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Valentine's Day ... for You!

by The Astrologer's Daughter January 12, 2011 03:30 AM EST
Valentine's Day ... for You!
Every animal of the Chinese zodiac has its own unique romantic style, and February 14 is the perfect day to reveal yours! Get in tune with your sign’s innate desires and put yourself in cosmic alignment for the loveliest of evenings! [Not sure which sign you are? Find out here!]

Rat is an ambitious and charming sign, always thinking up ways to be the best. For the coupled Rat, create a dream ambience with your amour. It's the classic touches at the end of the evening -- roses, champagne, handwritten notes --that will make the night memorable. For the single Rat, enjoy an extravagant evening with friends. As you indulge in the very best, you very might attract someone who can't wait to be at the other end of your largesse.

Ox enjoys constancy, and needs loyalty to really fall in love. For a coupled Ox, it's all about fanning that initial flame. Go back to the same spot or eat the same type of food you fell in love over. For single Ox, ask a trusted friend to coordinate a social gathering with other hand-picked singles, and then open yourself up to the possibilities.

Tiger loves the bells and whistles that come along with Valentine’s Day. Coupled Tiger is game for a sporty experience -- from a sunset hike to a midnight boat ride with their lover. Single Tigers want the thrill of the chase. Put yourself out there, mingle at a hip venue, and your energetic sex appeal is sure to attract plenty of potential lovers.

Rabbits are cautious by nature and love nothing more than quality, one-on-one time with an adoring soul mate. Go to an elegant, out-of-the-way restaurant with your lover. A special dessert or a new route home can go a long way to make this date feel like a first. Single Rabbits should relax with friends and not worry about having to find love in an evening. Host a small dinner party and celebrate with your closest friends.

Dragons appreciate the gallantry that accompanies this romantic day, and even if not making fancy plans, they appreciate special thought going into their evening. Coupled Dragons would be thrilled with a personal chef to cater to their eccentric tastes and satisfy their thirst for decadence. Single Dragons will not be content to sit home alone. Gather friends for an artistic evening -- such as learning the Tango – and you can expect to enjoy yourself while increasing the chances of finding an equally bewitching partner.


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Snake is a classic creature, imbued with wisdom and grace. For coupled Snakes, a romantic ambience and out-of-this-world food will make them happy. Single Snakes should go to the theater or the ballet. Needing no excuse to dress to the nines, Snake enjoys playing the part of the femme fatale. You can’t help but turn heads when you step out for the evening.

For coupled Horses, dinner and a movie are simply not enough. Go out on the town to see a revered comedian or improv troupe – just make sure laughter is a big component in your night, along with, of course, romance! Single Horses should engage in an adventure with friends. Pay attention to the details and you’re sure to open yourself up to infinite possibilities.

Sheep is a security-seeking creature and likes taking care of others. Coupled Rams view Valentine's Day as the perfect opportunity to nest with their lover and manifest an unforgettable night. Single Rams, welcome others to your home for an evening of luxury. Focus on the love already present in your life and you’ll attract even more.

Single or coupled, Monkeys must honor their inventive and adventurous spirit. Those with a mate should do something breathtaking like a hot-air balloon ride or a sunset kayaking excursion. Single Monkeys should learn the swing, sing karaoke at a local spot or get away for the night with a group of adventurous friends. Just keep the fun going and open yourself up to love!

The refined Rooster seeks sophistication. Make Valentine's Day an event to spoil yourself! Black-tie openings and balcony seats at the orchestra are perfect options for coupled Roosters. If single, a night spent at a hip museum exhibit or art-house theater showing with friends will keep your feathers bright. End the night at a hip lounge and you’ll be in the zone for finding an intellectual equal.

For coupled Dogs, be honest about what you want to do for the evening. If you want to have a simple evening -- renting a movie and ordering Chinese take-out -- then so be it. Single Dogs would do well to travel in a pack without any particular romantic goal in mind. Time spent with friends, especially old friends, is the most surefire way for the evening to feel special.

Pig is a sensual creature, loves to have a good time and cannot help but be materialistic – so this Valentine’s Day is a great excuse for indulgence! For single Pigs, this will be a 5-Star day if you embark on a shopping spree and celebrate yourself. Coupled Pigs should show some tender-loving care toward their beloved abode, and then host a last-minute gathering to show off their latest luxuries.
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