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Was Brangelina's Wedding Date Lucky?

by Kiki T. September 03, 2014 07:48 PM EST
Was Brangelina's Wedding Date Lucky? Getty Images
August 23, 2014 was the day that shocked many, with the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Private and intimate, the wedding was a long time in the making, with their six kids in tow. How lucky was their day according to the cosmos?

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Depending on the time of their marriage, the date could've been amazing-to-meh. If they said their "I do's" in the earlier part of day, then this Gemini (Angelina) and Sagittarius (Brad) pair will have the auspicious power of Leo behind them, boding well for their Air and Fire elements. However, if they shared their vows at night, the nit-picky power of Virgo was involved, which is not the best for Angelina as this square aspect can make her feel boxed in. Luckily, there are other powers working for them despite the Sun's exact position: Both Venus and Jupiter in Leo bestow pleasure, love, luck and expansion, respectively. Chances are, this won't change how Angelina approaches the relationship, as these aspects in her chart place more of the emphasis on her intellectual growth. However, for Brad, this marriage is the start of a new cycle of himself, as these transits are in his house of spiritual growth and truth. Overall, the stars bode well for Brangelina and family!
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