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Venus: Romance

Venus: Romance

What woman (or man) does not enjoy receiving flowers, a box of chocolates or tickets to the theater? Since Venus first wrote the rules of courtship, people have expressed interest in one another through such niceties. These gestures help keep the romance alive in long-term relationships.

"Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze."
-- Elinor Glyn

The goddess Venus never quite found what she was looking for, and so she kept moving from lover to lover. She was so enthralled by her paramours' appearance or status that she was often disappointed when the wooing period ended and the whole person began to emerge.

Venus strongly affects how we conduct ourselves during the initial stages of a relationship. When we first meet someone new, we usually don't reveal our whole selves. We're not necessarily acting falsely, but our best attributes are on parade.

Along with this emphasis on appearance comes the awakening of our ability to pamper ourselves. It's exciting to know that someone finds us attractive -- we feel good and want to do nice things for ourselves as the object of our affection showers us with care and praise.


"Sex appeal is 50 percent what you've got and 50 percent what people think you've got."
-- Sophia Loren

Flattery and vanity fall squarely under Venus' spotlight. Her influence directs us toward surfaces rather than the substance behind them. That doesn't mean that women become self-absorbed monsters! Receiving compliments and gifts -- and love -- makes us feel good about ourselves, which helps us give to others.

In later stages of a relationship, we recall the first flush of love by exchanging sentimental gifts and returning to those special places -- the park where we first kissed, the coffee house where we met. A love note taped to the bathroom mirror communicates more than the message written on its face. It shows we are still desirable, that our lover thinks about us.

Venus' romance does have a shadow side. We can forget nearly everything else in our quest to win someone over -- even when we don't really need that person in our lives. We look back on some relationships (you know, the ones that end in disaster) and wonder how we could have been so obsessed. Gorging ourselves on sugary foods -- one of Venus' staples -- leads to unhealthy teeth and bodies. One cavity may not seem like a big deal, but diabetes and obesity are.