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A Very Merry Un-Christmas: Ideas for Enjoying a Unique Holiday

by The Astrologer's Daughter November 30, 2010 02:18 PM EST
A Very Merry Un-Christmas: Ideas for Enjoying a Unique Holiday
If you've found yourself fried on doing the same old thing every holiday season, look to your sign for hints on infusing a little originality into your Christmas spirit. While you may hear some hoo's and ha's from your extended family tree, exercising your right to your own style of celebration may be the zap you need to bring back the fa-la-la-la-la's. If you're already feeling guilt pangs, read no further. These suggestions are not for those already bound to holiday appointments.

It comes naturally to Aries individual's to forge their own trails. This holiday season, discover a way to take the road less traveled by doing something totally daring on Christmas! (Read: away from the Honey-Baked Ham and Caroling). Something that makes your heart race like scuba diving, an early morning swim, a jump in the ocean (preferably from a low-slung rocky point) or an afternoon horseback ride. 

While you love the steady feasting Christmas offers, you may be in the mood for something besides food. Re-wire your neural pathways from traditional holiday associations and see if you can't conjure your inner artist. (Taurus is ruled by Venus after all!) By taking advantage of the unique serenity of the roads and other public spaces, you could do some damage with a digital camera and still make it in time to carve the goose. 

Who says you can only have round table discussions with your family around the holidays? Find ways to expel some of your dizzying mental energy by attending a meet-up group about a subject that fascinates you. Your brain will get plenty of exercise and if you do choose to show up at the family gathering, there will be less pressure of loved ones to keep you entertained! 

You may have had your fill of the traditional holiday celebration (which for a Cancer is saying a lot). There's a way to still honor the Christmas spirit and do something different and unto others. Volunteering at your local soup kitchen or wrapping up baked goods or sandwiches for the homeless is wonderful demonstration of your tenderness and a great example for kids. 

While you're used to being the center of attention, change it up this season by taking advantage of discount tickets at your favorite local theater. Let someone entertain you for a change! If you'd rather watch paint dry than go to the performing arts, indulge yourself in a favorite sporting event. Throw a little holiday bet down and promise to buy something nice for a loved one who is threatening you with a guilt trip. 


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Usually very careful with their money, Virgo's could redefine the holiday season by treating themselves to (gasp!) a dinner that isn't provided by extended relatives. Take a page from the 'Christmas Story' and visit a local Chinese restaurant and let someone else do the dishes for a change. Or follow in the steps of the popular Jewish tradition of ordering Chinese take-out and going to a film. 

While you can't ask a Libra to part from their significant other, you may be able to embark on a different kind of holiday than last year's. Always game for some spirited social interaction, explore new ways of applying your energy and artistic visions to an at-home project that has a holiday theme. Maybe you and your hubby could create gingerbread houses, make bread or compile a holiday photo album or scrapbook. Serene domestic projects may provide just the thrill you need. 

Give yourself permission on this holiday season to sequester to a locale of choice. The trick is ... don't tell anyone! Scorpios love secrets and the holidays may be the perfect time to exercise this right-of-sign. These busy souls truly stand to benefit from a little R & R. Rejuvenating at a your favorite spa or may be just the offbeat Christmas adventure you need before you can truly ring in a new year. 


Deck the halls by thrilling a neighborhood family with a good deed that only a Sagittarian would have the energy to see through. Agreeing to perform a free holiday fixer-upper would put you in a different kind of mood and build a bridge in the community. The return of good karma on your investment would be well worth the time away around the punch bowl. 

Usually the grand dame of Christmas tradition, keep it fresh this year by attending a celebration that runs counter to your holiday expectations. Accepting an invitation from a friend or colleague may offer you just the cast of characters to see how other family traditions are executed and enjoyed. Your independent streak would be emboldened and your mind titillated if you're willing to just say yes to unconventional celebrations that offer their brand of cheer and give you ideas on how to execute next year’s plan.

Ahead of their time and energized by ideas which don't necessarily go with the flow, Aquarians would be perked by a holiday adventure which allowed them to connect with themselves in a new way. Rather than chatting with loved one's as the log burns to embers, get your oil lamp and a quill pen and write something without fear of retribution. Whether it's getting a head start of New Year's resolutions or penning a one-of-a-kind piece that will have people rolling in the hay next season, take a bold swipe. 

Give yourself permission to drift rather than confining yourself to the routine. While it may be too late to schedule a swim with the dolphins, entertain a whimsical fantasy that will leave your re-charged at the end of the day rather than spent from being the pious and pleasant holiday hostess. Surround yourself in nature; take a thermos of hot cider and the dogs out for a long walk. Allow the colors and sounds of your natural world to rekindle your unique connection to the holiday. 
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