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Venus Rx: Sign by Sign

by Sherene Schostak March 31, 2009 12:38 PM EST
With the Venus RX detrimentally floundering in the ME, ME, ME sign of Aries, we could all use a little narcissistically tailored 'SELF' help.

I have had a slew of Rams visit my office in the past few weeks in need of astrology consultations, Tarot readings or quite plainly just looking for a place to pitch a true unadulterated fit about their love lives. The Rx: Don't jump the gun before Venus goes direct April 17th -- and even then, give a few weeks for Venus to settle and transit back into the core of the Aries constellation. 'Should I stay or should I go now?'

What happened to your patient, loving and gentle ways Taurus?  You're starting to act like an Aries.  Patience is more of a virtue than ever. Assertiveness, yes--implosion--no, no! The Rx: Surround yourself with more beauty and work your own beauty quotient from the inside out or the outside in. It actually works both ways for you.

Fighting with friends and work colleagues over ancient issues may feel necessary but instantly taxing on your overwrought nervous system. Revamping your goals on the other hand, is exciting and revitalizing. The Rx: Commit to walking your talk by May Day darling. Flaking out is so pre-Venus Rx.

Career--Cancer man and woman's eternal quest. Now with Venus dredging up memories, desires, and fears from the archives of your CV, you're perhaps more daunted than ever. The Rx: Use the time between now and April 17th for some hardcore research into every nook and cranny of your chosen domain. Prepare to summon your most valiant efforts mid-May.

Your faith is being tested like it was your J.O.B. -- or your name was Job.  You're questioning everything that is limiting your freedom of expression, or just your freedom in general. The Rx: Fly--be free! But again, don't topple the applecart before April 17th. Create more space between your own synapses for the time being.

Virgo's are climbing the walls with impatience and boredom. You crave change, but not the trite cosmetic versions. Your inner infant is positively screaming at you to MAKE THAT CHANGE! The Rx: You know what needs to be done, now stop spinning scenarios in your overly analytical head--and do it. Your deadline is May 15th.

How does that old silly saying go--"if you're sitting on the fence, you're taking up too much space--move!" Well, you get the gist. This especially applies to old relationship remnants that you cling on to for fear of either being alone, forgotten or some other silly co-dependent illusion. The Rx: You know deep in your heart that the expiration date was eons ago. Don't wait for your infuriated partner to dump you.

All work and no play makes Scorpio one enraged soldier. You've had it with people telling you that you should be grateful to be working during an economic crisis because your body's health crisis is screaming louder. The Rx: The nearest beach vacay. If that's not possible, scheme up a little decadence galore in your dark den of choice. To-do lists be damned.

Your creativity is on fire Sag! While everyone else is whining about good love gone bad, economic woe this and economic woe that, you're too busy filling up your life with a slew of new creative projects, trips and new shoes. The Rx: Use this time to prioritize and finish your glorious ten thousand things.  

Don't fight the feeling Capricorn. The Venus Rx is demanding that you slow down and spend more time closer to home. Your career will still be waiting for you even without you micromanaging every miniscule facet. The Rx: Learn how to act like a bona fide couch potato with the ones you love.  Fake it 'til you make it.

Stop hiding your genius underneath that thick skull of yours Aquarius. It's time to put pen to paper, fingers to keypad and unleash your quirky take on the oddities of the human race. The Rx: Blog, Tweet, and get cracking on finishing your first (or second) book.

Stop pretending money doesn't matter or that it's not spiritual to want any of it. Au contraire Pisces, haven't you heard of the Goddess Lakshmi? Money's energy and unless one sells their soul to some kind of Madoff-devil to get it, it has many blessed properties. The Rx: Put your mind on your money and your money on your mind. Figure out exactly how much of it you want and put your imagination and cunning but ever so subtle powers of manipulation -- I mean manifestation -- to good use and get it!
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