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Void of Course

Void of Course

The planets are always in motion, and in astrology we extract meaning from their relationship to one another. That's why the Void of Course Moon is so unique: For a moment in time, when a planet is about to end its pass through a sign, it stands alone, isolated, and is free of any contact or relationship with other planets.

The planet that is most often Void of Course and that affects us most here on Earth is the Moon. When the Moon reaches the end of its time passing through a sign, usually around 28 degrees or so, it usually does not share in any major aspects with any of the other ten planets. Physically and astrologically, the Void of Course Moon is quite significant.

Void of Course planets are most often looked to in Mundane Astrology, which involves the study of world events and locations, and in Horary Astrology, which seeks answers to questions.

Check to see if you have a Void of Course Moon in your natal chart. If the Moon appears at 27, 28 or 29 degrees in any House at the time of your birth, you'll want to take into consideration the Moon as a symbol of feelings and emotions. Since the Moon deals with the characteristics of feelings and emotions, you are likely to have some issues with your mother or perhaps women in general. You feel that you're not quite connected with the family and you are seeking to know your heritage and your roots. You may look back critically at the home life from which you stem. In general, you have emotional issues that require further examination.

The Moon is the most common planet to be Void of Course but the other planets can also travel into this position on occasion as well. If you have a Void of Course planet in your chart, astrology recommends that you expel extra energy working out the unresolved issues you face in your lifetime as dictated by the Void of Course planet. Advice based on the other planets is listed below. Please note that most astrologers don't recommend initiating new projects when the Moon is Void of Course.

When a planet moves into Void of Course in our daily life it's better to finish up old tasks and follow existing projects through to the end. Look for the completion of cycles and seek final solutions. When a planet is Void of Course and is about to move into a new sign, you need to focus your energy on tying up the loose ends specific to the planet's character. Procrastination and unfinished business are not advised under a Void of Course planet.

When the planets move into a Void of Course position (this affects us quite generally):

Finish up the goals you've set for yourself personally. Don't put off getting together with family members any longer. If you've been planning a reunion or putting together a family tree, now is the time to follow through with your ideas. Uncovering your own identity has also been a top priority and you may finally get some answers about your birth, nationality or heritage. Your efforts toward self-discovery will help lead to a small breakthrough. Also, disagreements you've had with your father will come to a close.

Return those phone calls and write the long letters that you've been putting off. Don't wait any longer. Contact old friends whom you've wanted to locate. Bringing voices from the past back into your life will help you deal with issues in the present. Complete the self-education you've been undertaking, whether formal or informal. It's time to trust your intellect and your mental acuity and let it guide you to greener pastures.

Together forever or a thing of the past? You've come to a crucial point in your personal relationships and you can no longer bob in the sea of uncertainty. You'll be relieved when you attain drastic closure. What you think of now as beautiful and charming may change suddenly when Venus slips into Void of Course. If you've been trying to make peace for yourself or for those around you, now is a good time to push your goals through.


It has become crucial for you to assert yourself and your wishes or else the window of opportunity will pass by. The people you've been depending on to stand by your side might bail out. As a result, you need to be prepared to be on your own. You may become filled with strong feelings of desire and fantasies; act upon them. At times you are too aggressive and you must be certain that no one is hurt by your actions or words. Strength and courage are tough lessons to learn and you've come to a point where these skills will either make or break you.

A sense of spirituality will bring the sort of enlightenment you are seeking. Taking an interest in foreign affairs will distract you from obsessing about your own problems. You are finishing up an educational course and soon it will be time to apply that knowledge. The opportunity for long distance travel should be put off until another time. As this cycle of your life is coming to a close, it's best to put off excessive risk-taking. Getting serious now will pay off.

As tensions heighten, it's high time you take on the responsibility that's been hanging over your head. Developing the strength and discipline you need to face a crisis now will help you for the rest of your life. Part of getting organized is knowing your own limitations and setting goals. Working within the power structures that already exist is the best way to put yourself in a power situation. Diligence and perseverance are your keys to success.

This crazy, tumultuous period of your life will soon level out into something more workable. The time to be whimsical may be coming to a close, so it's best to live for the moment. Seek out a cause behind your revolution; don't just act out against the establishment because it's part of the latest trend. Once you learn to embrace life's little surprises, you can handle any situation.

Reality is passing you by under the influence of the Void of Course Neptune. In some way you just aren't "getting it," due perhaps to your lack of preparedness or your refusal to face the music. Escaping into your own fantasy world isn't the answer; old habits die hard. It's time to deal with some of the more intangible issues in your life. Accept the things that are weighing on you and bring the hidden into plain view.

A sudden change or loss of power or resources may leave you floundering, but you'll soon learn how to make do with what you have. Don't initiate anything new on the business front; instead focus your managing skills on yourself and your time. You cannot progress until you've learned how to let go of what you once had. Initiations and new beginnings are right around the corner.