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Venus & Self-Worth: Venus to the Outer Planets

by Jessica Shepherd February 23, 2011 02:47 PM EST

Low self-worth is an epidemic. It plagues especially young woman. I was one, I should know! Low self-worth motivates so many poor relationship choices. No wonder the same Goddess who resides over love relationship, also is the goddess of self-esteem.

I was listening to a psychic on the radio this morning advising a woman who knows she’s in an unhealthy relationship. The psychic gave good advice like, ‘accept your self, don’t wait for someone else to do that for you’ and ‘take a good look at the unhealthy people you’re with, and ask yourself what they have that you’re trying to get. Recognize you have those things you want, already inside of you’ Bottom line, she said, focus on loving you. I relate all these statements to Venus, Goddess of Self-Worth. When we try to get approval and love from someone who is not good for us, we’re trying to get them to finally see (and love) who we really are. Wanting to be loved in the way we want to be loved is a worthy request -- but it’s a request from our own soul, and it’s our responsibility to honor our desires by drawing boundaries, being discerning and self-loving. 

Astrology is really good at naming our blocks to self-esteem so we can have the relationship we want. Our Venus sign helps us understand our unique relationship (and creative/artistic) desires. However if we have squares and oppositions to our Venus, we have some self-worth issues to work through with our partners. [Don't know your Venus sign? Find out with "What's Your Love Sign?" and the middle right of this page!]

Below is a list of Venus influences. If you have a conjunction, these principles should flow more smoothly though that's not always the case. If you have a square or opposition to Venus, the price for not doing the developmental work of this planet is high.

Venus/Saturn.  With Venus in connection with Saturn, self-esteem is tied to identifying and meeting our relationship needs coolly, clearly, and with a hefty dose of common sense. Imagine a love affair between two reasonable adults. Love is not a day at the circus, more like a (sometimes) boring sunday walk. We are not teenagers anymore; time to grow up.

Venus/Jupiter. Your relationships will make your life better, and help you to believe in yourself, but only if you know to ask. As easily, you can underestimate the full gamut of fulfillment that a partnership can bring you. Why settle for the King’s carpenter when the King is clearly giving you the eye? For you, self-worth is tied to asking for more from love.

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Venus/Uranus. This contact suggests it’s far too easy to fall under the spell of belonging. The solution is deceptively simple: be yourself with others. But that usually entails figuring out who you are not. Hanging out with unpredictable, unusual or unavailable people-- people who rattle your cage, make you ask questions about who you really are is a good thing.

Venus/Neptune. Neptune convinces Venus that life is better on Neptune. It’s not hard. Imaginative, enchanting and otherworldly, it’s easy to fall under someone’s spell = lose head to love. Most difficulty with Venus-Neptune comes down to wearing Venus blinders and making dumb choices in love. The beauty is, you were born to make tangible spiritually based soul connections with others. Just be sure and have a friend with common sense to call.

Venus/Pluto. With Venus oppose, square or joined Pluto we can’t afford to wear rose colored glasses in our relationships; we must endeavor to face some difficult and complex truths about our sexuality, our self and our partner. Psychologically penetrating the dark corners of our relationship, being probing & honest, is self-esteem building-- and healing.

Come back for Venus to inner planet contacts.

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