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Venus Retrograde: Be Careful in Love, Work -- and with Your Beauty Regimen!

by Astrology Detective December 13, 2013 07:56 PM EST
Venus Retrograde: Be Careful in Love, Work -- and with Your Beauty Regimen! Getty Images
Everyone knows about the crazy setbacks that accompany Mercury Retrograde, but did you know other planets go retrograde, too? Venus, the planet of beauty, goes retro approximately once every one-and-a-half years, and when it does -- this time from December 21 to January 31 -- everything regarding looks, love and aesthetics goes on the blink.

These periods are definitely not times to try out a daring new haircut or color, as anything relating to beauty could go drastically wrong. If you have a non-essential cosmetic procedure scheduled, cancel it now. Essential health-related operations, of course, should go ahead as planned, as these do not deal with superficial beauty. Love affairs could suffer from temporary setbacks or misunderstandings, but don’t be surprised if a long-lost love gets back in touch. This is a good time to finish art projects, but don’t launch them until the retro phase is completed.

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You may need to review office interactions and how well you're getting along with your colleagues. Pluto’s extended transit of your career zone is making you either the perpetrator or victim of workplace bullying -- perhaps both. Venus’ extra-long stay in your professional zone will allow you to smooth ruffled feathers with diplomacy and good will, but don’t be surprised if people don’t warm to you and your efforts at peace until early February. Use the retro period to do some soul searching so you can beautify your relationship with your co-workers!

You may feel filled with existential melancholy over the upcoming weeks, wondering what is your place in the world, but remember this is just a passing moment and you will feel totally involved in life’s rich pageant come February. If you are a student studying for exams, this may not be a promising time for concentration; you have to make extra efforts to focus. Don’t get sucked into legal battles during Venus retrograde or the acrimony will be long lasting and the case could be very draining and filled with setbacks.

Ever since early November, you may have broken out your credit cards and indulged in a weeks-long spending spree of high-ticket items. Now you need to pay the proverbial piper, and during the Venus retro period, you will realize just how much you have over-spent. You may need to massively decrease unnecessary expenditures over the holidays, which may lead to a certain sense of financial resentment. Instead of pouting over what you can’t have, reflect on your earnings and figure out how to make a better, more sustainable budget.

You may want to take a time-out from your partner over the holidays, perhaps by each visiting their respective families instead of celebrating together. You may forlornly long for the good old days, but wait out the storm, as you will be assured of the bonds of your love by early February. Alternatively, an ex may come back on the scene, or you may get up the courage to contact a former lover to try to make amends – with surprisingly successful results. Even if you don’t get back together, you can become good friends or, at least, achieve closure. Singles may really hate being single over the holidays, but come early February you will have many opportunities to find lasting love.

While most people let themselves go during the holidays, ever since early November, you have been driven to achieve physical fitness and personal regeneration. During the Venus retro period, however, you may fall off the wagon a few times, and it may be extremely difficult to shift unwanted pounds, no matter how hard you try. You have merely hit a plateau, so stick to a sensible diet and you will see the results in early February. Stay away from aesthetic “cheats” like liposuction or other cosmetic procedures during this period, as you may end up with less-than-desired results.

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An ex-lover may come back on the scene, asking for a second chance. Alternatively, someone from your past may re-enter your mental space, and you may decide to reach out and try to get things started again. Venus retrograde in your romance sector favors rekindled amour over new relationships, and if you start a new love affair at this time, you may see it hounded by setbacks. Persevere if you believe in it, because true love always wins out in the end, and by early February things should move more smoothly.

This may be the dysfunctional holiday season to end all dysfunctional holiday seasons. Venus will be retrograde in your family sector, the same sector where domineering Pluto is currently residing. Control issues, emotional manipulations and power struggles may abound when the kin gathers together in the upcoming weeks. The discord is merely passing, however, and peace, diplomacy and love will return after the stress of the holidays at the end of January.

You may have a lot of petty miscommunications, as the stress of the holidays makes you lash out at people as a way of letting off steam. This misplaced venting of your anger could hurt the feelings of your loved ones and associates, so try to really think before you speak. If you feel tension levels building, take a time-out to get some inner-peace. If you do get into petty arguments, make sure to apologize and serenity will soon be re-established.

You may have a blind spot when it comes to buying big-ticket Christmas presents this year. At the same time, some expected sources of income might be delayed, especially if you work in the arts or as a freelance creative. Don’t spend money that is not already in your account, and try to keep things simple -- remember it’s the thought, not the price tag, that counts. Social opportunities, lovers and children are all demanding a piece of your quickly diminishing pie, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t have enough to live lavishly, they will all still love you. Earnings will pick up in late January, but try to rein it in until then.


All is not quiet on the Western Front this Christmas, and the same goes for the Eastern, Southern and Northern ones. There is no shrinking violet in your scene who is willing to compliantly make concessions. Lovers, family and your own domineering ego are all at odds, and the icy distance of friends isn’t alleviating any pressure. Venus retro is turning off your ability to play peacemaker, and all-out war may break loose. Your charm and mediation skills return in late January, so try not to get pulled into needless drama until then.

Venus is transiting your psychology sector. During Venus retro, you may need to deal with old baggage left over from previous love affairs, as well as from your more distant childhood. Old issues that you prefer to keep buried may rise to the surface. It is better to use this time to reflect on these old hurts, instead of suppressing them, so that you can process them and be done with them forever – allowing you to move onto healthier relationships in the new year.

If you are dealing with bullying friends, you may refuse to play nice in the upcoming weeks. Alternately, you may be the bully, and find your friends ditching you in droves. Try to figure out why there are these power imbalances in your social networks so you can improve your situation. This would be a great time to reach out to old, dear friends who have fallen off the radar or moved away in order to re-establish the connection.
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