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Venus in Scorpio...in Facebook?

by The Astrologer's Daughter November 05, 2010 01:49 PM EST
Cassandra: I'm tired of playing casual .. of playing like I'm ok with everything when I really want to fling myself from the white bridge and ....
Colin: What?
Cassandra:see what happens, quite literally. What's the point of blue between staying on the bridge and flying?
Colin: Staying close to the edge I guess.

The digitilization of our lives through Facebook makes access to our social network instantaneous. The old adage of absence making the heart grow fonder may become obsolete. While people may still be separated geographically, if you're reading this there's no excuse under the Sun anymore to not stay in touch. You can saturate yourself with all your friends all over the world through not only the daily updates and photos of your latest and greatest, but through live chats and face-to-face contact via Skype. We are all just clicks away on whatever computer, iphone or blackberry you can get your hands on.

What does the current transit of Venus through Scorpio have to say about this? One of Venus's functions is to create our social network, being desirous of human connection determined by our personal preferences. Venus is a glutton for the sort of adoration and playful self-promotion that sites like Facebook can offer. To distinguish it from the Moon's function in the chart, Venus represents what we want and how we go about getting it. The Moon while it definitely has a social appetite, its endpoint is more to feel comfortable and nurture the self. It operates on a deeply personal, even subconcious level while with Venus there is more of an outward reach to attain the sorts of relationships and assuage our appetite for the beautiful and the glamorous.

The sign of Scorpio is currently defining howwe connect and where Venus is currently in your chart (by looking at where the sign of Scorpio falls in your natal chart) lets us know the territory where Venus may find the sorts of people or Venusian experiences she is craving. Venus also represents creativity and what we do to experience beauty and harmony. A lot of times this can come through human connections (this is coming from someone with Venus in the 7th) but may also play out in other areas that bring in this sort of experiental aesthetic you desire.

With Scorpio here, the sorts of relationships Venus is seeking are intensely personal. And because she is retrograde, you may also be reviewing relationships that were intensely personal, or even re-visiting themes in your current relationship in an attempt to get closure over what may have been a hot-button issue that wasn't exactly dealt with. Scorpio is compelled to look into the dark and in this case, to look over its shoulder into the dark. It doesn't mean what is hiding there is "bad," but perhaps just something that we were scared of or not ready to face honestly and completely. So here's your chance. In artistic pursuits this is a great time to rev up your intensity or revisit an idea that may have felt a little overwhelming when it first came to mind. You are now craving the sorts of experiences, especially relationships, that stir you up a little bit and connect you to that primal heartbeat.

Sometimes I think Facebook is a tawdry, surface-level way to stay in touch...very unscorpionic! "I'll Facebook you" can seem like a social slight of hand and an easy way out though I've come to the conclusion that it's the way you use it. Facebook and the internet in general can be used to foment beauty and invoke laughter as much as misused to publicly humiliate or shame. People do stay in touch with dear friends and share from the heart whether its their kids' latest Halloween costumes or a kind word. We will realize its limits of course, if we haven't already, and a new billion dollar idea will rise to replace it. So during this particular Venus retrograde cycle in the most honest of signs, reach out in whatever way you can. An honest message sent via Facebook can satisfy our current craving for the kind of connection that makes you blush or mend something that should have been so simple at the time.
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