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Venus and the 7th House (cont'd)

by The Astrologer's Daughter October 14, 2009 10:10 AM EST

To to continue with Venus in Aries in the 7th house....

For a male's chart I've heard their Venus placement can signal what they're attracted to in a woman and to see what a female is attracted to you look to their Mars placement. I'd say the Moon is our most personal (feeling-wise) of planets and therefore of utmost importance when it comes to settling into a relatinship. These three planets - really, our entire chart - can give us insight to what we're looking for in a mate. The 7th house, house of Marriage, is particularly important when looking at the qualities we look for - ahem, need - for a harmonious, balanced, one-on-one partnership. But as some of us know, neurosis and immaturity amongst other personal kinks can prevent anyone from enjoying the fruits of a long-term committment. Planets in the 7th will describe the optimal partner and energetic bind to our partners. With Pluto in the 7th, perhaps "enjoyment" as we define it isn't the point (passion and transformation?), but with Venus that's what it is all about; Langouring in the luxury of harmonious relationships. Again though, we are trying to remember the Aphrodite myth! Venus the goddess has a an inheritence of violence and her motive to seek balance is anchored as a sort of survival tool. Harmony can be a serious business!

If we think of someone who has Venus in in the 7th, her enjoyment of the Venusian side of life is tied to her healthy performance in the context (house placement) of relationship. I realize I painting bold strokes here - but remember we are dealing with this one aspect without the the context of the entire birthchart - so excuse me if this sounds like a comicstrip looks. The fine art of partnership and give-and-take with peers is something the individual is destined to learn or perhaps more accurately, bump up against. The road may be a little rockier with Venus paired with the God of War -- although also a potentially delightful ride where potholes do not deter the zealotry to bond. Serial monogamy comes to mind.

With Venus in the 7th, this energy will often crystallize in the eyes of an amour; that's just how the planet of relationships in the house of relationships will work. The qualities here may project out on a mate. It is the planet farthest from the first house of self and seeks expression through the other.

Of course, let us not forget that this is also referred to as the house of open enemies. Wah wah wah. Enemies and marriage occupy by the same real estate. Really, though, not too hard to imagine if we think of all the from-death-do-us-parts that end by choice rather than death. And sadly, oftentimes the spouse becomes the worst enemy.

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In the 7th, our allies or enemies are right there at eye level for us to see. They are our peers and will play a starring role in how balanced, safe, loved and adored one's feel. These 7th house peers will swim in your pond, be your size and strength and offer you the gift of companionship, though also hold the power to make you feel downright unadored too. It is important for this individual to maintain her (or his) relationships - have a consistet and healthy give-and-take with an amor or close partner. This is Venus 7th house terrain.She will tend toward one-one-one.And Venus wants adoration! Love! Beauty! And Venus in Aries wants it in fiery heaps and adventures in the garden.

And just because Venus is in the 7th house doesn't mean you have a master's in relationship building. And I would even suggest that you may have quite the opposite -- being that the 7th house often describes the qualities if of the other, qualities that feel distant from the self; qualities you seduce out of the other. Venus in the 7th must bond! You are attracting Venusian types into your life which will play a supportive role in a life whose enjoyment of Venusian qualities wll very much be hinged on fusing successfully with other people.

I think some of us would think of this as a lucky placement, or at the very least one which promises a certain degree of harmony. Venus is in her element in the 7th; the opportunity to form bonds based on Venusian qualities like cooperation, balance, compatibility, grace, elegance and overall smooth flowing loveliess will be in ready supply. But again, her reaction to what we judge as "opportunities" may run the gamut. Entering into this sort of smooth-sailig partnership for another may make her feel vulnerable. This may be the life she is working on relationships and they are not always easy, although the influx on Venus in Aries types is exactly what she needs to get navigate these waters successfully.

Because Venus is in Aries, we think of one's love style as bold, selfish, enthusiastic, perhaps quick to burn out, thrilled by the chase and in need of stimulation not to mention some freedom of action within a relationship. When you think of Venus, freedom doesn't necessarily come to mind. When you think of relationships, freedom doesn't necessarily come to mind. (Isn't this what makes astrology so interesting and why it really is such an art form?) How do reconcile the Venus and Aries energy, how do we explain a Venus in Aries in the 7th house in a way that doesn't undercut the need for relationship and the need for freedom. Relationships are going to form and the ones that will be most suitable for this individual will be with a partner that honor both these energies. She will need a little fire, perhaps a dashing quality in her mate (I at least think of Aries as dashing), someone who engages her sense of adventure and enthusiasm to face the world as someone new to the game.

I think of the Fool in the Tarot deck -- only he's holding his precious next to him and proclaims "Let's walk off this cliff together." I imagine a 7th-house Venus in Aries would like someone with that sort of innocense and faith and willingness to embark on the unknown adventure of love; someone with enough spark to inspire the lover that lives within all of us. How much the native (the one with this aspect) or the "other" (the one whom she attracts in her life to animate this placement) embodies these qualities...is perhaps less important than the idea that this is the sort of energy that would feel very appropriate as a long-term committment. A fierce but committed relationship. There is room for passion! It may feel more like a teenage tryst at times, a try-out of two young lovers on an exploration of the uncharted terrain of the heart. Venus in Aries may feel a little wobbly at the art of give-and-take and compromise, but with it in the 7th that is the structure within which the Venus Aries love light will shine most brightly. As Goethe said, Whatever you can think or dream, begin it.Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!

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