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We Have the Power to Create Our Lives

by Christina Lunden August 18, 2010 08:52 PM EST
In the 3rd Dimension energy that we were born into, some of us were conscious of Angels around us; helping us, guiding us. As we started to ascend something different happened in our perception. We started to notice that the Angels were us; they were higher aspects of our Soul. And that made sense because our Angels always knew our past, what was going on and some about our future. Sometimes knowing that the Angels are really us was uncomfortable. We felt weak or incapable and it was easier to think of some powerful being doing everything for us. On the flip side of that is the amazement that we had the power all along to take care of everything we ever needed. We just didnt realize that we could. So what do we do now with this knowledge of our true Soul power?

We can work through any issues of fear relating to the possibility of misusing our spiritual power. Every single person I have had a Soul Session with that had this fear in this lifetime found out that it was false. It was energy carried over from a previous lifetime where they did misuse their spiritual energy but had nothing to do with now. It was a Soul memory. To clear this fear, all that needs to be done is to forgive and that fear will dissolve. The really interesting thing I notice about the power we gain access to as we ascend at this time is that if we misuse it, the power dissipates. It is not available to be misused. There is not any kind of learning, discussion, etc. about it. The person who has intent to use their spiritual power for harm will all of sudden not have the power available.

Feeling comfortable with this new power will make us more powerful. We enhance our energy every time we are happy, joyful, peaceful, loving, compassionate, etc. There is a never ending supply of those emotions in the 5th Dimensional energy. With this power, each time we connect with our true inner being, our Angels, our Soul, we increase the light energy that flows through us. Taking time to be conscious that we are more than just the physical and breathing in that understanding is sometimes all that is needed. Because of all the chaotic changes on Earth, sometimes people need more conscious time with their Souls.

Setting aside time in our day to ask questions about our concerns so that we can break out of the pattern of worrying about things is recommended. Not getting into worry in the first place is the best way to control it. Once that brain of ours talks to us and tells us all the bad things that can happen it is hard to turn it off. If we ask questions and get answers, then we feel we have more control over our own experience. And we do. Please hear thiswe have control over our own experience. We always have, we just forgot because of the lower energy we were born into. This Ascension has caused us to remember and now that we do, we can start to speak what we want for our lives instead of what we are told we can have. We can feel what it will be like to have those things we want when we get them. We can have hope again even when things look gloomy outside.

This next period of life it will be like learning how to paint. We have to learn how to pick up the paint brushes and use the paint provided to paint the picture on the canvas of our life. This may sound hard but we have a lot of support from Spirit. Everything in our collective Souls wants us to remember who we really are. But they can only help us if we are helping ourselves. Are you ready to paint? Then start talking to your Soul and speaking what you want. As each one of us does that, we start to empower others energetically. Each Soul has to make their own decision as we can only paint our own canvas. And when more of us are choosing to paint, we will start to see a beautiful new collective painting. That day is coming. Lets start painting!

Blessed remembering, ~Christina
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