jan 2013 which indicates a split. Strongly Plutonic relationships often break up with much bitterness.


The wedding chart never looked positive – 18 Nov 2006 6pm Bracciano, Italy. It certainly has a showy Sun Jupiter Venus reflecting the expense and froth surrounding it. But it repeats that doubt-filled Saturn Neptune feel and an unstable Saturn Jupiter. So relatively similar to the relationship chart.




Tom Cruise, 3 July 1962, 12.05pm Syracuse, NY, is an ambitious, family-oriented 10th house Cancer Sun trine/sextile a pushily confident Jupiter in Pisces opposition Pluto. But what really marks his chart out is the preponderance of Fixed signs which are enduring and very stubborn. He has Moon, Venus, Uranus in Leo, Neptune in Scorpio, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus so not someone who gives way easily or is adaptable.



Katie Holmes, 18 December 1978 9.32pm Toledo Jctn, OH is a bouncy Sagittarius Sun conjunct Mars in early Capricorn in the entertaining 5th house. Her Sun is also conjunct Neptune on the other side so she’s custom built for showbiz glitz and glamour.

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There are some good cross overs in their charts since his Venus is conjunct her Moon and her Jupiter is conjunct his Moon so there would be good feelings at the start though she’d find him evasive emotionally and cool since her intense Venus in Scorpio is conjunct his elusive Neptune and square his Saturn.


Both have their Sun/Moon midpoint, the marriage signature, at 21/22 degrees Cardinal so really the split has been coming since late 2011. Though their relationship chart has been under considerable pressure since fairly early in the marriage with grumbling irritations and power struggles throughout.


What is significant is that Katie Holmes has had tr Saturn through her 1st quadrant since late 2006 pushing her into a less successful phase and one in which psychological issues would come to the fore. She’s now through that, has sorted out what she really wants and with tr Saturn aiming for her 4th next year she’s ready to step back out into the world in a higher profile way. Plus she has tr Pluto into her 5th now so she does want to be taken seriously for her talent.


Tom Cruise on the other hand has tr Saturn just moving into the lowest phase of his 1st quadrant, aiming for his 2nd house from this September onwards. That certainly coincides with a need to reorganise his finances with usually less to throw around. But it also points to him having to address his own issues. That is doubly certain since he has tr Pluto just into and moving through his 4th for some years which will bring up emotional tensions within his family.


Suri Cruise,18 April 2006 3.26 am Los Angeles, CA, has a truly difficult chart with an intense Moon Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius in an angry, aggravated opposition to Mars in Cancer square Mercury in Aries. She is going to be massively argumentative, especially over money when she grows up. Her chart certainly suggests a very uptight mother indeed. There’s a good deal of fear in there.


Suri also has her Aries Sun trine Pluto so she feels controlled by her powerful father as well. She looks as if she doesn’t have any kind of sense that life offers her choices or the chance to be her own person. All that Pluto reduces her to being a pawn. As a defence when she matures she’ll make a desperate effort to control her environment and relationships in order not to be controlled herself. Life won’t be easy either for her or the people around her.


She looks quite poleaxed at the moment with her Solar Arc Pluto opposition her Mars exactly at the moment as well as being square her Mercury – so trapped, scared and high nervous tensions. And her Solar Arc Sun is in a discouraging square to her Saturn which given she has a 6th house Saturn may bring up health issues


She finds her father probably the easier parent since his Jupiter in Pisces is conjunct her Venus Uranus conjunction and his Sun is in her playful 5th so he’ll be an enthusiastic though sporadic presence in her life. She’s locked together with her mother rather uncomfortably with Katie’s Sagittarius Sun conjunction Suri’s Pluto Moon and opposition her Mars and Katie’s Pluto falling in Suri’s 8th making her feel doubly trapped. That latter relationship is not healthy and will end in real tears at some point.


The relationship charts of both parents with Suri are fairly bleak with Saturn Pluto writ large in them.

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