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Venus in Aries: Let Your Individuality Shine at Work

by Kosmic Kelly February 20, 2012 10:58 PM EST
Venus in Aries: Let Your Individuality Shine at Work
Aggressive Aries puts Venus in a feisty mood now through March 4, encouraging you to put yourself first when it comes to your job. 

Venus in Aries embodies the spirit of independence. Under this influence, rewards come to those who seize the moment and courageously share new ideas. Impulsiveness pays off now as your pioneering spirit comes alive. Dreaming about a new professional direction? This cosmic energy supports your exploring any and all possibilities.

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If you’ve been looking for more autonomy in your career -- working from home perhaps -- this is the perfect time to share your thoughts with your boss and to start paving the way towards your ideal situation.

Then, as Venus leaves its tour of Aries on March 4, be alert as the lovely planet moves opposite serious Saturn. Limits will make themselves known in your professional life, so keep your word, meet deadlines and be upfront about what’s not working. Maturity leads to career longevity under this intense aspect.
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