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USA and EU - into a whirlpool

by Marjorie Orr September 19, 2011 06:34 AM EST

The Eurozone financial paralysis as it sleepwalks into a worse disaster than 2008 has sufficiently alarmed the USA that Timothy Geithner has been flown in to attend a major EU finance meeting.


If the EU goes down and the USA economy already teetering on the brink of another recession will be pulled down as well.


There’s nothing in the EU/USA relationship chart which suggests anything other than total upheaval, disappointment and collapse of old agreements over the next two to three years. There’s a composite Uranus at 9 degrees Cancer square Sun Mercury Neptune at 11/10/13 degrees Libra – so 2012 will be the year it all stands on its head with the further banana skin of transiting Neptune opposition Jupiter which is not a good financial sign. Before then tr Saturn is opposition the composite Venus this November which will put a real chill on relations.


If the EU survives in any form relations with the USA will drag on in confusion with tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting the composite Neptune in 2014/15 as well as the dreary tr Pluto sextile Pluto Saturn across mid decade.


Within the EU the old enmities are beginning to surface with some venom as Germany is virtually forcing Greece into default – though it’ll come at some cost to German banks. Greece still haven’t forgiven Germany for WW11 atrocities.


Their relationship chart with a power-struggling composite Sun opposition Mercury square Pluto Moon is being leant on heavily by tr Saturn through this Oct/Nov and into 2012 – so a definitely cold wind blowing there. Plus there’s an explosive Uranus Mars conjunction which will blow a fuse with a complete turnaround in 2012 and beyond as tr Pluto trines the composite Uranus and then around 2014 the composite Mars. Plus a cold Venus opposition Saturn which is getting the full weight of tr Pluto squares in 2011/12 followed by tr Uranus jolts in 2012/13.


Whatever transpires there’s going to be a great deal of bad feeling running on for years.


The two mainstays of the EU were always the big boys of France and Germany – relations there are sagging under major disappointment with tr Neptune trine the composite Mars and square the composite Venus from now till early 2012. Tr Saturn will pile on more woes as it squares the composite Neptune square Mars thro’ Nov/Dec and on till Sept 2012. There’s further confusion and discouragement between them in 2012 with tr Neptune conjunct the composite Saturn and a total-upheaval tr Uranus conjunct Pluto till Jan 2013 and tr Uranus trine Uranus from spring 2012 onwards.


One possibility being floated is a split Euro zone of France plus the feckless sud medders and a Germany plus the more prudent northern European countries. It could well come to pass.


Germany at the moment is at high tension pitch with tr Uranus opposition Mars and square Saturn this year until Feb 2012 and an emotionally intense tr Pluto trine Moon this Oct/Nov. Their Dax stock market index is taking a fair pounding this year.

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Into 2012 the Germany chart does have tr Pluto sextile the Solar Arc Jupiter which should improve enthusiasm and bring money. And despite a fair amount of turmoil in 2013/14 with tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting the Germany 10 degree Capricorn Sun they have the lucky benefit of Solar Arc Jupiter sextile their Sun.


France is facing mounting panic about the exposure of its main banks to not only Greek debt but also Spanish and Italian. There is no way the state can bail out the total amount which was why Christine Lagarde was so unpopular when she said the banks needed re-capitalisation fairly pronto.


The shares of the main banks have shot down this year – Societe Generale by 70% and Credit Agricole by 60%. The below is from an August post: Societe Generale (4 May 1864) does look highly unsettled to put it mildly with Solar Arc Uranus opposition its Taurus Sun and both tr Pluto and tr Uranus hitting its Solar Arc Sun Pluto this year and into 2012. There’s also a devastatingly confused tr Pluto square Neptune.


But the other two major French banks also look to be facing increasing problems in the next two years. BNP Paribas (22/23 May 2000) has a very depressed Solar Arc Saturn conjunct Sun now and a swampy, undermining tr Neptune square Sun and SArc Saturn in 12/13.


Credit Agricole (5 Aug 1920) has a whole plethora of nasty aspects over the next three years with Sun, Mars, Neptune colliding in Solar Arcs and the enormously challenging tr Pluto wandering round its mini Grand Trine of Pluto trine Mars sextile Saturn in 12/13/14 which will bring it to a shuddering halt. It’ll take massive effort to bring them through all that in one piece.


The France country chart has its central explosive, rebellious Fixed Uranus opposition Pluto square Mars MC now moved by Solar Arc into early Cardinals. So tr Pluto is in a risky, very stuck square to the SArc Mars MC at the moment into 2012; with tr Uranus upending the SArc Pluto and SArc Uranus this year and then elbowing the SArc Mars MC sharply in 12/13.


Though if the 3.30pm birth time is accurate then tr Saturn exits the 8th after this year which might ease some problems. But there’s certainly going to have to be a major rethink of France’s direction.

The central Banque de France (18 Jan 1800) is panicking through 2012 but facing its worst year in 2014.


France – 21 September 1792 3.30 pm Paris


Germany – 1 January 1871 12 am

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